Alevi partner

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{ThrowRA] My Dad's Whole Identity Has Been Consumed by Politics

2020.04.27 06:24 PreMayThrowAway {ThrowRA] My Dad's Whole Identity Has Been Consumed by Politics

I (21M) will preface this by saying I live on my own but have been spending quarantine in my parents house and my brother (25M) is doing the same. Now I should say, politically I lean left on most issues but pretty much all my immediate family are die-hard Trump supporters (my dad, mom, and brother). I'm fine with people having different political opinions from me, I think they are entitled to that. This is not usually a problem, but recently it is becoming an issue with my dad.
My dad (63M) mainlines FOX and Breitbart. He believes corona virus is a hoax and that the government is using it to strip away our liberties. He has been ranting about this for the last couple days, he even went so far as to tell his boss he will refuse to wear a mask when they start opening up the office again. He even went so far as to express to us that he is some kind of rebel fighting for freedom. None of this was said with an inside voice. Needless to say, I think this political shit is starting to get out of hand. Well my mom (47F) is starting to think so to.
Today she put her foot down and told him he didnt used to be this angry all the time. She said he is now upset by at least four things a day. My dad defense was "fine, you wont see me be passionate about anything ever again" and "I thought I come come home and vent to my life partner about what is worying me" and such other nonsense.
This is starting to get me worried because I think its affecting all our relationships with him. He will start ranting about something to my brother completely unsolicited and he will eventually just take shelter in his room. Keep in mind, my brother and mom agree with him politically. I even have to carefully consider what I talk to him about to make sure I don't accidentally trip over any political topics, and its becoming harder and harder especially with current circumstances.
It feels irrational to say this and I don't want to speak so preemptively but I can't see a way this gets better on its own, so I think divorce could be in the future. I care about my dad and don't want him to spend the rest of his life feeling alone and angry all the time.
I did a lot of reading this afternoon to see if other people have had similar experiences. I came across this article and it decribed what I am seeing down to a t. What it didnt do is provide me with a path forward. What can I do aleviate this situation? Has anyone else experienced this in their families? If so, how did you handle it?
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2020.04.27 00:33 kittenkillerr Your average Beginner-asking-for-advice thread

tldr: Want to build my first Commander deck. Out of Naya/Gruul Dinos, Humans, Knights, Wolves and the upgraded 2019 Naya precon, which deck scores the best on budget, fun, effectiveness and upgradeability?
This post might get long-ish, so spare yourself the drivel if you like:]
First time poster here, so apologies for any mistakes.
Hello there,
I've been playing magic for around 2 months now, and I'm loving it. I only went to my LGS once before the COVID fun began, and I started with the Deckbuilder's toolkit (I believe that's what it was called?). Originally wanted to build a green deck, but apparently I opened the right cards for a boros knight deck, so that's what ended up as my first deck. I've since read up on a lot of stuff, played plenty of arena (making it to platinum is no real achievement I reckon), played a ton against the GF (who now owns a white-devotion and a 90% proxy orzhov vampire deck) and bought a ton of cheap commons. Maybe I'm just imagining things, but coming from YGO (stopped with pendulums), magic commons seem kind of cheap, which makes just buying new decks really, really tempting. I feel somewhat embarassed writing this out, but as of now, I own
Now, the friend who got me into magic in the first place has tried to get me into commander from the start, but it sounded kind of daunting at first (when I barely understood was standard was). But now, it seems really fun. (Game Knights also did a lot to win me over, but anyway-)
The group I'll be joining consists of dudes who have been playing for 5 years+, play mutiple formats, but probably don't run the tier 1 decks methinks. My goal is not to run them over or anything, but having a non-zero chance to win some games would be nice. The budget is basically as small as possible, but 30-50€ seems like a reasonable start. As an addendum, making some proxies would be alright I guess, but I'd rather keep that number as small as possible. After watching Game Knights and some Commanders Quarters episodes, this is what I've come up with:
1. Dinosaurs
Commander seems like it'll be Gishath or Atla Palani, but I could also very much imagine running just a competent and cheap Gruul Commander. (Probably no Zilortha.)
2. Humans
I'd probably buy the 2020 Precon and upgrade it. Not sure if I'd go with Jirina or the Partner Commanders.
3. Knights
These are basically my top 3 contenders.
My other ideas include TolsimiSelesnya Wolves, the 2019 precon Naya Deck, and in maaaybe tier Bears and Big Red.
If you have any other ideas that might fit my tastes and my budget, I'm all ears.
I'd also be interested in suggestions for the GF (orzhov vampires seem a bit expensive :/), but this post is getting way too long already, so I'll leave it at that.
Thanks to anyone who made it this far:). As you can see, I still have no clue where I'm going. If I had to make the call now, I'd probably go for the Dinos, but I'm just not sure. Really would love to read any sort of advice you have to offer. Thanks in advance.
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2020.03.12 09:48 MalaysianSunshine A little box in time (Trip report : 220ug Europe blotted LSD)

TLDR: First time on LSD. Took half a tab then re-dosed the other half 2 hours later. Mind was blown to bits.
This trip report is very long and detailed. Please sit back, relax and enjoy the story.
Weeks prior to D-Day:
Stress is clouding my emotions. It is as if anxiety owns my life now. I've recently been told I got declined a scholarship to pursue a PhD degree and job applications keep returning in rejections after rejections after rejections. My state of mind is currently toxic.
I have started meditating before I sleep to aleviate the mild insomnia. It works to a certain degree but not well enough. I've been watching videos on YouTube talking about psychedelics and how they get you to confront problems either in the universe or yourself (you're own universe). I am intrigued.
I found out one of my cousins (I'm actually not related to him but let's just call him that), TM, has been as intrigued as I have been and has watched the same videos by the same two channels - if not more. We catch up over Discord and start playing Stardew Valley. We're now at Fall of Year 3. I feel good again.
TM and I started talking about psychedelics more and more. To the point where we've planned out an entire trip. So, I found a source and lied to my family that I was going out to get ice-cream for the muffins my mom had baked earlier that day. I wasn't only going out to get ice-cream, I was also going to go pick up two 220 ug tabs of Europe blotted Lysergic Acid Diethylamine (LSD). Things were falling into place. The pieces to puzzle were there and we just had to put them together to form the picture we so needed to see.
1 week to D-Day:
I catch up with my cousins (TM is amongst them) and they ask how I'm doing. As always I lie and say "I'm going good", but I know inside I'm truely suffering. Axiety rules over my thoughts. I have no say.
We eat brunch; it was alright, nothing to write home about. Being around them has reminded me what it was like when we were younger and enjoying life in each other's presence. Oh, what simpler times those were.
TM decided this was an opputune moment to meet our tripsitter MZ, his partner. So we left the cafe and met MZ at a ramen joint. We ate lunch and said our goodbyes to the other cousins. TM and I accompanied MZ on her quests for the day which gave me ample time to get to know her and be comfortable around her as she was going to be my tripsitter too. I decide it would be a great idea for them to see the place we were going to trip at, my apartment complex.
This building was equipped with two highrise towers symmetrically spaced apart from each other with a 50 metre long 15 metre wide pool between them. Fitted along the bottom and the sides are these ocean blue tiles. The pavement laid around the pool was made of concrete spotted with little gravel and limestone pebbles with gaps between them to allow the passer-by to see the grout in which they reside. I show them both around and they believe it will be a suitable place of us to experience nirvana.
The plan for D-Day:
1) TM sleeps over in my home the night before
2) We drop half a tab each in the morning after breakfast and the other half when we are about to peak on the first half-tab.
3) MZ would meet us after the first half-tab.
4) Enjoy the ride.
1 day before D-Day:
TM comes over. We revisited the pool area and went for a short swim. After dinner we decide to go out and buy some ingredients to make simple wraps for lunch the following day. This is so that we dont have to leave the pool area. Retrospectively, this moment in time felt like an illusion. As though I did not do this willingly. Something had taken control over my actions. Was my anxiety at the wheel of my perverbial car one last time before it's home gets scattered across the universe? Regardless, we returned to my room and decided to play some video games. Stardew Valley of course and a little bit of Civ 5. The night has ended and it was time to start our trip. In that, first we needed a good night's sleep. Sleep well anxiety, while you still can.
We both wake up ecstatic as can be. Adrenaline rushing through our blood vessels. We go downstairs and whip up some eggs and I prepare our lunch for later - a very simple beef pepperoni and chicken slice wrap with cheese and mayonnaise spread inside. TM told me that MZ didn't like green veges, so, I omitted it from hers. Packed and ready for an enternity at the pool we dropped our dose. I left it there (sublingually) for a good 5 minutes before deciding to swallow it with a gulp of cold water.
The beginning of the end. We knew that we would only start to feel the effects as early as 30 minutes in, so, we made our way to the pool area and waited for MZ to arrive. During this time I was in denial. A small part of me wanted to believe that these tabs were duds; they weren't gonna give us anything.
TM started to see a vibrance in his surroundings. He mentioned that there was a distinct pinkish-blueish tinge to the cream walls and pillars around us. I chalked this up as placebo because I was still in denial. Of course, I didn't tell him this. I tried to make sense of it for him, saying, "it's because there's warm light behind us and the blue sky infront of us", "what we're seeing is the marrying of the two tones". I admit... I had no idea what I was trying to convey, I just wanted him to feel comfortable. He mentioned he felt heavy when he would walk around. I agreed with him but in my head I couldn't tell.
MZ arrives and we move our stuff to a library located near the pool area. This floor that the pool is on has a few facilities including a table tennis room, an empty studio (labelled nursery), a library with sofas, tables and chairs, a gym and a laundromat. We get comfortable at a table where MZ would be productive while TM and I would start to lose our minds. I felt a sense of constant unrest at this point. The back of my head was tense and my body was very slightly jittering. In the videos I've watched, some trip reports claim that LSD gives you "the shakes" and so at this very moment my denial started to dissolve. It was real, "something's happening", I thought. We talk about how we're feeling to MZ for a little while.
This was our theoretical peak; TM and I re-dosed. Before, when I halved the first tab I gave him the larger half. So, this time I took the larger half just so we could have similar doses and perhaps experience the same things.
We took off our shirts and headed to the shower before entering the pool. The shower was brisk and woke us up. It made us feel sober. Like when you smoke weed and you get those moments of realisations, those moments of hyperawareness. The pool is just as cold. After a few minutes of 'normal' swimming we stop and talk to each other. TM mentions that the base of the pool is moving. I look down and see the rarefraction of light and the shadows that the waves on the surface of the water produces. They flow as they would in any body of water, I knew this. I didn't say I agreed with him because I didn't want to alter his trip in any way. At this point I felt sort of left out. Again the denial comes back. Am I tripping? Is nothing happening? How naive I must've been at that moment to think that I wasn't about to see the answers to the universe. We swim for a little while longer.
I call for TM and I to move to a tiled bench that is submerged under the water against the longer side of the pool. It was shaded by some coconut trees full of green and yellow fruit. On the back side of this bench was a 1.5 metre drop-off where the water would fall into a drainage system which I believe is how the water gets filtered. Here is where all my denial disappears for good, never to return again. We sit across from each other and look at our faces. I notice that his looks like one half is mirrored onto the other half and when I tilt my head the mirror tilts with me and his face starts to morph. I don't tell him this yet. I just sit there in amazement. He is smilling too. Perhaps he sees a similar thing. After a few uncontrolled giggles he speaks up. He says, "your head is so big and your body is so small". I wasn't sure how to digest this information and so the giggling continued. Short on breath I decide to rest my chin on the top side of the bench. The rest of my body would float on the surface of the water and this is when I first noticed it. The fractals. The patterns. I remain floating there as if there was nothing else in the world but me and the flowing patterns of gravel and limestone pebbles. I tell TM to have a look at the pavement and ask if he sees the same thing and as if I just gave him the key to open his mind he says, "oh yeah! Wow! I've never seen this before". Time felt as though it stood still. We were in awe. He called for me to look down at the water falling into the drainage system. I noticed that I could follow each plane of water that existed. Like when you can switch between clockwise and anti-clockwise rotation in the lady's silhouette optical illusion. I felt I had harnessed a sort of power. TM said to look closer. Look at the tiles and the grout between them. I did as he suggested and to my disbelief the tiles were breathing. The grout was flowing. I sat back on the bench and rested the back of my head on the top of the bench. I stared through the coconut leaves into the milky sky. A surge of electricity ran through my skin. The sky felt like a source of raw power. I couldn't express myself to TM. All I could do was sit there in my own mind and live these livid visions. This was blissful serenity. Listening to the leaves rustle in the mild breeze. Floating on the surface of reality. This was our little box in time. We've captured the essence of nirvana. Little did we know this was only the beginning.
As our skin begins to prune. I see MZ on the other side of the pool. I motion for TM to have a look because words have little meaning. I get closer to her and ask if she could bring my sunglasses because I felt as though it was getting too bright. When she returns, I ask TM for the time. This was the beginning of a mild super loop. We spend our time loitering the pool and tackling philosophical questions as anyone tripping on acid would. MZ asks if we feel hungry and we decided it was prime time to fill our bellies with the wraps I prepared earlier.
Each bite of the wrap felt like I was tasting for the first time. Not only were the colours I saw so vibrant but the tastes of the food I was eating were so succulent. I was enveloped in this sense of security. I was eating. I was staying healthy. I drank water and I was alive. However, who was I? What am I? As we concluded our lunch break MZ returned to the library and we thanked her for her care. I laid flat on the reliving chair and turned my head to watch the single cloud that lay dormant above us. I saw its edges flow and morph until I realised it resembled the shape of an angel. "Who was this?", I asked myself. Is this god? As I'm questioning this cloud's nature it comes closer, close enough that it was just out of my reach. It had the Sun resting right where a human heart would be but on the right instead of the left. Could this be my soul and I was seeing a mirror image of it? I was confused that I could stare right into it's heart (the Sun). Sure, I have my sunglasses on but even with those you shouldn't be able to. As I was beginning to understand it presence, it was as though I have insulted it. Just like that, it lost its shape and floated away. TM and I breifly regained conciousness and decided to go back into the pool. Before doing so, we glanced at the eternity, or so it felt, that was the 50 metre long pool. I noticed the shimmering reflections that were at the surface of the pool. I jumped in. TM stands there admiring the beauty of the infity that presented itself to him. He jumped in.
We swim again giggling to our hearts content. Here is when we noticed our shadows at the base of of the pool. I remember feeling like I was the baby from that one Nirvana album which, as of writting this, I do not know the name of. Here is where the visuals get super intense. I distinctly remember a still image I had during this period of the trip. It was of the sun spewing out a flowing rainbow river diving the image into two. On one side was me, the observer, and on the other side was this paradise that my body was in. Almost as if it was a metaphor for my current state of being. My mind and my body were seperated by a raw power. Closed eye visuals were very apparent at this stage. Every blink was a different fractal or kaleidoscope of patterns. As a wise fish would say, "Just keep swimming", and so I did.
We sat down at the shallow portion of the pool and MZ asked us to read and discuss (if at all possible) some questions TM and I had prepared the night before. Questions like, are we in a simulation, when do we not feel and etc. First of all, I could barely read. Words had no meaning. Second of all, I found it very difficult to speak and keep track of what other people were saying. So we tried our best, TM and I. We ended up not answering many of the questions but we had a decent enough discussion about some of them. TM had the brilliant (and I mean BRILLIANT) idea to head over to the jacuzzi.
Oh boy. The walk there felt as though we were walking super fast but we weren't so sure. Once we got there, we turned on the Jets and sunk into an eternal and blissful daydream. I would say this was just after the peak of the second dose or just about there. We sat down and let our minds wander. I couldn't talk very much because I was so distracted by all the external stimuli entering my cognitive perception. TM and I kept locking eyes briefly and smilling. I think our favourite words at this stage were, 'crazy' and 'surreal'. I remember noticing so much detail in the leaves of the plants that surrounded the jacuzzi. The bubbles that were produced by the Jets were so shiny and glimmered like I've never seen before. TM said he could see eyes in each and every bubble. I couldn't say the same for me. As I lay there with my ears submerged below the surface I had this sense of peace. The noise that the Jets produced ceased to register in my brain and all I could think about was... nothing. For a very brief moment, there was nothing, just silence. I remember thinking I wish I didn't need to breathe so I could stay under water and forget the world ever existed. However, I needed to resurface to ensure I remained alive.
I also remember that I felt as though it was about time for MZ to check on us. As I mentioned before, there was a mild super loop in play. Just like clockwork, there she was, right in cue. TM realised she was there and his first reaction was to say, "isn't it weird that MZ is here right now" unable to tell what he meant I scoffed and said, "What?! Why?", then some confusion arose. MZ documented our state like she did before and decided that we were safe enough to be left alone, and so, she returned to being a productive human while we remained mindless. We followed her out of the jacuzzi and sat down to have something to munch on for tea time. A coconut and Pandan leaf jam (Kaya) with butter sandwich.
We dried up in the scorching heat and decided it was a good time to rest in the shade. With my towel wrapped around my waist we sat down at a pool-friendly sofa and let my inner demons come out to play.
Time ceased to exist. I felt as though I would be stuck in this internal hell for as long as my anxiety deemed it necessary. Prior to today, I was told by multiple sources that the come up on LSD was the worst. Filled with anxiety and self-deprocation, however, this was the come down and I was feeling them now instead of before. I felt as though everyone that walked by us idleing and loling at our own thoughts knew what it was like to trip and I convinced myself that they were tripping as well. I had forgotten that I was in my own apartment complex and briefly thought I was at a trip resort. Everyone here was high. I wasn't alone. This, among other mantras I repeated to myself in my head, allowed me to calm down. I knew at that moment that this would be over in a few hours, and so, I repeated that in my head while focussing on my breathing to help ease the internal pain I was going though.
Everytime I blinked I would get visuals, however, this time they were nasty, scary, distasteful and unpleasant. At one point I saw what looked to me like a trail of insects like cockroaches and ants spiralling into a distant infinity. As soon as that thought arrived in my cognitive space, I felt an itch on my right foot. I looked down and saw a myriad of ants crawling between the hairs on my foot. I have stepped on their path and they decided it was best to crawl over than around my foot. In a short panic I shot out of my seat and stood there briefly before deciding to go and wash my foot with the water from the cold shower. I start walking only to be stoped by the confused words from TM, "where are you going?". Prior to today, I told him that some people forget who they are and who the people around them are while on acid. So, as though my brain was trying it's best to be a supercomputer, it calculated the best answer that would imply I still remember who I was and who TM was. My brain came up with, "There are ants on my feet". Swiftly walking towards the shower, I didn't realise that MZ had just come out of the library and saw me walking away from TM. She walked up to him and they both expressed their equal confusion. While washing my feet I realised how wet they are now and how long I had to wait for them to dry again (forgetting that I could wipe them with the towel around my waist). When they finally caught up to me they questioned my actions and implied their disbelief in my justification. Unknowlingly, I followed them towards the toilet and I sat down on a ledge that held some plant beds. TM sat with me and as MZ left to go back to the library TM mentioned again how weird her presence felt to him. Here is where I realised the mild super loop we were in. MZ would come to check on us ever hour or so and to us it felt as though it was the perfect timing because she would always come when we were on the brink of losing our minds. Everytime she would come to check on us I would ask for the time and it would always be 20 mins past the hour. As of writing this I haven't asked her whether she planned it as such but I believe this timing was due to us leaving to enter the pool at 20 mins past the 12 pm and so she felt it was right to check on us every hour. Regardless, we felt like she was a great presence and it was very grounding to have her around.
MZ has left us to our own minds again and we sat there with our backs turned away from the plants in the bed of soil. I stared at the limestone tiles at our feet as we listened to some classical music TM had on his phone. As though it was all natural, the tiles started to flow and patterns arose to the beat of the music. The layers of sound presented themselves in the form of mirrors in a kaleidoscope. I felt as though the music resonated with the energy of the universe. I was at peace again.
We returned to the library and sat down next to MZ at her table. We revisited the question we had prepared the night before and again couldn't answer them properly. TM found a sense of tranquillity and I realised what I needed to do to face my anxiety. We sat there and talked until 6:30 pm. After which, we said our goodbyes to MZ and returned to the comfort of my room. I forgot to thank her in person but I have done so over text since.
TM and I were dreding the idea of talking to anyone but ourselves. We feared that people would find out we were still high. Regardless, we had dinner with my family and whatever thoughts they were having can we pushed aside as us being tired from a long day at the pool.
Back in my room we laid on my bed and reflected on the experience until 11:30 pm. After which, we slowly drifted into our own slumbers.
P.S. I thoroughly do NOT recommend anyone with any form of anxiety or depression to try tripping on LSD unless you and very sure you will be fine or you are with an experienced tripsitter. I know I have situational anxiety but it was okay for me because I knew I could overcome it. Set and setting is very important. Trip safe everyone.
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2020.01.30 08:51 Adnotamentum [EVENT] 1949 Australian White Paper

July 1949
A cross party think tank, consisting of members from the Labour Party, National Party, and Liberal, as well as top military brass, has been established to provide a full review of the Australian military from the end of the Second World War to today. This commitee aimed to identify the key problems Australia had during the Second World War, and come up with a foward thinking ideas to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the Australian military in the current time period.
Status of the Australian military
The think tank examined Australian performance in World War 2, noting several logistical and political issues which made the war unncessarily taxing on both the battlefield and the home front. Additionally, the think tank looked at currently ongoing wars and the state of the Australian military today, and judged how the military would fair. Finally, the think tank looked at possible World War 3 scenarios - an impossible topict to avoid given the current political atmosphere. Below are the findings of the think tank, presented as current issues, and possible solutions.
Issue Solution
After the fall of Singapore, the United Kingdom, Australia's traditional ally and protector, was unable or unwilling to prioritise the defence of Australia. Australia must seek long term and reliable allies, both with the United States and with neighbouring countries. Australia must also develop an independent defence.
Australia is fundamentally underpopulated, leading Australia to have a disproportionately small military as compared to size Australia must encourage immigration and integration, growing the population and military to a size which matches its geography.
Due to this small population, Australia is unable to maintain a large military. Australia must specialise and focus on high quality assets as opposed to quantity.
Australian overseas territories, including New Guinea, Nauru, and the newly acquired Christmas and Cocos Islands, are undefended and unintegrated. Australia must make efforts to forward deploy units to these areas and ensure their defence.
Current ongoing conflicts, such as in China, Greece, Malaya, and Indonesia, predict potential flashpoints occuring from idealogy as either communist vs establishment or colonial warfare. Australia must prepare for these types of conflicts, either at home or in neighbouring regions.
Australia was unable to produce a diverse range of weapons, including small arms, vehicles, and aircraft in significant quantity during the war. Australia must become as self sufficient as possible in weapons manufacturing and Australia must promote civilian industries to ensure military industrial effectiveness when needed.
Some measures have already been taken to fix these issues, including:
However, these measures have not done enough, and the think tank has demanded more to be done. These demands have cross party and mostly popular support - especially in light of increased Soviet aggression in China and the dropping of the first Soviet nuclear weapon.
Future of the Australian military
The government has noted the problems and proposals listed by the cross party think tank. And so the following polices and commitments have been made by the government with near total unanimity of support in Parliament.
1960 Royal Australian Navy
The Royal Australian Navy (RAN) in 1960 will attempt to match the targets laid out above, becoming a large, professional, blue water navy, and the focus of the Australian military and pride of its people. The primary goals of the RAN will undoubtedly be to protect the waters of Australia, protect the coasts from invasion, and allow for forcible entry of other national waters to protect Australian interests.
With two aircraft carriers, HMAS Sydney, which is already in service, and HMAS Melbourne, which is expected to be commissioned in 1955, the fix-wing fleet air arm will contain around 50 aircraft, when fully complemented. These capital ships, combined with the flagship HMAS King George V, will form the backbone of the RAN, though by 1960, all three ships will be facing the end of their service life and alternatives will need to be sought.
The two heavy cruisers currently in service, HMAS Australia and HMAS Shropshire, are expected to be decommissioned and sold off by the mid 50s. The other major surface combatant, HMAS Hobart, a light cruiser, will re-enter service and be modernised.
Daring-class destroyers are currently being built in Australia, and these will serve as the primary escorts of the capital ships. The number ordered will be increased from four to six, to expediate the withdrawal of older pre-war destroyers.
The modernisation program is detailed below, indicating the ship, the expected dates of the modernisation program, and the details of what is being done:
Ship Dates (Re)Construction
HMAS Melbourne present - 1955 Construction underway in Britain, including angled flight deck, steam catapult, and a mirror landing aid to make it a carrier purpose built for jet aviation.
HMAS Sydney 1955-1956 Modernisation after arrival of HMAS Melbourne to ensure Sydney's compatibility with modern jet fighters.
HMAS King George V presen-early/mid 1950 Addition of helicopter flight deck at rear of ship. General minor modernisation of electronics and guns and preparation for return to service.
HMAS Hobart present-early 1950 Removal of floatplane catapault, declared obsolete. Addition of helicopter flight deck at rear of ship. General minor modernisation of electronics and guns and preparation for return to service.
HMAS Vampire 1952-1959 Daring-class
HMAS Vendetta 1949-1958 Daring-class
HMAS Voyager 1949-1957 Daring-class
HMAS Wanderer 1950-1956 Daring-class
HMAS Waterhen 1952-1959 Daring-class
HMAS Wasp 1950-1956 Daring-class
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2019.11.22 00:02 SpaceCadetMoonbeam AITA I am expecting too much help with chores?

Y'all, I'm at a loss and I don't know if what I'm doing is right. We have several friends who live with us (my partner and I) and we are all pretty broke.
The other 3 roomies are flat broke, like they can pay their bills and go to work and that is it. They can't even afford groceries. So my partner and I have been cooking dinner for everyone. For 5 adults and making sure there are lunches leftover, that's a good bit of food to make 4-5 times a week. We usually do simple foods that are filling like rice-a-roni or stews with stuff on sale. We asked the 3 roomies that when they eat dinner, to help clean up after. The list we gave was: Dishes, trash, cleaning countertops and stove. They agreed to it!
It's been a few months and we keep having to ask for help with kitchen clean up because after agreeing to clean, they all 3 have just been washing their bowls and that's it.
The rest of the dishes used to make the food that they ate? Still dirty. The countertops that was used to prep their meals on? Dirty. Stove? Dirty. Trash? Overflowing.
I blew up at them last night after months of peaceful talks because I was done with it. I was told I'm over reacting and when I laid it out to them like this : I go to work and make the money that I use to make your food. I go to the store and spend a few hours each week there with coupons, and looking for deals. I come come and cook for about 2 hours, 4-5 times a week And after getting food in their bellies, they leave the room and I have to clean the rest of the kitchen which takes 45 minutes to an hour. I am exhausted. They said they have been helping by doing their single dinner dishes. 2 minutes of effort on their part to does not aleviate the hours a week I put in making sure they have food.
Am I the asshole here for asking for help and blowing up at them?

Everyones personal time constraints

One roomie works 2 jobs and comes home long enough to sleep and game. When asked about helping with the kitchen I got "I'm so tired already" before he trailed off.
Another roomie is working 20 hours a week and does 2 classes a semester. When asked for help he said "I'm just too busy" or will just stand up and leave when asked.
The other roomie works full time and does 2 classes and her back is arthritic, so standing for too long causes immense pain. We told her that any bit helps and her response was "Just let me know what to do and when I can I will." Then we ask her to do the less stressful chores like emptying the top rack of the dishwasher or the dish rack (what she herself has said she can do) she says she can't do it tonight.
I work 40 hours a week and have 2 classes every semester for school.
My partner does 50 hour weeks and is usually over at their parents watching their younger siblings for a few hours each night.
So I understand we all have stuff going on. But a little help would be nice.
Am I the asshole for asking for help?
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2019.09.21 06:57 kapitanrobust [Event]Securing The Water

Securing The Water
Recent events around the world have shown that water will be one of the most important resources in this century.
Erdogan sat in a meeting at the Presidential Palace, sitting across from three Germans dispatched from the UN Environment Programme. Next to them sat Mehmet Ozhaseki, minister of Environment and Urban Planning.
“How is this possible? We are right next to two major seas! We have plenty of lakes and rivers. I do not see how our nation has any sort of water scarcity.”
The German leaned forward and unfolded a map onto Erdogan’s desk, then pointed to a dot on it.
“This is Yuksekova.”
“I am aware of where Yuksekova is.”
“They receive their water mainly from wells dug in the ground and creeks formed when the snow melts off the nearby mountains. Their entire industry is reliant on agriculture, and therefore water is as essential to the city’s life as it is to the people living there who must drink it every day.”
“I fail to see your point, Herr Becker.”
“My point is that, as temperatures rise, this area is predicted to be almost entirely desert by the year 2100. The aquifer supplying water to their wells and powering their industry will dry up, and they will have to move.”
Erdogan sighed and sunk back in his chair.
“Then they will move. It’s just one city.”
“No, Mister President. That is where you are wrong. It’s not one city, it’s dozens, and all the towns and villages surrounding them. It’s millions of people over the coming decades who will have to either live in a desert or flee.”
“I am not a magician. I cannot stop the forces of Allah. The west has already tried to stop this climate change and have failed spectacularly. How can I do anything?”
Ozhaseki nearly leapt forward.
“Mister President, I believe I have a plan. I have been researching this problem for some time now with help from our friends at the UN. I have outlined three main things that we must do to secure our supply of water for now and for our children’s children.”
“Go ahead.”
“We must begin an immediate plan of action to prevent desertification of regions that are being threatened, as well as begin building a more updated water grid for the nation as a whole. Thirdly, we will build desalination plants on the banks of the Black Sea and the Mediterranean. We should be able to partner with other nations to foot the bill on that, and provide large amounts of water for both drinking and large scale agriculture.”
“Ozhaseki, you are a genius and a true hero of Turkey! We will get started immediately.”
One of the Germans spoke up.
“Erm, excuse me, we must also go over the problem of emissions and-”
“Nevermind that, we must take action!”
“You are a genius,” Erdogan thought in his head as he watched the men be escorted out.
Water Initiative
In order to further protect against desertification, the Ministry of Environment and Urban Planning will separate into two distinct ministries: The Ministry of Environment, and the Ministry of Urban Planning. The MoE will receive a $1 billion cash injection to start out, and will be added to the nation’s fiscal budget. The purpose of the ministry will be to focus in on environmental efforts, particularly stopping desertification, but also stopping poachers and conserving wildlife/plant life. Several national parks have been expanded in their territory, and those who have been forced to move will receive a small stipend to ensure they will land on their feet. In particular, the Munzur Vadisi Milli Park has expanded it’s size by nearly half. This is in part due to the Alevi people being allowed to live on the park, as due to their religious customs they hold nature in high regard and lead a life that only mildly affects the ecosystem. This compromise allows the park to gain a large amount of mass at a nearly negligible cost.
Desertification will be further stopped by usage of new conservation methods. Terracing agricultural areas prevents erosion and can help capture surface runoff, allowing for much more efficient use of water supplies. Water will be piped in from the new desalination plants and updated water grid to assist in better and more efficient methods of irrigation.
In areas that are already made arid, the process can be at least partially reversed using a number of methods. Environmental workers will establish seed banks, re introduce animals, plant trees, and fertilize the soil to get vegetation to grow back. They will make sure to also decrease the footprint of tourists that enter national parks through educational programs.
The second piece of this puzzle comes in the form of desalination plants. Turkey is beset on both sides by the Mediterranean and the Black Sea. Advances in desalination have allowed for larger and more efficient plants to be opened. Four plants have been designed and will begin construction immediately. They should be finished and come online in 2027.
Iskenderun Plant
The Iskenderun Plant will be the most ambitious of the four plants planned to be built. The plant will have the capacity to produce 250 million imperial gallons of water per day, dethroning the Ras Al Khair plant as the biggest in the world by 22 million gallons. The project will cost $8.5 billion, but will be able to service millions across south-eastern Turkey. It will be a vital source of water for nearly a quarter of the population, and much of it will be used for agricultural operations. Turkey has extended an offer to Syria, offering to loan 7 MIGD of water to supply the city of Idlib when peace has come to the city. All that Syria is required to do is build the water pipeline on their side of the border.
Trabzon Plant
The Trabzon Plant will be of comparable size to the Iskenderun Plant in terms of output, but with one important difference: It will be nuclear powered. Taking a technological leap forward, it will use cogeneration to power the city with a nuclear reactor while at the same time using the excess heat to desalinate water. The Trabzon Plant will be used to recharge the Euphrates-Tigris water basin, which will massively help to prevent further desertification in that area, as well as drive down the cost of agriculture across the region. This should secure our supply of water in that region for many years. Total cost has been estimated at $12 billion. Turkey acknowledges that Iraq is struggling due to how low the output of the Euphrates has gotten in recent years, and has offered a deal with them. We ask that Iraq invest $3 billion into the project, and we will ensure that we will quadruple the output of the Ataturk Dam, increasing the flow of the Euphrates in Iraq by 400%.
The Istanbul Plant
The Istanbul plant will be roughly half the size of the Trabzon Plant, with a similar design albeit scaled down. It will be the main supplier of water for the city and surrounding area. Estimated cost is $4.25 billion.
The Izmir Plant
The Izmir Plant will be of the same size as the Istanbul Plant, and will supply water to the surrounding area, mainly for industrial purposes. The plant is currently larger than is required, but due to Izmir quickly becoming one of the major centers of industry for Turkey, we must make sure that when the demand is there we will have the supply of water. Estimated cost is $4.25 billion.
The water grid across the nation will also be updated. This means building new public works, upgrading and performing maintenance on old systems, as well as implementing new methods of wastewater reclamation. Strict ordinances have been passed in most cities across the country giving stiff limits on water usage, with heavy fines and even possible jailtime in case of a violation. The total cost of this ambitious project is estimated at $25 billion over a ten year period.
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2019.07.29 20:17 spummydue [MILESTONE] ITER/DEMO Nuclear Fusion 2022

International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor
Cadarache Facility, Saint-Paul-lès-Durance, Provence, France
ITER contines on schedule following mild disruption after heavy rains last year however a series of permanant draining ditches have been constructed around the site to aleviate this issue for the future. The skeleton of the assembly hall is now in place and complex construction has now begun with shielding rooms now being built around the Tokamak confinement device.
In ITER news, Brazil has had its membership rejected following a veto by China based on concerns regarding the Brazilian nuclear programme currently taking place in the country, meaning for now all prospective new partners on the project have been rejected.
DEMOnstration Power Station
Saint-Étienne, France, Europe
The engineering phase of the DEMO project is approaching its final year, with the majority of the programme now in place to begin consturction starting in 2024. The area for the planned development area has now been cleared and the start of construction of roads and construction quarters for staff has begun pre-emptive of starting construction of the reactor itself.
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2019.06.25 01:08 yurirainbowz Verbal Turned Physical

Today I was fed up with the way NMIL was treating my partner. Partners Edad came to visit today and just before he came, NMIL was doing the usual berating, incessant complaning, lying and blaming. This time her talks were involving Edad as well, as a pawn to make Partner feel bad.
I thought if I brought it up while he was here thered be at least a little break through where she would see she was wrong, since he would call her out as well. I was the one mistaken. I called her out on her abuse and instead of getting anywhere, it turned into a huge HOURS long arguement. Lots of gaslighting and the usual refusal to see things in the perspective of reality. All three of us where telling her logically where she is at fault but she kept changing the subject and blaming everyone else and claiming that shes right. She even said we were conspiring against her.
After hours of arguing she was trying to walk past us and i tripped her. Fault number two of mine. she pulled my hair and so I beat her up for a moment until Parter and Edad stopped me. The whole ordeal lasted something like 4 or 5 hours. She was gonna kick us out but thankfully Edad somehow convinced her to let us stay (not like we wanna stay here, but its better than being homeless for now. We will be moving out and going No contact in a few months which makes it even worse that I lashed out now).
He made us apologize to eachother, and there were the crocodile tears on her end. I knew she would never apologize sincerely, but I had to suck it up for the sake of Partner. I apologized to her, and then to my Partner sincerely.
This whole event caused my partner a lot of grief and I feel really bad about it. I was trying to defend and help her, but definitely went about it the wrong way, letting my own anger get the best of me. I cant confront this woman, it only makes things worse. I dont feel bad for the things I did to her personally, but i do feel really bad for Partner and that i had a major lapse in judgement. I feel so guilty now, having contributed to her suffering rather than aleviating it. And it hurts a lot when my Partner is hurting. I wish I could take it back now and just hold my tongue so she wouldnt have suffered more today. I know she feels worse than I do..
Just a rant. I know where I went wrong and theres no taking it back now. Just wish I could take away Partners pain :(
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2019.02.05 23:26 ghostsinthegraveyard Can’t feel strings after sex mishap??

I have had a paragard IUD since early October, and was able to feel the strings last time I checked. But recently, I was horny on my period and not thinking straight and my partner put it in while I had a tampon in 🤦🏻‍♀️ I was able to get the tampon out easily and thought nothing of it, but my period ended yesterday and I went to feel my strings today and couldn’t find anything. I haven’t had any particularly unusual cramping or bleeding (aside from some light cramping after aggressively checking for strings for 20 min), which I’d think I’d have if it was out of place? Has anyone else experienced this? I did make an appt with my gyno for Monday, and will probably avoid sex to keep from shifting anything further, but an trying to aleviate some anxiety.
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2019.01.14 22:08 nohjoxu Thoughts and Need Help

I love Caffeine and would love to use the standalone app but the FPS drop I get from it is too unbearable. Sometimes dropping me to below 60 from over 200.
My usual settings are stable on any game with 900p and 6000kb/s with NVENC and OBS.
I was wondering if the standalone uses NVENC. On CSGO which is widely considered CPU intensive, I won't get the FPS drop, but weird shimmering in the textures which makes it unplayable. This makes me believe it is using NVENC because x256 with OBS will affect my FPS and cause stutters. Also in Black ops 4 the FPS drops significantly and will stutter while I already keep all my graphical settings to a minimum to get that added advantage of more frames (240hz monitor) and the enemies standing out. So that leaves me confused, as on one hand CSGO is telling me Caffeine is using NVENC and BLOPS4 is telling me x256. Other games like Fortnite will have the FPS drop (something like 140 down to 50) and no other issues.
Since I stream very well either way with NVENC or x256 (not csgo because I like super high frames) in OBS, I believe the issues in each game must be caused by the overlay. However the overlay doesn't affect a thing until I start streaming, in other words it will overlay the box and hotkey to start streaming and do the "get ready" portion and only be a problem once the viewership starts up. The overlay is a big part of it for me, I like the idea that my webcam can be moved around and I like the chat being overlayed since the latency is so low.
OBS with Caffeine works for me for applying filters/overlays but takes away the advantages of Caffeine in my opinion. I love that I can have LUT's or filters on my webcam but I really don't want to be looking away every second checking for comments on a browser before they fade away. Not see'ing who enters or how many viewers there are is also an issue for me. The fact that OBS with Caffeine works so well leads me to believe again that my FPS/stuttering and texture issues are caused by the overlay.

Also I don't understand why they couldn't just use a stream key, it seems a weird and unnecessary hassle for streamers. OBS with Caffeine seems more like a gimmick that they are partnered with OBS (But OBS is open source so I kind of see through it). Of course I don't understand the low latency technology they seem to be using but I assume it's just capped bitrate and resolution, so it doesn't make too much sense to me as to why they couldn't just include a stream key. The stream key is only an issue for me because I use Streamlabs OBS and SLOBS doesn't allow me to export a profile with all my scenes. I don't really demerit Caffeine for that, because even with a stream key the core issues of viewing comments and viewership would still exist.

Is there something that I don't know about that would aleviate my issues? Such as using OBS with Caffeine while still being able to see comments and viewership better? I have been lurking here on the reddit and I'm not sure how often they update the standalone app or if they are working on optimizing the overlay since there are some year old posts about similar issues.

Thanks for hearing me out guys and please let me know if I'm just doing something wrong.

EDIT: Forgot to mention, but I've heard about the workaround for OBS and the Caffeine Standalone app but haven't been able to get it to work. I'm also not sure what this would help with.
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2018.04.09 01:41 Fidgettt [MEDICAL REQUEST]

My best friend suffered an unexpected trauma (for or a detailed recount of the events follow the GFM link provided). Miraculously he survived but has not yet regained some of the important brain functions that we take for granted in everyday life.
The impact has been devastating on the people who care for him. Although he is still physically here I can’t help but feel this overwhelming sense of loss. Like he just wandered off into the woods, never to return without a word in his departure. My best friend, the one person who can not only understand me but also speaks my language. That friend you could always count on to accompany you on any adventure no matter what the risk. The first to laugh with you at that joke you told where you took things just a bit too far.
This loss of vitality can befall upon anyone one of us. As humans, we are fragile beings and financial stress can only make things more complicated.
If you empathise I simply ask you for your charity.
Help aleviate the burden of his impending medical expenses so that his loved ones can remain focused and hopeful. A little goes a long way and by eliminating the stress of debt then sooner rather than later we can get back on the road toward positive restoration.
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2016.08.27 12:22 Shandrith I'm fat, not stupid

I'm losing weight primarily because I want to look better. Yes, my health is a secondary factor for now, but in another 40 pounds or so it will cease to be any sort of incentive at all for me. I will still be firmly in the morbidly obese catagory at that point, but I will be healthy enough. How do I know this? Because I've been there. Sure, I'll still have some slight health problems related to my weight, but I have never been one to seek or expect perfection from myself. I don't WANT to be the kind of person that does that, it sounds like a miserable, stressfull way to live. To clarify, I say slight health problems because I don't have extreme problems now, at 280 pounds and 5'3.5". Forty pounds will clear up the sleep apnea, and I know from personal experience that it will be enough to aleviate any shortness of breath I have now. It will most likely also fix the very slightly elevated blood pressure. Those are the only health problems that impact my ability to live my life the way I want that are due to my weight. I had extensive blood work done recently, and all of my numbers are exactly where they are supposed to be. Having been big all my adult life I have cannot imagine how being in the normal weight range will be, and so the thought simply isn't motivating for me. Will I enjoy the other likely physical changes that would result of getting to a "normal" weight? Possibly, but as I've never experienced them I can't truly know. I distinctly recall reaching 100 pounds, I was 12 years old and in the 6th grade. I was the fattest girl in my school. So when I say I can't imagine it, you need to understand that it is so foreign to my experience as to be practically meaningless. Though I'm not happy being this fat, I've been happy as a fat adult and see no reason to believe that that won't be the case again. My current goal weight will still be considered obese, and I'm ok with that.
I am losing weight because I've been single for over 10 years because of my weight. I know for an indisputible fact that my weight alone has kept me from mulitple partners that I was interested in. The guy that I am currently interested in is one of those people. He has flat out said that were it not for my weight he would be willing to give it a shot. He just can't get past the way that my weight looks, and I can't blame him. If I carried my weight evenly it might not be an issue, but I don't. The vast majority of my excess weight is in my belly, and it looks terrible. I have an apron that hangs down and completely covers my genitals, my waist size is one that most regular stores don't carry for men, much less women, and I just look terrible in general. Could I write him off as being shallow and move on, try to find someone that will fetishize my size, or at least "accept" it? I could try, but I did mention that I've been single for 10+ years, so clearly that approach isn't working for me.
It is ok to have "shallow" reasons to want to lose weight. I don't have to be a high minded health warrior to succeed at this, or to deserve support when I'm having a bad day. I don't have to prattle on and on about the health benefits of weight loss when I ask for support, and you don't have to try to change my mind about why I'm doing what I'm doing. If I tell you that something isn't motivating for me, that isn't an attack on the fact that it is motivating for you. If it works for you I'm glad, but it doesn't for me. So if I'm asking for support and I have said not to bother with certain things, please don't waste your time and mine by posting about how wrong I am. You want to ask if I'm aware of a relatively obscure health benefit while offering the support I requested? Great! I think the human body is fascinating, and love to discuss it. But telling me that my reasons aren't good enough, that I can't succeed because I'm not doing it for the health, that looking better isn't a motivation or that I shouldn't care what other people think about how I look DOESN'T HELP!!! I am motivated almost entirely by how I look, I can succeed and I do care. Thank you for listening to my rant, please resume your regularly scheduled lives
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2016.08.04 23:08 ShaunaDorothy Turkey’s Failed Coup: Both Sides Bad For Workers - Down With the State of Emergency!
Workers Vanguard No. 1093 29 July 2016
Turkey’s Failed Coup: Both Sides Bad For Workers
Down With the State of Emergency!
JULY 23—On July 15, sections of the blood-soaked Turkish military launched a failed attempt to oust the government of Islamist autocrat Recep Tayyip Erdogan. Theories abound as to who was behind the coup. Erdogan claims that his erstwhile Islamist ally, Fethullah Gulen, living in Pennsylvania, orchestrated it. Gulen denies any involvement and claims that the coup was Erdogan’s doing in a bid to consolidate power. Others say that it was a plot by the imperialists. Although Erdogan quickly declared that order was re-established, 14 Turkish naval ships went missing as did the commander of the Turkish navy. We don’t know who the coup plotters were, but one thing is clear: the only position in the interest of workers was to oppose both the Erdogan regime and the coup.
Memories are still sharp of the repression rained down on trade unions, the left, Kurds and others after the bloody 1980 military coup. Some 650,000 people were rounded up; 14,000 had their citizenship revoked; 30,000 fled the country; hundreds were killed. The military junta banned the Kurdish language and carried out a war of terror against the Kurdish people. In the urban centers, the labor movement was strangled and the left decimated.
Today, it is the Erdogan regime (which has recently been butchering the Kurds) that is intensifying repression, using the coup attempt to quash opposition—real or perceived—and further consolidate power. Shortly after the coup attempt, Erdogan began raising the prospect of re-introducing the death penalty. On July 20, he declared a three-month state of emergency, giving his government and police forces sweeping powers, including a new measure extending the time people can be held without charge from four to 30 days. More than 100 generals and 6,000 military personnel have been arrested. Tens of thousands of public officials, including judges, have been sacked. Universities and schools have been a particular target, with 15,000 teachers and staff tossed out of their jobs. More than 20 TV and radio stations have been shut down and news websites blocked. The repression has now spread to the labor movement, with 19 trade unions shut down. As Erdogan put it, for his regime, the failed coup was “a gift from God.”
On the night of the coup, Erdogan, from an undisclosed location, called on his supporters, including through the mosques, to mobilize in the streets. They did, called out by fundamentalist imams throughout the cities. Erdogan and his Justice and Development Party (AKP) will doubtless use the botched coup to accelerate the ongoing Islamization of Turkey, which will target any proponent of secularism and especially women, the left and minorities. There are reports of women in Western dress being attacked on the streets, and at least one religious group, the Ismailaga movement, has issued a decree ordering women to stay home. According to the Jacobin website (18 July), Islamist thugs, sometimes with the support of the police, attacked leftist Kurdish and Alevi (a religious minority) neighborhoods in Istanbul, Ankara and Antakya the night after the coup.
Erdogan’s repressive measures have not stopped a slice of the pseudo-socialist left from hailing his victory over the coup plotters as a wonder of “democracy.” On July 18, the U.S. International Socialist Organization reprinted an article on its website that rejoiced that the Islamist Erdogan was “saved…by the Turkish masses” and praised “the heroic fight put up by ordinary people to defend what remains of democracy in Turkey.” Two days earlier, the British Socialist Workers Party (SWP), which has supporters in Turkey, had issued a similar statement, fawning over “the way in which the plotters were beaten, by popular mobilisation” and claiming that this “could open the way to a more democratic Turkey.” The SWP urged on Erdogan’s purges: “The first task is to make sure the coup has been broken and that anti-democratic elements are purged from the armed forces.” And the regime’s next task was to shut down the trade unions!
The Turkish masses are being strangled by decaying capitalism, with over a century of imperialist subjugation serving to arrest social progress. Turkey is a land of glaring disparities. A sizable industrial proletariat exists in a society still subject to precapitalist forms of exploitation, especially in the countryside. Behind Istanbul’s pubs and cafés, patronized by unveiled women mixing with men, stands a vast country locked in deep poverty and centuries-old backwardness. These contradictions, which are rooted in the capitalist order, could not and cannot be resolved by the secular nationalism embodied in the doctrines of Kemal Atatürk. The bankruptcy of Kemalism led to the ascendancy of the Islamists.
The only path to social transformation is for Turkey’s large and multinational industrial proletariat, standing at the head of all the oppressed, to sweep away capitalist rule. For this to come about, the working class requires the consciousness and discipline that can be provided only by a Marxist party modeled on the Bolshevik Party of V.I. Lenin and Leon Trotsky, which led the multinational proletariat of Russia to power in October 1917.
Such a party, forged through the fusion of advanced workers and revolutionary intellectuals, would fight to break the working class from religious reaction and all forms of nationalism. It would imbue the proletariat of Turkey with the understanding that its own liberation demands championing the just national struggle of the Kurdish masses, whose oppression is integral to Turkish nationalism and capitalist rule. For a united independent Kurdistan! The Kurdish people, divided between four capitalist countries, are always the first to suffer in Turkey. The Erdogan regime has been carrying out a brutal war against the Kurds—a war that would have likely intensified had the coup plotters won. A vanguard workers party must have the perspective of a socialist federation of the Near East, including a Socialist Republic of United Kurdistan.
When the coup first broke out and its success was still uncertain, the U.S. imperialists hedged their bets, with Secretary of State John Kerry simply calling for stability. It was only when it became clear that the coup would fail that the U.S. came out in support of the “democratically elected government of Turkey.” Though relations are today strained, Turkey has for decades served as a key partner of U.S. imperialism, particularly as a member of NATO. After World War II, the U.S.-Turkey alliance targeted the Soviet Union. Since the counterrevolutionary destruction of the USSR in 1991-92, the U.S. has looked to Turkey, often vaunted as a “stable” and “moderate” Sunni Muslim regime, as a regional gendarme, most recently relying on the Incirlik air base to carry out bombing raids against ISIS in Syria. At the same time, Turkey is a regional power with its own interests, which do not always coincide with Washington’s.
It is vital for workers in the U.S. to oppose their own imperialist rulers. The same capitalist ruling class that wreaks death and destruction abroad gorges itself on profits while the workers it exploits have their jobs axed and their health and pension benefits torn up. America’s racist rulers unleash their cops to kill black youth on the streets, incarcerate nearly one-quarter of the world’s prison population and round up desperate immigrants for deportation. U.S. out of the Near East! Down with U.S. imperialism!
The many peoples of the Near East will never know peace, prosperity or justice until capitalist rule is overthrown. The proletariat in power would reorganize society on the basis of collectivized property and fight to extend the revolution internationally, especially to the U.S., Germany and other imperialist centers. In breaking the chains of exploitation that enslave it, the proletariat will simultaneously open the door to the liberation of all—peasants, women, youth, national and ethnic minorities—who are oppressed under capitalism. Only then will there be a full and equal place for the myriad peoples of the region—Sunnis, Shias and Christians as well as the Kurdish, Palestinian and Israeli Jewish nations.
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2016.01.16 20:17 RagnarLothbruk Does Psilocybin help treat Depression, Social Anxiety and Body Dysmorphia?

This post is aimed at anyone suffering from the above dissorders and searching for treatments to aleviate their symptoms.
A short history on myself... I am 32yrs old and grew up in a good home with no significant mental or physical trauma. I developed bad back acne in my pubescent stages that caused me anxiety throughout high school. Between the ages of 18 and 22 i tried self medicating that led me to illegal drugs and slowly fell into a bad drug addiction. After 7 different rehabs and a total of 28months in various institutions, and a near fatal Benzodiazepine and Heroin withdrawl, i came clean 04/03/2004. Since then i went through stages of extreme mental well being and extreme mental turmoil, never having a constant frame of mind. This is the best way i can describe the last 16yrs of my life in short. I sought out all the available treatments of therapy, from Psychology to Psychotherapy, Cognative Behaviour Therapy and non addictive medications such as SSRI's. None of which provided definate relief, and left me with the feeling that a switch still needed to be flipped in my psyche.
2yrs ago i went through a bad break up with a Narcissistic partner of 7yrs, and that sent me spiralling indo Depression and later manifested into Social Anxiety and Body Dysmorphia. I couldnt leave my house and lost my job. I had failed to become a productive member of society. I had lost the will to live and as a last resort, thought id google for a possible treatment i may have missed. Thats when i came across Psilocybin.
From all the articles i read i could identify with the ability to introspect and see problems from another angle, which is exactly what my mind was blocking me from doing. Could it be that easy? What i read about the bad experiences of ego-death and being stuck in a mind loop terrified me. Cause in my current state of mind this would be my worst nightmare and it could either teach me a new way to overcome a mental block, and have a life altering experience, or be the final straw to actually break my psyche. The way things were going i had nothing left to lose and i would probably considered committing suicide in a few months anyway. So i decided to take a leap of faith...
-----> Continue in comment section. ----->
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2015.03.05 19:06 Zbricer To do list: Part 1

I guess I shouldn't be surprised it's gotten this difficult, most of the city is divided by fences, so residential areas are relatively safe unless They are outside their homes. I've never been athletic, always been a bit of a nerd, so it was easy for me to trace the plan just as the outbreak hit. Sadly, stupidly, my family didn't really consider my planning, or even my calling them back home to be secure to be anything valuable... And so, this house with all it's food was all just for me... Sucks to be alone, i heard the last of my neighbors screaming this morning.
Is it really that hard to stay inside? To not make that much noise? These houses are made of stone, only an idiot would willingly leave them to bre greeted by Them. Well... I AM leaving, but only because i need more supplies. There was this friend of mine, lives (lived?) about 8 blocks from here and his house is even harder to penetrate, but i worry if it's ok to stop by, as hard as it is to enter, going out if needed would be much much harder.
I was at the university when all this started, hanging out with my friends, then we heard this woman crying, completely covered in blood and yelling she was running from a rapist bunch that even went as far as biting her. It was damn hot that day, yet all of us froze at the image. It was the biomedical sciences institute, and so, many students rushed to ty and aleviate her pain, rushed her to the nursery and we just started talking about it. I made sure my exSO got to safety since she was on the streets, she got home for the day, as it was risky to walk around with a bunch of psycho-rapists and she was done with classes anyway. My friends and i usually gather near one of the parking lots with a good view of the nursery, so when we heard even more yelling comming out of it, we rushed to check what was happening. So did many others and we got to the last row, so we couldnt clearly see, someone opened the nursery room, yelled atop of his lungs and everyone started running, we couldnt see anything, so we got closer to the door (yeah, poor judgement) and saw the woman biting her way thru the nurse's aid, the nurse was on the floor next to them, face-down on a pool of blood. I reckon we are essentially the gamer-geek-otaku-comic fan kind of group, so after the first few seconds of shock, i felt someone pulling me from behind, snapping me out of it. ¨Zombies, run!¨ Said my friend, there was 5 of us there, everyone left ASAP, i realized the incident was really centric, i didn't have time to go get all of my friends, so i went for the closest and en-route to the car had them call and warn the others that, again, hardly believed anything, a few did believe us, others i got calls from later, asking if we were safe and in the event of my lab partner, ended the call screaming. The streets were a mess, not even sure cars really helped that much, i tried using the smaller streets to avoid the main flux of people... well... i did find a lot of people on those, the images we saw on the way home were gory to say the least. My truck, formerly blue, was now coated in red, but we made it as close as possible to the crossroads that leads to my house and my friends', the zone seemed secure, so i dropped him off, the area was totally safe, so i trust he'll be okay, and went home, started calling my family and got stuck here. This was all 3 weeks ago.
I placed my truck in front of the garage door, horizontally, should make breaking it down way harder and just hid. I tried helping my neighbors, but they all tried to leave and ended up forming part of Them. I hardly think running towards something that never gets tired, bites your arm off and never seems to be damageable is something smart, but i guess desperation does that, gets you killed. After i realized my family just wasn't getting home, i really got depressed, thought about jumping in with Them (see? Desperation), but realized i still have people to protect: Her, Arthur (who lives close-by), and find Ed, who is most assuredly alive and well at his house (sometimes even he has trouble to get in, it's THAT fortified). But first, i need supplies and some sort of protection, have you ever thought a suit of armor could allow you to walk around like nothing? Sure, They would hear you, but unless you let 12 of them sit on you to crush you, you're golden. But there are no suit of armors here, this was Juarez, not London. I think i'll have to kill my neighbors one at a time, maybe a broomstick and a knife would do the trick, poke them from the ceilings, then browse the neighborhood, i guess. But that's gonna be tomorrow, i have to finish checking out my own house, finding this journal really allowed me to concentrate on stuff, like a checklist or something. For anything i can pray to, i really hope that They can't run, else i'll die on my way around the city. Yeah, i think this can work, i just have to play it smart, not taking the first option i see, but rather the most efficient one... whatever, worst case scenario i can be a part of Them... Eew... NOT AN OPTION
To do list:
Find a weapon with long reach, make one if possible
Thin their numbers
Search the neighborhood for whatever's useful
Check up on her
Gather a team (No more than 6 total, else there'd be issues) +Ed +Rob +Arthur +Sarah +???
Find a long-term shelter and thin Them out as much as we can
Get another journal
Write as long as I can
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2014.12.31 00:09 throwaway-0871 Red region of groin, 15+ days, no bumps anywhere.

Hi I'm seeing a doctor on Friday because the office is closed over the newyears holiday, but I'm really looking for some insight on what's going on, or warnings I don't know of.
Possibly unrelated: I became monogamously sexually active with a new woman roughly 60 days ago (and once with one woman 30 days before that) always with a condom about twice a week. About 25 days ago I woke up and noticed one tiny zit in the corner of skin between my pelvis and my penis when I stepped out of the shower and noticed a tiny smear of blood over it. I attempted to pop it because I'm dumb, instead it just got a bit more red. I read online that toothpaste can dry these things out, which instead made it grow larger and slightly yellow. I finally popped it but couldn't find the discharge (I may have internally popped it? I felt a gushing). I saw my doctor two days later and got a prescription for benzoyl peroxide clindamycin (acne medication) which nearly immediately shrunk the insignificant part of it. The prognosis was that it was probably a zit, and sounded nothing like herpes, but if something else like that shows up I should come back so they can look at it. I also shaved very close to the surface with an electric razor so he could get an unobstructed look at things.
Present issue: Things were fine for about 10 days. 15 days ago I started itching in all sorts of places on my pubic region (waist line, pubic area to the left of the penis, and to the right), which drove me a bit nutty. I looked at the area every day for the next seven days. I chalked this up to ingrown hairs or short hairs irritated by my pants moving through the day as they re-grow, and visually, I noticed each region of pain had a single short hair in the center of it. At the end of the week the itching went away, I could not see any visible red marks in my itching areas, and I had protected vaginal sex with my girlfriend.
The next day I decided to use moisturizer to "treat" the area. The morning after I felt great, and went about my day. Later towards the night I started feeling uncomfortable in my groin again, but with more of a pain than itch. A red zit-sized bump developed in two areas of my pubic region about 10cm apart, but by the end of the next day I had noticed one of them had a hard lump on it, which I managed to extract as a solid lump of whatever zits are made of. I then managed to get my hands on some very expired (2 years expired, I didn't know it was that old when I went to use it... ugh) benzoyl peroxide (no clindamycin in it). The two zits reacted and vanished with two days of application and I felt much better, however, the pubic region to the left of my penis remained irritated feeling.
The irritation appears to come in "waves". I can wake up and poke at it and feel nothing, as the day progresses I feel some pain, then it vanishes, then it comes back right before bed time. This has now been going on for 8 days. If the pain has increased it is quite negligible, however, the region I feel pain from feels as if it has grown to a larger area of skin, first starting under a flap of skin where my ball sack begins to form off my body (I'm sorry I couldn't find the correct term for this, it appears scrotum is a different and specific region), and now the dull irritation has grown to a lower region along the skin, and on the opposite site of the skin flap also (while the crest of the skin flap appears normal). I applied a different moisturizer which was glycerin based, supposedly not to cause acne, which seemed to aleviate the issue.
Lastly, within the last three days I've begun to feel pain (randomly, not all the time, but it stays for a while) in my left testicle, as well as an occasional "bite" in the tip of my urethra. I also wake up feeling as if I need to urinate and hardly an ounce of liquid is actually coming out.
The red mark appears dull and uniform, as is the irritation. No bumps at all, and especially nothing that resemble any ulcers or blisters (I've been watching the area like a hawk four times a day for the last two weeks).
In the interim I've decided to apply an anti-fungal cream in the chance this is a ringworm, it tingled a bit a few minutes after application but then dissipated.
Any thoughts on what this is consistent with?
I'm a bit concerned this is an asymptomatic case of HSV2, despite the inconsistencies with the classical case. All past partners say they're clean, but with only 10-20% of people with hsv knowing it... well, who knows. I've never seen any clinical herpes lesions, or had symptoms like high fever, flu, or intense pains (I can poke the area now and it doesn't really hurt).
I'm also considering this may be a "burn" from the expired acne cream, the region I have the pain in is also the region I applied most of it on. I think just the pure volume and number of days using the cream rules out folliculitis. Everything before this was unrelated.
And obviously I'm considering this may be a fungal infection such as male yeast infection or jock itch. I don't have anything 'leaking' from my urethra.
I welcome your thoughts/questions, I'll update with what the doctor thinks after Friday. And thanks for reading all of this!
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İKİZ ALEV DURUMUDESTE SEÇ1-15 KASIM 2019 ❤️AŞK BURAM BURAM ❤️İKİZ ALEV YOLCULUĞU Aleví A Esplais Ünlü Olmuş Alevi Vatandaşlarımız 2016 - HD MdMxAV - YouTube Ikizalev/Ciftruh Eril Disil Tarot Acilimi - Güncel durum - Basta tek soru tek kart cekilisi Güneşin Kızları 36. Bölüm - Feridun Düzağaç - Alev Alev ...

Kurds, Turks, and the Alevi Revival in Turkey

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Wie & warum fasten die Aleviten und auf was ist dabei zu achten. İKİZ ALEV DURUMUDESTE SEÇ1-15 KASIM 2019 ️AŞK BURAM BURAM ️İKİZ ALEV YOLCULUĞ[email protected] Sevgili Gönül Dostlarım, yeniden anımsatmakta fayda görüyorum. Kişiye özel tarot ... Margin Call 4 - Senior Partners Emergency Meeting - Duration: 9:49. Olivier BOSSARD Recommended for you. ... Alevi Ünlüler ve Alevi diye bilinip ve Alevi olmayan ünlüler - Duration: 6:19. Iletisimi olmayanlar/Ex Partner/Platonikler Tarot acilimi -Hala kalbinde miyim?Bir umut var mi? - Duration: 1:23:42. Twin Flame 40,862 views. 1:23:42. Evlenecegim kisi kim? Nasil biri? Partit jugat el 7/5/2011 entre Palafrugell i Esplais. Muhteşem yorumu ile Feridun Düzağaç'ın seslendirdiği 'Alev Alev' adlı şarkı Güneşin Kızları'nda sizlerle. Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. Official Partner with: All your favourites games for Steam, Origin,, Uplay and Indie games up to 70% off! Digital games, Instant delivery 24/7!