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[Table] IAmA norwegian police officer AMA

2012.08.09 05:54 tabledresser [Table] IAmA norwegian police officer AMA

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Date: 2012-08-08
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Do you have long black hair and listen to Death Metal? I did, actually. Not anymore though. Didn´t look to good and kept me a virgin for some years.
Hahahahahaha good one what,s your favorite band ? Metallica had me for a good couple of years, before it got harder. Don´t remember a lot of band names, sorry. But it´s mostly radio now. I´m a pathetic sell-out.
What is the most often committed crime in Norway? Hard for me to says as i am not a leader, but from street level you see a lot of shoplifting, drug related crime, break-ins, and weekend tomfoolery. Norwegians tend to drink way too much, and i alwys swear not to drink too much to myself. But i forget...
Come to Finland, we'll see who drinks too much. Don´t enter contests i know i wont´t win. I´d love to come visit, but i´d only lose. The farther north you get, the better people are at drinking it seems.
I wish to visit Norway within a couple of years either by car or motorcycle, these questions might help me save some money ;) Do come over!
Are the speeding tickets expensive in Norway? In NL I had to pay €93 for 9 km/h over the limit on the highway in comparison. First of all, bring extra money for food as a road side diner will set you back about 30usd for a steak. And then there´s the drinks (don´t drink and drive by the way).
What kind of speed checks are actively used and how common are these used (laser guns? speeding camera's?) Speeding is excessively expensive over here. (I don´t work traffic and i don´t have a lot of interest in it, and as i tend not to ticket people for things i do myself). But it can go as high as 1000eur for tickets (and propably more) before you loose your license. And if you do several things at once, it gets piled on top. IE if you run a red light and speeding while doing it it would be 4000nok+2000nok (biggest fine first, then half of every ticket after that gets added on).
What's the biggest fine you've had to write so far and what crime was it for? I would worry about lasers and civilian cars. Civilian cars most have video now, but some only do an average check (distance:time)-(good margin of error safety). If you get clocked at, say, 70 in a 50 zone in an average check you probably were doing about 80-85 on your speedometer.
Thanks for the IAMA, very interesting so far :) I think i crossed the 10000nok marker on a guy who was driving well above limit in a bus lane in rush hour. Those arrogant guys pisses me off privately and its actually three offenses, not two (driving in bus lane, speeding, passing on the right hand side (not legal fyi)). Felt good cause he was actually an arrognt bastard with a VERY important life and a Mazda MX5.
How was it to work on that day last summer when Breivik did what he did? What did you do that day? How was the feeling among the colleagues? It was a very sad day. Interrupted my vacation and drove in. Cant really say what i did that day specifically as i could be identified. But i did guard duty for the first 24 hours. Oslo centre has never been so quiet. Eery. And in the aftermath of things i´ve done my best to stay off the case. I want as little to do with that man as possible, although it might had been a good career move to do otherwise. Edit: Among colleagues there were a lot of rumors, two guys arrested and so forth (not fourth!). We usually have a pretty laid- back attitude to things and joke around. This did not happen a lot 22.07.12.
How do you view marijuana as a substance being on the enforcing side of the law? Everyone knows it is way less harmful for you than drinking but yet it is is still globally scrutinized. With the way things are moving here in Canada and around the US, I believe legalization is the way forward. Hell, the entire war on drugs has failed, what do you think? This is a question i face almost every day doing what i do. As an official i have to say no, but my experience have taught me to not see everything in black and white. This might be a long one... I´ve grown up around a lot of people doing way too much weed/ hash and seen what this drug can do to you. On the other hand, anyone drinking 6-12 beers every day would be in a similar or worse state, so in this context its not much worse. But cannabis does impact your psyche in a somewhat different manner than alcohol. I´ve had friends with shotguns in their mouths because of this. But not everyone ends up this way. I think drug use, especially at a young age is harmful, but more a symptom of a problem then the problem itself. But the route from soft drugs to hard drugs is sometimes very short. What i see the most of is weed-to-pills and weed-to-coke. But if you´re 16 and doing coke, something might be seriously wrong in your home or a lack of this. I think we could try prescribing weed and heroin, but not to people under 18. I think the war is failing, there will always be supply, but we can do something about demand. But thats also a political thing. Sorry if i come across confused. I sometimes am.
I´ve had friends with shotguns in their mouths because of this. Not because of cannabis no, must have been either a mental condition or additional drugs used. Cannabis alone do not have any such impact on your psyche! It seems to me it can be a trigger in some cases. Underlying mental diseases and the likes. But i´m no doctor and i knew this guy well. Nothing else then cannabis, but way too much. Can´t prove it, but i believe him. Your choice if you´ll believe me. Moderation, man.
What I meant was that people won't get in the situation to buy awful shit as often when you legalise the less-awful shit and sell it properly. Sell it like a bar and have the "bartendeweedtender" pay attention that you don't buy too much and go out stoned out of your ass. ABout the rohypnol, are you sure those people don't use anything anymore? Maybe they were taking rohypnol because it was easier or whatever. Or on the black market and hide it because it's now illegal? Rohypnol got replaced with other pills. And we tend to find something of everything thats out there. So when i say they´re gone, i think they´re gone. And i like the idea of supervised, controlled substance use, but in my mind it´s utopia. Look how drunk we get in bars, and they´re supposed to limit our drinking. I don´t think we have the self control.
Have you met police officers from other countries with different approaches to law enforcement or levels of crime? Are they different types of people? Yes i have been to the US and spent some time with brothers there. We do have something of a common mentality, but how work is done is so different. I never expect the next guy to stab or shoot me, and i think we´re a lot less paranoid here in Norway. But i always try to stay safe for me, my family and my partner(s). But if you´re caught doing something here, the sentence won´t be too long and i think that makes criminals a lot less desperate. I like to think we dont have as much corruption as other countries as we do get an ok paycheck.
"But if you´re caught doing something here, the sentence won´t be too long and i think that makes criminals a lot less desperate" Although im norwegian myself, I think that is a very good point. Upvote to you sir!
So you consider them as brothers? In the US there is a common perceptionthat the " cop blue wall" will do whatever they need to(legal or not), to protect themselves and each other. Does this eixst with you? We do have that sense of camaraderie, but being from Norway we always turn things down a couple of notches. Honesty is better then dishonesty. I myself have been to Internal Affairs several times, both as a suspect and a witness. Lying won´t get you nowhere. Be honest and the truth will do the rest. We get a lot of crazy/ psychiatric people reporting us for the strangest things. Not all crazy though.
As a Norwegian living in the US, I am pretty horrified by US police and their lack of education. Most go through a 10-12 weeks training before they are turned loose on the population. Can you tell us what you had to go through of education and training in order to become a police officer? Our training differs immensely. We go to school for 3 years (law, language, computers, sociology, CSI, PE, Arrest techniques. We only do about 6 weeks of weapons training in camps. We also have a pretty good selection program before you get into the academy.
Have you been out looking for Sigrid Giskegjerde Schjetne? I live at Skullerud, just moved here from the middle of Oslo. Creepy welcome to the neighborhood :( We've been working hard at this ever since saturday. Were really trying our best, but the amount of volunteers showing up is mindblowing and very a great example of what makes norway a good place to live. But sometimes creepy, yes :-( Edit. Since sunday morning. Days keep blending these days and ita been a long one 2day.
I'm guessing you are of the same opinion as me, she's dead. I'm guessing it was premeditated (not the target but the event it self) and seeing as no evidence of the perp after all the police and volunteers he's planned somewhat and is intelligent enough not to panic or screw up (yet at least). Well no one knows. Except the one(s) who did it. Everything seems a bit "bad", but people can survive the most incredible things. Hope she´s alive but sadly, hope is fading..
Thing is, statistically if an obductee os not found withint 48 hours the chance of the person being alive is extremely slim. So guess we have to hope the kidnapper(s) are traffickers instead... Ouch lets not hope either. Statistics arent my strong side. But logic doesn´t give me hope.
South African here... Aren't you bored with the lack of real crime in your country? Closest I came to a "civilised" world was Denmark & Sweden. Then you´d be blown away with Norway! Even less here.. Apart from last year we had as many murders as you do in a day. And a lot of them get solved (sadly not all though). The carzy thing is we do have a lot of weapons here per capita. I´d love to come visit just to get some perspective the other way ´round. I think all norwegians should count themselves lucky we´ve got oil and good friends. Not drink it all away and behave as we´re better than y´all.
From Vikings to the most peaceful people in the world. WTF. Evolution? I´m gonna get blasted by some Ricky Gervais motherfucka for that one.
Apart from last year we had as many murders as you do in a day. What seems to be the profile of those cases? gang violence? passion crimes? Some gang related, but the bulk seems to be domestic and/ or family. Knives for the most part. I don't like knives. But i´m no murder analyst...
What do you think about the stories you hear about American law enforcement? Some of the stories are too hard to believe. But then i see the video tape. But that being said, it seems a lot is taken out of context. If you get creative following me around for a day, i´m sure i´d look like a proper asshole. Not that i´m the best cop there is.. I´m not.
Do you ever get to carry a gun? Yes i do. We each have our own personal hk p30L 9mm. Pretty good actually. Spoken as a glock fan. Edit. Dont carry it around. Locked down in car and brought out for special occasions.
Special occasion? Cans - yes Moose - seen one once and never dared look back. They are pretty damn big.
Shooting cans and mooseS? But on a serious note, special calls and assignments require us to wear one, but for our own safety as well as the publics. I personally dont want to wear one all the time.
I just want to say I'm so happy that police don't carry around guns constantly around in the streets, I've been to other countries and I just feel so uneasy when there's police or military police with guns or automatics :S. Glad you feel this way. Although i think it´s only a matter of a few years before we also do, this being an international world and travelling criminals are making it big. We´re not alone anymore.
Here in the US and Canada virtually all departments either issue a 12 gauge or assault rife for the cruiser. Does your department? Also, what car do you use? Not all, but some. wont say too mach on this.
A guy breaks into your house but, you don't have a gun. How are you going to shoot him? Checkmate. If he has a gun, surprise him, take his gun and explain to him what he did wrong. Norwegian style.
To an american that sounds crazzy. even here in australia police carry guns around :S why wouldnt you :S. Top on my list is: don´t want to lose a fight and risk getting it pointed back at me. We really don´t come across that much that needs a weapon to be solved. You´d be surprised at how far talking could get you. A weapon on the hip would just come across as "offensive" to a lot of people up here i think. I´d like a tazer though. Just for work.
You scurred of Bullwinkle? I get the comic reference, but not much more. Only had nrk (government channel) growing up. Different times. Make an LA Law joke and i´ll jump on the grenade!
So it's like like the armed offenders unit in the UK... What type of vehicle do you use? Ment much, not mach before. Going a bit fast here for a non scholar. We´ve got units for most things yes. Some heavy duty guys capable of most things. And vehicles, patrol - MB Vitos (good for transports), Volvo V70 and VW Passat (better and fast movers), and then there´s older, crappier, newer, specialized ones and so on. But these three are the most common ones.
After seeing a a guy get tazered, I think I would rather get shot. I saw a guy get tazered during a riot; he shit himself, and was foaming from the mouth by the time he gave up. Oh man, i really want to test a tazer on myself just to see how bad it really is. I´d pick shit in my pants over hole in my stomach anyday!
Link to That´ll scare me yes. they´re tall enough on all four feet.
As a civilian, I'm scared to death of those (undercover) Passats. And maybe you should be :-) Keep checking that mirror for hints of blue..!
I've been around guns my entire life (American; Avid Hunter) and I think I would take a pistol round any day over a tazer. That's just me though... If I had to choose between buck shot and a tazer... I think I'd take shitting my pants as well. If were talking about .22cal to the hind i might consider it. Just for bragging rights.
Is this a colleague you happen to know? :) Also, if you would be kind enough to share, were you on patrol the day of the bombings/shooting in Oslo and Utøya? Did your life get turned upside down in that moment? If you weren't on patrol/can't canswer; How has the political climate in Norway fared as a result of that incident? Don´t know the guy but i´d taken a photo for myself before telling him! Punkd (ohh im getting old). I was on vacation like many others and rushed in to Oslo to do what i could. Not as much "turned" as "twisted". I had believed we would get hit someday, but not like this. Guess i was a little influenced by the media and society as well. As of climate and changes, seems to me like much is the same, though people in general tend to call in on a lot more suspicious activity. I dont think it´s abad thing, but paranoia should have it´s limits. But keep calling in! Do call 10 times more than you should then 1 time too little! Unless you´re a mental pacient with paranoid diagnosis. Please call your doctor first.
I'm a foreigner in norway, and I heard that if the police entered an armed war ( as in war with guns ) you can't use your guns unless you call the station for permission. Is this right? or was I being trolled :) No troll. But there is a chain of order. If we´ve got time, we ask for permission from our police chief. BUt if some Johnny pulls out his gun in front of my car, i aint gonna call nobody, and thats ok.
Do your soccer referees always do such a bad job? signed, A Canadian. Always. but i´m no soccer fan, thanks to our judges.
Were you at all involved in the investigation of the 2011 shootings? Know any victims? Thanks. Did some Oslo guard duty in the aftermath. I knew Trond, the police officer. If he couldn´t stop him, no one could. Very suspicious guy and ex-boxer. Old school. RIP.
That must have been hard, I'm sorry. I heard he saved his son from the gunfire, at the cost of his own life. Courageous, too, apparently. Very. All my respect to my fallen friend.
I'm Finnish. Can we be bros? Also, what do Norwegians think of our dear neighbour Sweden? I've visited Northern Norway twice, absolutely beautiful and a great place to go fishing! Bros before ho´s. I think we all think that swedes are superior to us in style, hair and innovation. But we do have oil so why bother? And the fishing (i hear) is the best. I only started eating fish some years ago. Sushi goes down fast now!
In Finland there is ALWAYS some kind of rivalry... It's stupid but funny in a weird way. Same here, especially in the force. Good for results. As long as no-one goes overboard :-)
Do you ever do anything that is against the law? Not talking about confessing murders here, but small crimes, like copying a car from the internet-type of stuff. Hahaha I plead the fifth.
I will assume thats a solid yes ;) Assume away. I´m pullin a Chapelle on this one.
I mean, I assume it's not called "pleading the Fifth," but in Norway do you have the right to decline to testify so as not to incriminate yourself? Related: Has a drunken tourist ever asked you to read them their Miranda rights? Well we do get some random Americans and/ or movie geeks who tells us we should mirandize them. But those who know the name, surely must know the game!? But, yeah, a couple of years ago we actually started giving everyone their rights when arrested. It SHOULD be done, but sometimes people forget, and before interrogation you get everything read out to you.
Have you ever watched the TV show cops? What do you think of it? Love it!! They act tough and deliver. A bit hands- on for my approach sometimes but people don´t want to lose in front og a camera i guess. I´m a bit baffled at how little communication goes on sometimes. How do they get information from people they don´t talk to and only fight with.
I´m a bit baffled at how little communication goes on sometimes. How do they get information from people they don´t talk to and only fight with. < You are probably referring to the LAPD... assault first, ask questions later! Probably..
I think I saw a video where the Norweigan? police looked at a couple giving a public blowjob? Is that what you guys do? Do you guys encounter this a lot? Is Norway's sexual "culture" (more accepted? perhaps?) different than Canadian's/ North Americans? Are there more public nudity/ more sex crimes? I think that one was finnish. Couldn´t load the subs so didn´t get it all. But they seemed like good police. Not so many "fun" nudes, more of the obese, alcoholic, stinking, perv nudes. Not so fun while there, but fun when your car is clean again and a good story has risen!
I'm from Denmark, so I reckon that the "Scandinavian" police might have quite a bit in common. What's your opinion on that f.ex. a 16 year old child, who rides a tuned moped (Lets say it does around 50), can get a 2000 DKK fine, when a full-grown man who does 200 km/h on a highway gets a quite similar fine? It´s not in proportion. But 200kmh here would get you jail time. Kids need to be treated differently then adults. Respect and lenience are two key words.
Are the Norwegian girls as hot as they seem to the rest of the world? Nodout. i´ve got me one so i´m happy :-) hope she is as well..
As said, not going to do it, got no reason to run :) I´m glad. Don´t be a statistic! :-)
Any gypsy stories? You wont believe it until you´ve smelled it. A lot can be said, but they are people, but not used to behave like us is some ways. Porta-pottys for instance. They dont shit in the hole for some reason.
Were you called when the massacre happened on the island of Utøya? Not called, i called in.
Since cop shows are huge over here in america, what would you say is the craziest stereotypes of cops in Norway vs the ones in the USA ? Hmmm... People don´t let me in on the stereotypes, guess it comes mostly behind my back. But lazy-no-good-doing-coffee-drinking-mustache-wearing-powerhouses are a thing of the past. Luckily. It´s a whole new breed now from 15 years ago. Those days where you beat and submissed into coercion are well and over with. I hope.
Do you look like this? A bit more same-ish and have you seen jompa btw?
Actually saw him at the airport once, if I'm not horrible mistaken. (Could been someone looking like him, thou) And now he´s gone...
Why are you guys not putting the RUSS in jail for me? I got egged and mad! This is why i stay inside during may. And i don´t do overtime in may. Girls wanna kiss us so bad. And guys. Not that theres anything wrong with that!
Hehe, just realized I wanna be a cop, they wanna kiss you. giggles If you can take the abuse, go for it!
What is your favorite thing about Norway? Something you think Norway is best in the world for. Nature, forgiveness and community. Thats three, i know :-)
I think it's only when "the bad guy" is reported to have weapons themselves. Correct? That might be one. But not the only one.
Everyone I ask has a different answer. I always like to have my swiss army knife with me. I never go a day without using it, whether I am working or not. In the UK the law is very clear: unless you have a reason (job, hobby etc.) you can only carry a knife 3 inches long or below, that folds away and does not lock. Anything else needs a reason. I seem to remember being a kid and a boyscout and knives were no big deal (this was not the city though). Can I be fined/arrested for a swiss army knife or Leatherman? If you have beliveable cause. IE being a boyscout in uniform, being a carpenter, being on your way to do something that requires a knife. If you´re wearing a Leatherman in your belt, doing normal things and being a normal person, you could probably convince ME to not arrest you. But if you´re out on the town, drinking and in Oslo centre, you´d have a hard time convincing me. The size of the blade is not as important. It could be a nail clipper. If you stab someone with it, you´ll get charged with carrying a knifelike object, and its the same.
Takk for svar. I would not walk around the city with it (though I would have, out of ignorance, had I not checked on the web in case there were laws, turns out there were). It goes without saying stabbing someone is illegal and will cause an arrest, but don't you think it's a bit extreme arresting someone who might be walking in the park with their Leatherman in a pouch on their belt? Has it always been this way? Park+Leatherman+normal guy. Wouldn´t even ask you about the Leatherman. Just talk and talk. You´d get sick of me in 10mins :-)
I figured that mostly. When we've had stabbings and people "saying they have guns and bullets" (only had a bullet..) you've been here pretty quickly. It's just that it seems we're sitting on druggies for 2 hours and then got to send them away. It's a bit weird :p. Yes but you see the difference, right?
If you´re lying on top af a drug dealer with cuffs on it´s an unconveniece and a hassle.
If someone´s pulling knives and guns out, we´ll drop everything else!
But consider what other missions goes down on our lists if people lie like this. Someone might be beaten in their home, or killed by a drunk driver we could´ve caught...
Indeed. The norwegian police is way understaffed. Aren't you guys also mostly active during weekdays, and not weekend-evenings where most of the shit hit the fans aswell? Seems to me like we´re best staffed on weekdays and in the daytime. But then again, i am not punching the time sheets. ALLTHOUGH - we do have money for overtime on weekends and we are a lot more officers out now than, say, 3 years ago.
Does anyone ever try to bribe you? Nope. Guess i don´t look like the bribeing type of guy. People have with others though. They didn´t get away with it.
Have you ever arrested a member of a black metal band for burning down a church, stabbing someone repeatedly, or for committing any other true kvlt crimes? No but i saw the burnt down church. I´m not yet too old for this shit.
Since one of the major cultural exports of Norway is Satanic Black Metal, do you have to deal with blasphemy often? Have you heard of Varg Vikernes? What are your views on Satanism? Varg Vikernes is a sad, disillusioned man living i recluse on a farm writing books now. Blasphemy is not a big thing over here. Church and state got separated some years ago, and most norwegians are ok with that. If you are a satanist and don´t bother others that´s ok with me. Stabbing people repeatedly is not.
How much gun training have your received as a police officer? Do you feel that it is enough or did you wish there was more? Much want more. We´re getting better, but also, training more means fewer of us on the streets (instructors and being off training). Constant dilemma.
What do you call yourselves Norweagians? Grammar? Norwegians.
Did the Utoya shooting affect your job in any way? This could be from higher up (like changes in policies) or personal (want to do the job more/less). Do you believe in the Norwegian justice system (no life sentences)? It made a huge impact. On all levels. The commission set to investigate our response will deliver its report on monday. We are all awaiting the conclusion(s) and i am sure there are a lot of things that could have been done better. But we did what we could without knowing what to expect. The media have gotten some things wrong. But i don´t know too much about everything that happened, most is just rumors at this stage. I´m very motivated to prevent things like this to happen again. We have to take care of everyone before they turn into monsters. The justice system here is close to foolproof in my eyes, but life sentence without parole should be a real alternative, not just a theory, as it is now (21years with option to extend). Some people just don´t belong in society. ABB being one of them.
What's better Norse Mythology or Greco-Roman? Oh, man. I didn´t go to history high and i slept through college.
So what do you think about crime dramas like: The Killing, Beck, Wallander, Varg Veum etc? Killing, Beck, Wallander - haven´t seen much of it. Varg Veum - how come these cases doesn´t get solved by the police? Man we are incompetent! PI get all the clues, and we none! The Wire though, gotta love it! Realistic as hells.
Varg Veum is not bad but I thought Forbrydelsen, Beck and Wallander were really good. Was going to ask if you were like Gunvald Larsson in Beck ;-) Link to Takk. Haha You had me at "i fuck your wife every day". Priceless.
SO.. What station in Oslo are you situated at? Sentrum? Manglerud? An other? I would say, but won´t. Our worlds not that big. But its one of the biggest.
OK. But answer me this: What kind of duty do you normally do? I can say street level, but not "on the beat". I´ve grown tired of that part. I will get in trouble if someone sees some of my answers and finds out who i am. But i can satisfy any other curiosities you might have...?
Jeg er bare nyskjerrig ;) Only wondering because I know a lot of Oslo cops, most on op-central, though :D. Det er lov :-) (it´s allowed) Cops are always nice to know! Most times :-)
Do you really hate crime and offenders, or you're working in police only for money? None of the above sir!
Every crime has an offender, but every offender has his reasons (not all sane but..). Something that seems unbelievable at the time, might seem understandable given some insight (fyi I'm glad google autocorrect is with me today). But the exception here being 22.07.12 and terror in general. But then again i guess they have their own logic and "reason", and maybe not the best of families. We´re very left-ish up here. But politics is NOT my game! I just do what they say, and then moderate it a bit ;-)
Hei og takk for at du gjør en AMA! Var du på vakt under 22. Juli i Oslo? Hvordan opplever du tryggheten i Oslo som politimann, føler du deg trygg på jobb der? Hva er din verste opplevelse på vakt? Kjempe takk for at du gjør en AMA, hilsen en felles nordmann! Tror jeg har svart på denne under. 22 juli topper nok værste-dag listen. Og takk!
What's the marijuana situation like in Norway? I was reading that there has been talk about decriminalizing? What are your thoughts, as a police officer? I think i covered this in another post. Repost me if you want something more :-)
Do you smoke weed everyday? No mr president.
Hva synes du om Harry Hole? Stereotype number one, but a good guy with good skills. Love the books, haven´t read the last one sadly.
But seriously, what kind of research into Norwegian policing did Jo Nesbø actually do before writing the books? Have no idea. But he isn´t too far off the chart. So i guess he has do a good deal.
Nå, jeg ville bare øve mitt norsk litt. Nå, jeg ville bare øve på norsken min litt. You stand corrected. But my english is poorer then your norwegian so...
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