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Ovine Replica: Serenity in Flesh — A Fantastical Urban Thriller

2020.09.07 00:35 sobunoaiyu Ovine Replica: Serenity in Flesh — A Fantastical Urban Thriller

Let me introduce myself as Aiyuu, the lead behind a passion project I've been toiling away at for the past several years: Ovine Replica. With a release finally imminent, I wanted to take a moment to share my work here in hopes of others catching on. I describe my work as "a tale of facing heartbreak and finding fulfillment in a sundered city", following mystery and conspiracy in a fantasy setting.
With some formalities out of the way, I'll say that you can find the meat of what the project entails—with a synopsis, list of features, and cast of characters—here on its dedicated web page:

The free demo version of the project—covering the introduction of the story—has been released and is available now, while the final version—covering the story from beginning to end—will be released this summer, no later than September 22, 2020.
Please note that I am aware of several typos (and awkwardly worded lines) in the demo version as a result of oversight on both my and my first editor's behalf before more members were added to the QA team. The most egregious examples have since been fixed along with numerous lines which have been revised or added for clarity and legibility. On top of that, I have a whole changelog documenting everything altered over time, from updated visual flair to sound design.
Though if there is any one thing I regret, that would be excluding a lovely song that one of the composers made right after the demo was first put out there. The sound team has been working hard to ensure that the music of the final release far surpasses what you may hear in the demo.
In spite of any shortcomings in regards to presentation, for the sake of posterity, I want to preserve the contents of the demo in order to showcase the improvements made since then.

With that said, here is a list of other useful links: page: (with demo version download)
Official Twitter account:
VNDB entry:

Thank you for your time, and if anything has caught your interest, I hope you look forward to what's in store.
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2020.08.23 18:56 Cmmntynsnty FOOD FOR THOUGHT

This is a time of confusion, frustration, and transition for so many. Right now, there are many people who are faced with the reality that all they have ever known has been a lie. Many are hurting for a number of reasons; Those who are still hard-core into LLDM are afraid to look at the facts because behind those facts are questions that demand answers… answers they may not be ready or willing to face. There are many who are “on the fence” and waiting to see if they need to get out or not – if there is really enough evidence to prove he is a false apostle, then they may jump ship but if there isn’t sufficient evidence, they reason they will not have lost anything by staying.
Then there are the broken, wounded ones who do know the truth… who have seen beneath the façade and know that this organization called LLDM is a cult that is dangerous to the lives and souls of those it has swallowed by its lies. The pain of having family or friends trapped brings such heartache… they have been shunned, rejected, accused and condemned, yet they still desperately want their loved ones to see the truth. The exlldm members are so strong – facing all of the mess that is thrown at them, yet many of their tender hearts are still longing to help free the very ones that treat them with contempt.
There is no doubt that each of these groups needs understanding and compassion. However, there is another group that I personally feel needs understanding and compassion – the brave ones involved in the case against this monster. I cannot say for certain, but it may very well be that they all are also standing in the shadows reading the stories and facts that are posted. I would imagine they cry with the ones that are hurting and their hearts feel strengthened with the words of encouragement and support. I would be willing to bet that they are cheering the community on as each person stands up and speaks out.
I have read many posts regarding the ridiculous statement by the defense that NJG had an adulterous affair – please understand that the defense was doing what they are paid to and make their client not seem like the monster he really is. The strategy is to make it seem like a moral failure, rather than the truth and to somehow make his deeds less offensive than rape, molestation, and pornography. Many might use this argument to try to persuade their family members that NJG really is a fraud. NJG and the Joaquin legacy have elevated a MAN to be like GOD, and therefore above failure. If LLDM were truly a Bible-based church, they would realize that putting a man in the place of God is a major error. Man is always fallible and should never be placed on a pedestal.
I’d like to encourage us to think about another aspect of this shaky claim by the defense team. One should be wary of any dirtbag defense attorney in the first place. They are hired to get their client off the hook – no matter what. They will say whatever they can and twist and contort the truth in order to make it seem like it isn’t really what the prosecution claims. Trusting in statements by NJG's defense is not too unlike trusting in what NJG or Silem or any of the others say – defense attorneys can often bear the likeness of a sleezy used car salesman. They prey on the uneducated and anyone who will believe their distorted story. So whatever they say, it might be well worth saying to take it with a grain of salt (meaning “Don’t believe exactly what someone says to be correct”)
But let’s consider the brave ones behind all of this and how they might feel right now. I would imagine that the discounting statements by the defense are quite disheartening at times. The notion that Jane Doe 4 had a consensual affair with NJG is complete nonsense. If that were the truth, it wouldn’t be in the case, for there is no legal crime in an adulterous affair, only a question of morals. The DOJ would have to investigate this thoroughly in order to make sure they had ALL the facts regarding this before adding it to list of charges. The AG is not stupid regarding law, and certainly would not risk dismissed charges or legal backlash if this were truly a case of a “consensual affair”. This is a CRIMINAL proceeding, ladies and gentlemen… and the evidence that is in the hands of the prosecution and the charges proceeding from them are based on facts – whatever those facts are, I can assure you that investigators are doing due diligence in uncovering the truth. That is just how the justice system in the United States works. All this being said, I would ask that as we post and as we seek to find truth for ourselves and for our loved ones, please consider the victims and their perspective. Let's not treat ridiculous statements from the NJG camp as if they are based on truth. That is giving validation to the lies, and discounting someone's pain. There is going to be a lot of evidence and truth coming forward in the weeks and months to come. If we can keep in our minds that the ones behind this might be reading, and not make light of the facts that they have chosen to reveal for the common good of all those involved in LLDM, I think that it will help solidify this community and make those brave ones feel stronger. I’ve tried to put myself in their shoes… and honestly, I think I would be mortified upon hearing my story aired publicly. Horrible, despicable acts done in darkness that I once wanted to keep secret for the rest of my life, now on display for the whole world to read and hear about – now, can you imagine how that would feel if it were you on display?
I want to encourage everyone to be kind when discussing the intimate details that are now coming forward (and I know there are wonderful hearts here and no one would ever be unkind intentionally). Human beings are putting their lives on display as a sacrifice for everyone else. I think this is a wonderful and loving community that has an enormous heart for the hurting and broken, and I hope that as this trial progresses, we will rise up even more with a resolve to be respectful and supportive and remember the ones who are on the front lines of the freedom fight for thousands.
Much love to you all! 💜💜💜💜
Este es un momento de confusión, frustración y transición para tantos. En este momento, hay muchas personas que se enfrentan a la realidad de que todo lo que han conocido ha sido una mentira. Muchos están sufriendo por varias razones; Aquellos que todavía son duros en LLDM tienen miedo de mirar los hechos porque detrás de esos hechos hay preguntas que exigen respuestas... respuestas que tal vez no estén listos o dispuestos a enfrentar. Hay muchos que están "en la valla" y esperando a ver si necesitan salir o no – si realmente hay suficiente evidencia para probar que es un falso apóstol, entonces pueden saltar el barco, pero si no hay suficiente evidencia, razonan que no habrán perdido nada al quedarse.
Luego están los rotos, heridos que sí saben la verdad... que han visto debajo de la fachada y saben que esta organización llamada LLDM es un culto que es peligroso para las vidas y almas de aquellos a quienes se ha tragado por sus mentiras. El dolor de tener a la familia o amigos atrapados trae tal dolor... han sido rechazados, rechazados, acusados y condenados, pero todavía quieren desesperadamente que sus seres queridos vean la verdad. Los miembros del exlldm son tan fuertes, frente a todo el desorden que se les lanza, sin embargo, muchos de sus corazones tiernos todavía anhelan ayudar a liberar a los mismos que los tratan con desprecio.
No hay duda de que cada uno de estos grupos necesita comprensión y compasión. Sin embargo, hay otro grupo que personalmente siento que necesita comprensión y compasión: los valientes involucrados en el caso contra este monstruo. No puedo decir con certeza, pero puede muy bien ser que todos ellos también están de pie en las sombras leyendo las historias y los hechos que se publican. Me imagino que lloran con los que están sufriendo y sus corazones se sienten fortalecidos con las palabras de aliento y apoyo. Estaría dispuesto a apostar que están animando a la comunidad en como cada persona se levanta y habla.
He leído muchos mensajes con respecto a la ridícula declaración de la defensa de que NJG tenía un asunto adúltero – por favor entienda que la defensa estaba haciendo lo que se les paga y hacer que su cliente no parezca el monstruo que realmente es. La estrategia es hacer que parezca un fracaso moral, más que la verdad y de alguna manera hacer que sus acciones sean menos ofensivas que la violación, el abuso y la pornografía. Muchos podrían usar este argumento para tratar de persuadir a sus familiares de que NJG realmente es un fraude. NJG y el legado Joaquín han elevado a un HOMBRE a ser como DIOS, y por lo tanto por encima del fracaso. Si LLDM fuera realmente una iglesia basada en la Biblia, se darían cuenta de que poner a un hombre en el lugar de Dios es un error importante. El hombre siempre es falible y nunca debe ser colocado en un pedestal.
Me gustaría animarnos a pensar en otro aspecto de esta agitada afirmación del equipo de defensa. Uno debe tener cuidado con cualquier abogado defensor sucio en primer lugar. Son contratados para sacar a su cliente del atolladero, pase lo que pase. Dirán todo lo que puedan y retorcerán y contorsionarán la verdad para hacer que parezca que no es realmente lo que la fiscalía afirma. Confiar en la defensa de NJG no es demasiado diferente a confiar en lo que dicen NJG o Silem o cualquiera de los demás: los abogados defensores a menudo pueden soportar la semejanza de un vendedor de autos usados dormido. Se aprovechan de los incultos y de cualquiera que crea su historia distorsionada. Así que digan lo que digan, podría valer la pena decirlo para tomarlo con un grano de sal (que significa "No creas exactamente lo que alguien dice que es correcto")
Pero consideremos a los valientes detrás de todo esto y cómo podrían sentirse ahora mismo. Me imagino que las declaraciones de descuento de la defensa son bastante desalentadoras a veces. La idea de que Jane Doe 4 tuvo un romance consensual con NJG es una completa tontería. Si esa fuera la verdad, no sería en el caso, porque no hay delito legal en un asunto adúltero, sólo una cuestión de moral. El Departamento de Justicia tendría que investigar esto a fondo para asegurarse de que tenían TODOS los hechos al respecto antes de agregarlo a la lista de cargos. La AG no es estúpida con respecto a la ley, y ciertamente no se arriesgaría a cargos desestimados o contragolpes legales si se trata realmente de un caso de un "asunto consensual". Este es un procedimiento CRIMINAL, damas y caballeros... y las pruebas que están en manos de la acusación y los cargos que proceden de ellos se basan en hechos – cualesquiera que sean esos hechos, puedo asegurarles que los investigadores están haciendo la debida diligencia en descubrir la verdad. Así es como funciona el sistema de justicia en los Estados Unidos. Dicho todo esto, pediría que a medida que publicamos y al tratar de encontrar la verdad para nosotros y para nuestros seres queridos, por favor consideren a las víctimas y su perspectiva. No tratemos las declaraciones ridículas del campamento de NJG como si se basaan en la verdad. Eso es dar validación a las mentiras, y descontar el dolor de alguien. Va a haber mucha evidencia y verdad en las próximas semanas y meses. Si podemos tener en la mente que los que están detrás de esto podrían estar leyendo, y no hacer a la luz de los hechos que han elegido revelar por el bien común de todos los involucrados en LLDM, creo que ayudará a solidificar a esta comunidad y hacer que esos valientes se sientan más fuertes. He intentado ponerme en sus zapatos... y honestamente, creo que me mortificaría al escuchar mi historia al aire pública. Horribles y despreciables actos hechos en la oscuridad que una vez quise mantener en secreto por el resto de mi vida, ahora en exhibición para que todo el mundo lo leyera y oiga , ahora, ¿te imaginas cómo se sentiría eso si estuvieras en exhibición?
Quiero animar a todos a ser amables a la hora de discutir los detalles íntimos que ahora se están presentando (y sé que hay corazones maravillosos aquí y nadie sería cruel intencionalmente). Los seres humanos están exhibiendo sus vidas como un sacrificio para todos los demás. Creo que esta es una comunidad maravillosa y amorosa que tiene un corazón enorme para los heridos y rotos, y espero que a medida que esta prueba avanza, nos levantaremos aún más con la determinación de ser respetuosos y solidarios y recordar a los que están en la primera línea de la lucha por la libertad por miles.
¡Mucho amor a todos 💜💜💜💜

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2020.08.09 01:46 Character-Ad3137 Término de relacionamento de 4 anos, por favor me ajudem

Pessoas, até que meu coração deu um suspiro de felicidade quando eu descobri essa comunidade aqui.
Mas vamos lá, estávamos juntos há 4 anos e morando juntos há 1 ano e meio, passamos por altos e baixos no relacionamento mas se tinha uma coisa que tínhamos certeza era do nosso amor, do quanto nos amávamos e a cada dia mais tínhamos a certeza disso. Sabe aquela pessoa que você tem uma conexão surreal? De olhar nos olhos e saber que é isso, que é a pessoa.
Planejávamos futuro, filhos, nossa própria casa (morávamos na mãe dele) estávamos com planos de abrir um negócio (até já havíamos comprado a mercadoria e fechado com fornecedores) até que eu notei que ele estava estranho, assistindo mais missas on-line do que o comum, até perguntei se estava tudo bem, pois pensei que ele tinha pego covid e não queria me dizer porque sou muito preocupada e somos grupo de risco. Mas enfim, começou a ver missas constantemente há 1 semana, e ante ontem acordei ele estava quieto e estranho, perguntei o que era e ele falou que não era nada, insisti, insisti e pela terceira vez ele cedeu e falou as palavras que me tiraram chão, mundo e noção de tempo e espaço “Quero terminar”.
Perguntei o motivo e ele falou que não estava dando mais certo, que estava com dúvida sobre o amor que ele sente por mim e que não, não é outra pessoa e também disse que não quer isso. Eu suspeito de ser a carga de trabalho doméstico que estava sob nós (ele vem reclamando disso constantemente, mas eu nunca realmente fiz algo pra mudar, tenho problema de procrastinação) e pelo fato de ele estar estudando pra concurso, isso piorou e atrapalhou a noção de vida que ele tinha. Ele reclamava há um tempo de algumas coisas em mim, como por exemplo o fato de ele conversar comigo e eu responder (Humhum/Entendi) ou não prestando atenção no que ele estava falando (lembrando que isso acontecia raramente) mas mesmo assim eu mudei e comecei a simplesmente soltar o celular no momento em que ele vinha falar algo.
No momento do término ele estava cego e surdo, não me via nem me escutava. Em meio a algumas palavras vazias ele falou “talvez um tempo, mas ao mesmo tempo é um término” ele estava totalmente perdido, não sabia o que queria. Quando notei que ele não estava me ouvindo, apenas com aquela mente fechada eu falei que ia embora. Ele saiu de casa para não me ver ir embora, na minha frente ele não chorou, mas a mãe dele falou que ele saiu de casa pálido, desnorteado e chorando.
Ele sumiu, mandei umas mensagens no WhatsApp ontem, ele só visualizou. Tirou a foto do perfil também. Falei com a mãe dele e segundo ela, ele está na casa do irmão desde o momento do término em que saiu de casa. Nas redes sociais ele NÃO apagou nossas fotos e NÃO alterou o status de relacionamento para solteiro. Enfim, estou totalmente abalada, justamente por ter sido um “baque” estava tudo bem e do nada acordei e fui jogada do penhasco :( Estou totalmente abalada, minha família está tentando me ajudar mas eu sinto que não funciona, eu sinto que só ele é o suficiente, sabe? Sinto falta do cheirinho dele, sinto falta da companhia e do quanto ele me fazia ser forte quando eu estava no fundo do poço, ele realmente era o meu Porto Seguro. Então o foda é justamente isso, a única pessoa no mundo que me fazia me reerguer quando eu estava mal, eu perdi. Por favor, me ajudem, estou pensando em não procurá-lo, pois no momento do término ele cogitou a possibilidade de ser “só um tempo” então penso em dar esse tempo pra ele.
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2020.08.08 15:05 Character-Ad3137 Término de um relacionamento de 4 anos

Pessoas, até que meu coração deu um suspiro de felicidade quando eu descobri essa comunidade aqui.
Mas vamos lá, estávamos juntos há 4 anos e morando juntos há 1 ano e meio, passamos por altos e baixos no relacionamento mas se tinha uma coisa que tínhamos certeza era do nosso amor, do quanto nos amávamos e a cada dia mais tínhamos a certeza disso. Sabe aquela pessoa que você tem uma conexão surreal? De olhar nos olhos e saber que é isso, que é a pessoa.
Planejávamos futuro, filhos, nossa própria casa (morávamos na mãe dele) estávamos com planos de abrir um negócio (até já havíamos comprado a mercadoria e fechado com fornecedores) até que eu notei que ele estava estranho, assistindo mais missas on-line do que o comum, até perguntei se estava tudo bem, pois pensei que ele tinha pego covid e não queria me dizer porque sou muito preocupada e somos grupo de risco. Mas enfim, começou a ver missas constantemente há 1 semana, e ante ontem acordei ele estava quieto e estranho, perguntei o que era e ele falou que não era nada, insisti, insisti e pela terceira vez ele cedeu e falou as palavras que me tiraram chão, mundo e noção de tempo e espaço “Quero terminar”.
Perguntei o motivo e ele falou que não estava dando mais certo, que estava com dúvida sobre o amor que ele sente por mim e que não, não é outra pessoa e também disse que não quer isso. Eu suspeito de ser a carga de trabalho doméstico que estava sob nós (ele vem reclamando disso constantemente, mas eu nunca realmente fiz algo pra mudar, tenho problema de procrastinação) e pelo fato de ele estar estudando pra concurso, isso piorou e atrapalhou a noção de vida que ele tinha. Ele reclamava há um tempo de algumas coisas em mim, como por exemplo o fato de ele conversar comigo e eu responder (Humhum/Entendi) ou não prestando atenção no que ele estava falando (lembrando que isso acontecia raramente) mas mesmo assim eu mudei e comecei a simplesmente soltar o celular no momento em que ele vinha falar algo.
No momento do término ele estava cego e surdo, não me via nem me escutava. Em meio a algumas palavras vazias ele falou “talvez um tempo, mas ao mesmo tempo é um término” ele estava totalmente perdido, não sabia o que queria. Quando notei que ele não estava me ouvindo, apenas com aquela mente fechada eu falei que ia embora. Ele saiu de casa para não me ver ir embora, na minha frente ele não chorou, mas a mãe dele falou que ele saiu de casa pálido, desnorteado e chorando.
Ele sumiu, mandei umas mensagens no WhatsApp ontem, ele só visualizou. Tirou a foto do perfil também. Falei com a mãe dele e segundo ela, ele está na casa do irmão desde o momento do término em que saiu de casa. Nas redes sociais ele NÃO apagou nossas fotos e NÃO alterou o status de relacionamento para solteiro. Enfim, estou totalmente abalada, justamente por ter sido um “baque” estava tudo bem e do nada acordei e fui jogada do penhasco :( Estou totalmente abalada, minha família está tentando me ajudar mas eu sinto que não funciona, eu sinto que só ele é o suficiente, sabe? Sinto falta do cheirinho dele, sinto falta da companhia e do quanto ele me fazia ser forte quando eu estava no fundo do poço, ele realmente era o meu Porto Seguro. Então o foda é justamente isso, a única pessoa no mundo que me fazia me reerguer quando eu estava mal, eu perdi. Por favor, me ajudem, estou pensando em não procurá-lo, pois no momento do término ele cogitou a possibilidade de ser “só um tempo” então penso em dar esse tempo pra ele.
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2020.06.15 09:22 amandasawan Eu amo Larry

suposições Larry stylinson
primeiramente o site do Harry de colocar os nomes, eu botei Larry e veio: "you're the end of june, tpwk"
Fine Line e Walls, feitos um pro outro? os dois álbuns, dos cantores Harry styles e Louis Tomlinson saíram perto um do outro, E agora eu vou dar algumas evidências q fine line é sobre Louis e walls sobre Harry.
em Golden, Harry fala o seguinte: "I'm hopeless, golden so wait for me in the sky" "golden, golden, he is broken I know you're scared cause I'm so open" o que eu vejo como o Louis tendo medo de se abrir sobre sua sexualidade e tendo que viver oprimido por fingir ser hetero, E que o único lugar que ele não vai precisar fingir é o paraíso, onde eles vão ficar juntos.
em Watermelon Sugar Harry fala: "Tastes like strawberry" e Louis usava pasta dental de morango, mas continuando, "baby, you're the end of june" como eu falei la em cima, dia 28, dia dos gays, Larry, blábláblá, não vou pisar nesse tópico de novo
vamos pra Adore You: "walk in your rainbow paradise" de novo, sexualidade, eu acho "strawberry lipstick state of mind" Louis e sua pasta de morango "you don't have to say you love me you don't have to say nothing lately you've been on my mind" a reunião de 1D tá chegando, além de esse ser o pride month e todos eles estarem em londres já faz um tempo. sinto uma aproximação
partiremos então para Lights Up: "I could but wouldn't stay" o Simon ameaçava acabar com A banda se visse eles dois juntos, então acho que é isso " it'd be so sweet if things just stayed the same" eles se abraçavam e mostravam o afeto que tinham um pelo outro livremente, acho que é isso. Louis chorou quando anunciaram haylor (q eu acho q foi marketing pq Harry e Taylor não tem nada a ver) e Harry chorou quando Louis falou que ia ser pai. "lights up and they'll know who you are" acho q é falando pro nosso tommo sair do armário. "Shine, I'm not ever coming back" eles sexualizavam mto o Harry pq ele era o menino que todas as meninas tinham crush na 1D, E ele agora pode ser quem é, outra gravadora que não controla ele desse jeito.
e vamos pra Cherry: "don't you call him baby" sla, me deu uma vibe de algum ciúmes batendo, falando pra não chamar ele de amor. "we're not talking lately" ele perdeu bastante contato com todo mundo, acho q o Harry virou meio hippie, quase não usa i celular e tal. "I noticed that there's a piece of you in how I dress" o Harry tá sempre de roupas coloridas e extravagantes, além de derrotaram os padrões de masculinidade da sociedade. Acho q o Louis queria poder ser assim publicamente. "I just miss your accent and your friends" o niall extravagante que provavelmente fez toda a 1D acontecer de vdd tem um sotaque, além de os amigos deles serem os meninos da banda, o que inclui nosso lindo Loulou.
agora vamos pra Falling,uma das minhas preferidas: "I'm I'm my bed, and you're not here" eles dividiam um apartamento, não duvido nada q eles acabavam cuddling juntos. "I'm falling again" eu acho q ele e Tommo voltaram a se falar e ele se apaixonou de novo, É isso. "you said you cared and you missed me too" vamos ver isso no walls, álbum do Louis, ele fala isso bem na cara. Eu amo meu Larry. "and I'm well aware I write too many songs about you" todo mundo vê q eles escrevem músicas um pro outro o tempo inteirinho "and the coffee's out at beachwood cafe" beachwood cafe é um café na cidade natal de Louis, além de ele ter uma tatuagem que parece ser igual o papel de parede do lugar. "and I get the feeling that you'll never need me again" ele vê o homem da vida dele casar e ter filho, obviamente ia ficar despedaçado. Quem não ia se achar não necessário numa situação dessas? a próxima é To Be So Lonely: "dont blame me for falling, I was just a little boy" o Harry conheceu os meninos sendo o mais novo, com 16 aninhos, um bebê. Acho q é isso. "I know that you tryna be friends" acho que mais que isso, Harry. "cause I miss the shape of your lips" todo mundo sabe que os lábios do nosso bebê Louis Tomlinson são icônicos, não da pra negar. ele sente saudade dos beijos Larry.
She: "just sailing away, without telling his mates" quem vai me falar que isso não é sobre o Zayn? Ah, além disso, eu acho q a música é sobre a Eleanor, pelo visto ex do Louis já que nada foi confirmado, pq ele fala duma tal assistente pegando café pra ele na hora 1:32. antes deles se oficializarem, Eleanor era confundida como assistente de Louis por estar sempre pegando café pra ele, E 1:32 é a linha do princess Park, o lugar que Harry e Louis moravam juntos.
a próxima é Sunflower Vol. 6: "I've been trying hard not to talk to you" Louis indo atrás do Harry, interessante. "I couldn't want you anymore, kiss in the kitchen like it's a dance floor" tem vários vídeos deles na cozinha do princess Park, eles amavam aquele lugar, E Harry expressa seu desejo por Louis de volta.
Canyon Moon: "I'll be gone too long from you" 5 anos sem alguma interação de verdade, né amores? "all through Paris, all thorough Rome" numa entrevista o entrevistador perguntou: qual seria o lugar mais romântico pra um encontro? Harry respondeu Roma e Louis respondeu Paris. "I heard Jenny saying" Louis em algum vídeo brincou sobre se chamar Jennifer. "doors yellow broken blue" no beachwood cafe perto da casa do Louis a porta éazul e amarela.
Fine Line: "we'll be fine line, we'll be alright" eu tenho certeza q ele tá falando q a relação deles e do Louis algum dia vai melhorar ao ponto de todo mundo poder saber. essa foi a única coisa q achei nessa música, mas vamos pra próxima.
Treat People With Kindness: não tem nada não, É só uma vibe mesmo
Kill my Mind: "you kill my mind, raise my body back to life" então o Harry faz ele se sentir vivo, Hmmm senhor Tomlinson. "on a mission to feel like when you kissed me for the last time, why?" querendo replay de beijo Larry, todos queremos, vai em frente.
Don't let it Break your Heart: "on our way to 27" O HARRY Q VAI FAZER 27 AAAAA. "I now you left a part of you on new York, in that box under the bed " Como todo mundo sabe o Harry voltou chorando de NY "when you love someone and they let you go" indireta pq o simon não deixava o Harry perto do Louis, coitados, o nosso Hazza teve q deixar o Boo Bear ir. "whatever tear you apart" nem precisa explicar essa.
Two of Us: "it's been a minute since I called you, just to hear the answerphone " ELE LIGOU PRO HARRY MESMO SABENDO Q ELE NAO IA PODER ANYENDER, Q FOFO. "the day they took you, I wish they took me instead" levaram o Harry pra algum lugar, provavelmente NY pq ele sempre voltava chorando. que ótimo. essa música é mais sobre a mãe e irmã dele então não vou forçar a barra
We made It, uma q me faz chorar: "met you at the doorstep" oops e hi, É isso. "share a single bed and tell each other what we dreamed about" EU SEI Q ELE E O HARRY DORMIAM JUNTOS NO PRINCESS PARK. "we were only kids tryna work it out" 16 e 19 as idades dos meus nenéns em 2010. assim, não tem mta coisa nessa música pq é sobre subir na carreira, mas essas duas dão na cara
Too Young: "I've been looking back a lot lately" ele quer o Harry de volta, eu vejo isso, eles tinham ciúmes um do outro e tal. "everything's feeling different now" ele não quer mais ficar com a Eleanor e não tá certo sobre isso, ele só quer o nosso perfeito Hazza de volta. "oh I can't believe i gave in to the pressure" ele confirmando q o simon fez eles se afastarem. "when they said a love like this would never last" ele só confirma q eles tão apaixonados e precisam um do outro, eu só quero meu Larry de volta. "I'm sorry that I hurt you darling" só piora, essa música foi frita pro Harry sem um pingo de dúvida. Eu sinto q eles tão de quarentena juntos. não vou falar exatamente mas tem uma hora q ele fala que eles tão sentados na cozinha tendo a conversa que ele queria ter tido antes. Eles definitivamente estão no mesmo lugar agora.
Walls: "I watched them fall down for you" isso é romântico ora cassete, eu ano o Louis e o jeitinho dele de se expressar, isso tem q ser pro Harry, já que fala sobre como a outra pessoa mudou 1o. "nothing makes you hurt like hurting who you love" assim q vc ea Eleanor começaram a namorar eu senti meu Larry meio distante, com o filho então, o Harry até chorou, eu entendo esse verso sobre ele nunca querer fazer isso pra machucar nosso babycake. é isso
Habit , uma das minhas favoritas: "i know that you Said that you'd give me another chance, but you and I knew the truth of it I'm advance" acho q ele fala q passou muito tempo e que talvez o Harry não queira mais nada com ele, o que eu duvido. "I'm missing you and your addictive heart" todo mundo conhece o Harry pelo coração imenso dele, então nem tenta disfarçar sweetcheeks. "you're the habit that I cant break, you re the feeling that I cant put down" vc, Louis Tomlinson é completamente apaixonado no Harry, a gente já entendeu. "you're the high I kneed right now" watermelon sugar high, bebês. depois ele fala q tava fingindo ser alguém q não era por causa da mídia e blábláblá, já tem vídeo dele gritando q é gay então fodase, essa parte a gente ama E EU ESPERO Q HAZZA ESTEJA OUVINDO ESSAS MUSICAS. "and it's been ages, different stages, come so far from princess park" o Louis e o Harry moravam juntos no princess Park. "I'll always need ya" ok, eu sou mto cadelinha desse casal.
ok, eu cansei pq tô há mais de 3 horas escrevendo isso, por enquanto é só.
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2020.06.03 22:40 Reciju Sobre aquele que pedi a ajuda de vocês

Sobre aquele que pedi a ajuda de vocês
Sei que diversos de vocês viram meu último post pedindo ajuda para Anko, como vários de vocês se interessaram e desejaram sorte me senti na obrigação de informar o desfecho de tudo, então segue a história com uma cartinha que fizemos para ela ontem :/ Espero que gostem, muito obrigado por tudo turma, vocês nos ajudaram demais <3
Data: 02/06/2020
Para nossa princesinha Anko:

Moça, hoje você partiu e como se não bastasse, levou embora parte dos nossos corações.

Tudo começou tão de repente, até agora é difícil acreditar. Você, a nossa gatinha, aquela cheia de vida e toda louquinha, um dia parou de correr, parou de brincar...

Não esperamos, sabíamos que não estava bem, então corremos marcar uma consulta com a veterinária, que de início suspeitou ser uma inflamaçãozinha no útero, porém sem exames, não dava pra ter certeza.

Não hesitamos, fizemos todos os exames indicados e infelizmente, o resultado foi inesperado. O que de início parecia ser apenas uma condição “simples” na verdade, tratava-se de um caso complexo e incomum para uma gatinha de apenas 1 ano e 9 meses, filha, você tinha 2 pedrinhas que estavam obstruindo a passagem da sua urina do rim para a bexiga. Urina acumulada no rim é perigoso, estava afetando seu órgão, correndo risco de parar de funcionar... Então, começamos a lutar por você.

Corremos atrás de tantos veterinários, todos eles ficavam surpresos; Primeiro, pelo fato de que gatinhas da sua idade não costumavam desenvolver pedrinhas; Segundo, pelo fato de que, no seu caso não era apenas em um, mas sim, nos seus dois ureteres. O famoso um em um milhão.

Nós ficamos tão desesperados, todos os veterinários diziam que o prognóstico não era bom, e que não faziam esse tipo de cirurgia... Até que então, finalmente encontramos um cirurgião com experiência nesse tipo de caso. Conversamos com ele, e não havia mais tempo, seu rim começaria a deteriorar cada vez mais sem a cirurgia, então, mesmos cientes dos riscos e sabendo que era arriscado, difícil e, por conta disso, caro todo o procedimento, autorizamos. Nós sabíamos que você era forte. Logo voltaria ao normal e estaria conosco na nossa casa!

Para conseguir o dinheiro da cirurgia fizemos uma vaquinha on-line, você nem imagina filha, muitos abraçaram a causa e de imediato nos ajudaram e doaram! Recebíamos tantas mensagens de carinho e apoio à você.... Mas, apesar disso, não tínhamos tempo, então, antes mesmo de conseguirmos arrecadar o valor necessário, tivemos fé e decidimos realizar a cirurgia. Durante todo o período Deus fez nossa fé valer e muita gente continuou nos ajudando!

O dia da sua cirurgia foi extremamente tenso, não conseguíamos pensar em mais nada, só em você, tudo que fazíamos voltava para você, nós choramos tanto e enchemos tanto, mais tanto, o saco dos veterinários, até que finalmente recebemos a tão incrível e esperada notícia: Nossa menina havia passado pela cirurgia, as duas pedras foram removidas e ela parecia estar ótima! Acordou comendo e tudo mais. Nossa, ficamos tão felizes! foi a primeira noite que conseguimos dormir desde que tudo começou.

O Pós-operatório só nos deixou mais animados, no primeiro dia você já demonstrava uma avanço incrível, estava comendo, tomando água, URINANDO! No seu segundo dia puderam remover suas sondas, e novamente, uma notícia incrível de que continuava urinando normalmente e todos os exames estavam ótimos! E ainda nos informaram que no dia seguinte já poderíamos te levar de volta pra casa, filha!!!

Nós ficamos tão felizes, estavamos com tanta saudade e finalmente teríamos você de volta! Naquele dia acordamos cedo e arrumamos a casa toda para te receber. Pra evitar qualquer risco de você fazer uma loucura e abrir os pontos, tiramos todos os móveis da sala que você pudesse subir, colocamos o colchão no chão pra continuar dormindo na nossa cama, colocamos as mantinhas que você mais gostava, compramos todos os medicamentos e equipamentos indicados que precisaria.... Estava tudo tão perfeito pra você, princesa. A nossa sala virou um quartinho todo adaptado à você.

Quando chegou em casa, meu Deus, foi uma festa! Assim que pisou no chão, correu para o nosso colchão, e se jogou de barriga pra cima para que nós pudessemos acariciar sua barriguinha, do jeitinho que você sempre amou... Aquele sábado passou voando, a tarde toda cuidamos de você, dando comida, água, levando pra usar a areia... mas você parecia querer só uma coisa, ficar deitadinha com a gente. Achamos que pudesse ser pelo fato de ter recém saído de todo aquele estresse. Então, cochilamos nós três, com você no nosso meio o tempo todo, o mais próximo possível. Você estava com saudade, né? Nós também!

Mas, infelizmente, a noite chegou. Apesar de estar tomando água normalmente, não foi urinar, nenhuma gota... e ainda se recusava a comer. Ligamos desesperados para a veterinária e fomos orientados para o que deveríamos fazer. Aquela noite foi longa, ficamos acordados o tempo todo, te levávamos para a areia, para a comida, e infelizmente, nada! Sofremos tanto, ficamos tão desesperados... logo na manhã seguinte ligamos novamente para a veterinária, que foi te visitar em casa. Ficamos horas te analisando após as aplicações das medicações.... E aí, nada! nenhuma alteração... Tudo parecia desabar novamente, você, nossa filha, ainda estava doente.

Fomos indicados a te levar novamente para a clínica, você não gostou nada da ideia de deixar nossa casa, não queria entrar na caixinha de transporte, lá na clínica começou a miar alto, como quem não queria passar por aquilo novamente, mas não tínhamos escolha, era sua saúde que estava em risco, princesa! Chegando lá, nos informaram que fariam um Raio X imediatamente e que você ficaria mais um dia internada.

Saímos da clínica, e ao chegar em casa sentimos tanto, MAS TANTO! a sua falta que, sem nem pensar duas vezes, decidimos voltar na clínica pra te ver, fomos no mesmo segundo. Chegando lá nos falaram que você estava extremamente brava e não deixava nem que tocassem em você. Engraçado que bastou só entrarmos na sala de internação e chamarmos seu nome pra você mudar completamente.

Só de lembrar de você correndo para baixo dos nossos braços deitando a cabeça pra descansar, nos da muita vontade de chorar... sabíamos que você queria ficar com a gente, a gente também não queria desgrudar de você, mas o horário de visitas estava encerrando, e tivemos que ir embora com muita dor no coração.

Apesar de tudo, acreditávamos que logo daria tudo certo e você retornaria... Alguns minutos após saírmos, a veterinária nos informou que o exame seria analisado e laudado logo pela manhã, e que se tudo estivesse em ordem, poderia voltar já no dia seguinte pra casa. Nesse dia dormimos tão esperançosos...

Logo quando amanheceu, recebemos uma ligação da clínica. Eles disseram que você estava bem, estável, e que o Veterinário responsável pela cirurgia inicial queria falar conosco. Fomos prontos para te trazer de volta, tínhamos certeza que você receberia alta! Mas, ao chegarmos lá, percebemos a cara do cirurgião e nossos corações dispararam. O Dr. nos explicou o resultado do seu novo exame, tinha um acúmulo grande de líquido em seu abdome e seu estado clínico havia regredido muito rapidamente... Nos falaram sobre um a necessidade de fazer um novo procedimento, que permitiria que eles analisassem melhor as complicações e suas causas, para saber os próximos passos. Mas, não foi uma escolha nada fácil aprovar esse procedimento... Como teria que passar novamente por um procedimento cirúrgico, nós que tivemos que decidir entre fazer ou não fazer. Se não aprovássemos, suas chances de vida seriam muito baixas caso fosse uma complicação decorrente da primeira cirurgia. Porém, se aceitássemos o procedimento, você passaria novamente por uma anestesia, e como estava fraquinha seu corpo poderia não responder bem... Era arriscado! Mas, todos lá orientaram que o mais indicado seria optar por fazer. Resolvemos passar te ver antes de decidirmos, lá na salinha de internação você estava tão diferente, não conseguia nem levantar, só respondia com miados quando falávamos com você... fomos obrigados a aceitar o procedimento, não podíamos deixar nada de mal acontecer com você naquele ponto! Aguardamos a tarde inteira, o procedimento atrasou, foi outro dia longo e tenso! até que recebemos uma ligação dizendo que tudo tinha dado certo, e que você acordaria dentro de algumas horas da anestesia. Nós te visitamos enquanto dormia, conversamos baixinho com você, fizemos carinho, e uma hora ouvimos seus miados bem baixinhos e sem força de volta... até vimos você tentando mexer uma patinha pra tentar nos receber... Fomos para casa com esperança, torcendo pra que saísse logo de lá. Até que... 2h da manhã, do dia 02/06, recebemos a pior notícia de nossas vidas.

Uma parada cardíaca... não conseguiram salvar sua vida. Desmoronamos. Ficamos (e ainda estamos) sem chão. Só podia ser mentira... Saímos correndo para te ver. Quando chegamos não acreditávamos no que víamos, nossa filha, infelizmente havia mesmo nos deixado.

A ficha até agora não caiu, colocar sua mantinha e seus brinquedinhos favoritos ao lado do seu corpinho sem vida foi a maior dor que já sentimos. Nunca nos esqueceremos da nossa despedida. Anko, moça... nossa menina, nossa princesa!

Hoje o céu recebe a mais incrível estrelinha do mundo. Por favor, nunca se esqueça de nós. Nunca se esqueça que te amamos muito! Seu pai, sua mãe e sua irmãzinha sentem muito sua falta e te amarão por TODA a eternidade! Pra sempre lembraremos de você com um sorriso no rosto e um grande aperto no coração. Você nos escolheu, foi amor a primeira vista, correu direto para sua mãe e logo se acomodou. Mal sabíamos que nossa vida mudaria a partir daquele momento... alí ganhamos uma companheira para todas as horas, você cuidava tanto de nós... até mais que nós de você. Jamais saberíamos que uma gatinha pudesse ensinar tanto sobre o amor, com toda sua inocência e sinceridade!

Nossa louquinha e medrosa, sempre que olharmos para as paredes lembraremos com carinho do seu parkour, se todas as brincadeiras... do pega-pega...

Saiba que te ver doentinha, sem brincar foi a pior coisa que poderíamos ver no mundo?

Hoje só queremos agradecer por tudo que vivemos, por todos as lambidas, por todas as vezes que você estava do nosso lado, por todas as noites de sono deitada coladinha, por todas as vezes que você nos recebia na porta de casa, por todas as inspeções durante a madrugada pra ver se seus humanos estavam bem, por todas as esfregadas em busca de mais carinho... todas as brincadeiras, todas as conversas, tudo! Foi mais que especial. Chegar em casa jamais será a mesma coisa, não importe quanto tempo passe, nosso amor sempre será seu.

Obrigado Anko, amamos você. <3
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2019.12.31 21:43 JorgeAmVF Subs em português ou sobre cultura lusófona criados em 2019

Subs em português ou sobre cultura lusófona criados em 2019
Pelo menos 259 subs foram criados em 2019; assim, 2019 foi o ano em que mais subs lusófonos foram criados desde 2008 - ultrapassando 2017 (~234).
Obviamente, nem todos os subs em português ou sobre cultura lusófona criados esse ano se encontram aqui, pois o ano ainda não acabou e é provável que mais subs criados em 2019 sejam encontrados nos próximos anos.

Top 15

subreddit membros criação
orochinho 17563 31/07/2019
patopapao 10646 07/02/2019
pescocofino 9152 07/06/2019
CarlaBrasil 7486 02/01/2019
brgonewild 7013 24/01/2019
FicouGratis 2402 25/07/2019
mattayahu 2119 18/01/2019
Idiomas 1161 05/01/2019
loylinha 875 06/04/2019
10º PergunteReddit 823 30/01/2019
11º MariaFernandaGalvao 805 10/08/2019
12º NaoMortoAbraDentro 733 01/02/2019
13º pracinhagamer 730 12/12/2019
14º MariParaiba 691 23/03/2019
15º Vanessa_Vailatti 677 06/09/2019

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subreddit membros criação nsfw descrição
CarlaBrasil 7486 02/01/2019 Sim This subreddit is for posting content relating to Carla Brasil.
mormonsud 2 02/01/2019 Não Sub para membros, amigos e curiosos a respeito da Igreja de Jesus Cristo dos Santos dos Últimos dias (aka 'Igreja Mórmon').
transumanismo 2 02/01/2019 Não Sub lusófono para discussão e compartilhamento sobre transumanismo.
cultobastter 6 03/01/2019 Não Para aqueles que acreditam que a eh um culto pega-sardinha tanto quanto os outros sites de investimento. Postem aqui tudo que voces acharem engracado ou digno de critica! O que ele tiver deletado ou o que mais quiserem...
Brasucas 1 04/01/2019 Não Comunidade livre para brasucas.
Idiomas 1161 05/01/2019 Não Essa é uma comunidade destinada a assuntos sobre idiomas.
nbabrasil 58 05/01/2019 Não NBA Brasil
videoslegaisonline 51 05/01/2019 Não Vídeos legais captados pela internet! :)
nba_brasil 1 05/01/2019 Não Opa, você não quis ir para o /nbabrasil ?
ofertaspravoce 4 07/01/2019 Não 1 oferta por dia! As promoções mais legais para te ajudar na hora das compras.
brasil_politica 3 07/01/2019 Não Sub em Português para discutir a política no Brasil e no Mundo.
DragonBallLegendsBR 13 14/01/2019 Não Subreddit brasileiro sobre o jogo Dragon Ball Legends. Encontre tudo sobre Dragon Ball Legends totalmente em português e discuta com outros jogadores do Brasil.
bomdiagrupo 38 15/01/2019 Não Um subreddit dedicado a fazer sátiras às mensagens de bom dia do ZAPZAP
PoliticaMundial 12 16/01/2019 Não Olá! O Política Mundial é uma comunidade voltada aos assuntos políticos, econômicos e filosóficos, com o intuito de reunir pessoas diferentes com pensamentos diferentes para que possamos discutir e debater sobre o mundo a nossa volta. Apesar de defendermos a liberdade de expressão, temos algumas regras para manter o bom convívio dos membros e assim também, manter o respeito entre os mesmos. Além do mais, a staff não se responsabiliza por raide em outros subreddits. Seja bem-vindo(a)!
mattayahu 2119 18/01/2019 Não Stream do Matta: Assista o canal primário do Matta: Assista o canal editado do Matta: Discord do Matta: Twitter do Matta: Grupo da Stream no Facebook:
GabiGarcia 12 19/01/2019 Não Gabrielle "Gabi" Lemos Garcia is a Brazilian professional martial artist, specializing in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and grappling. She is a member of the IBJJF Hall of Fame.
Mamatas 100 22/01/2019 Não Comunidade dedicada a reunir as principais "mamatas" do Governo Bolsonaro.
cefetianos 7 22/01/2019 Não
meteorologia 3 23/01/2019 Não Notícias sobre aquecimento global, meteorologia, etc.
Medianeira 1 23/01/2019 Não Cidade de Medianeira / PR
brgonewild 7013 24/01/2019 Sim Paraíso das musas tupiniquins!
Deusolivre 4 25/01/2019 Não Coleção de melhores momentos vividos no /brasilivre.
ForniteBR_Portugal 1 25/01/2019 Não Um sub-reddit dedicado ao FortniteBR tudo em português, com o objetivo de aproximar a comunidade portuguesa, e ajudar no que for preciso.
OuijaPortugues 299 26/01/2019 Não Alguma questão aflinge tua vida? Invoque os espíritos é tenha sua resposta definitiva pelo OuijaPortugues, uma versão adaptada à língua lusitana do AskOuija.
PCBRZI 5 26/01/2019 Não PCBRZI
brasil20 2 26/01/2019 Não Por um Brasil melhor
nomadaspt 1 27/01/2019 Não Quando já não sabes de onde és e o planeta é a tua casa.
piadapronta 2 28/01/2019 Não Piadas prontas
PergunteReddit 823 30/01/2019 Não Versão brasileira do AskReddit.
EuTireiUmaFoto 340 31/01/2019 Não No título da sua postagem, comece com ETUF e então descreva a sua foto! Comunidade para amantes da fotografia, em português. Profissional, amador ou entusiasta, aqui você é bem vindo! Poste sua foto aqui e interaja com fotógrafos de todo o Brasil, tire dúvidas, aprenda técnicas e divirta-se! Leia as regras antes de postar. Foto do banner por Raphael Nogueira (
relacionamentos 6 31/01/2019 Não chegue ai e conte o seu problema
NaoMortoAbraDentro 733 01/02/2019 Não Versão brasileira do dontdeadopeninside.
copiaEcola 108 04/02/2019 Não Comunidade dedicada a arquivar copypasta em português.
CozinhaPortuguesa 283 05/02/2019 Não Um sub dedicado à cozinha portuguesa para inspirar, aprender a cozinhar, experimentar ideias novas e descobrir pratos saborosos, rápidos e saudáveis.
lageball 1 05/02/2019 Não
patopapao 10646 07/02/2019 Não Bem vindo ao subreddit do Pato Papão, um lugar para você postar seu meme maneiro mesmo e dar sua dica pro Bom ou Ban.
BrazilOpenSource 487 07/02/2019 Não Brazil Open Source é a comunidade brasileira para os amantes da filosofia Open Source e Software Livre. Tire dúvidas, compartilhe ideias e projetos, seja livre! Brazil Open Source is the brazilian comunity for lovers of Open Source and Free Software philosophy. Ask questions, share ideas and projects, be free!
BrasilivrelivreFinal 43 10/02/2019 Não Bem vindo(a) ao Brasillivre_Livre_Mesmo_Final-V2_Agora_Vai! A comunidade feita para aqueles que se cansaram da censura dos outros Subreddits brasileiros. Se inscreva e compartilhe!
091Para 18 10/02/2019 Não Comunidade de Belém do Pará. Venha para a melhor sub do Reddit do melhor Estado da Região Norte do País.
Lennado 13 10/02/2019 Não O sub do lennaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaadooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
SerGamer 5 10/02/2019 Não Ser gamer, ser um jogador
humortadela 3 10/02/2019 Não
mau_pm_nao_propina 31 11/02/2019 Não Histórias de abuso policial incluindo: abuso de poder, corrupção e outras desgraças em estados policiais em expansão.
Capinaremos 25 11/02/2019 Não Refugiados do Capinaremos
exiladosbrasil 1 11/02/2019 Sim Vivendo no exílio
chocolage 2 12/02/2019 Não
EmPortugues 423 13/02/2019 Não Compilação de comunidades que utilizam o português como idioma principal no Reddit. Divulgue subreddits lusófonos aqui à vontade. Subs que não utilizam a língua portuguesa, mas se dedicam à cultura de países que falam português também são bem-vindos. Não se esqueça de conferir as regras da comunidade antes de postar. Utilize também nossas ferramentas fora do Reddit para obter mais informações sobre comunidades lusófonas e compartilhe seu feed personalizado. E participe do Reddit em português!
CasosIsolados 3 13/02/2019 Não Casos isolados de violência policial no Brasil
caso_isolado 452 15/02/2019 Não Casos de corrupção e abuso de poder policial
catioros_inspiradores 25 15/02/2019 Não O melhor subreddit para você postar imagens de catioros sensacionalmente incríveis, sempre com as melhores frases possíveis para a alegria geral da comunidade
Capina 462 16/02/2019 Não Olá, nobres capinadores! Bem vindo a este recinto maravilhoso do Capinaremos na internet. Fiquem a vontade para compartilhar e discutir sobre o tema que achar pertinente. <3
Ancapinaremos 34 16/02/2019 Não Ancapinaremos: Vamos difundir a liberdade! Pessoas de todas as ideologias são extremamente bem vindas, a liberdade não vê background teórico, não vê gênero, idade, raça, orientação sexual e nem classe social. Acredito que todos deveriam lutar para que os indivíduos se tornem cada vez mais independentes, para que assim, tenhamos um coletivo forte e próspero.
cidadaosdebem 443 18/02/2019 Não
GTAorBrazil 453 19/02/2019 Não For the unbelievable things that only happen in Brazil!
investir 15 20/02/2019 Não Infelizmente outros grupos sobre investimentos em português apresentam pesada censura e automods com programação deficiente. Aqui você pode falar livremente, sem mimimi, sem censura. Todas discussões são bem vindas, sobre qualquer tipo de ativo ou método.
INTESTINOIRRITADO 14 20/02/2019 Não Descobriu que a fonte do seu sofrimento digestivo é a síndrome do intestino irritado? Seja bem vindo. Vamos nos ajudar. (cólon irritável, sii)
Baiacu 15 22/02/2019 Não comunidade brasileira de shitpost e afins.
unexpectedRicardo 96 24/02/2019 Não Ricardo Milos but not expected
AteParece 8 25/02/2019 Não Versão brasileira do thatHappened, posts em português de coisas que até parece que aconteceram mesmo.
Impressao3D 36 26/02/2019 Não Comunidade para discutir sobre impressoras 3D, dicas, técnicas, além de falar sobre modelagem e assuntos afim. Seja bem vindo!
UnivAveiro 3 27/02/2019 Não Subreddit não-oficial da Universidade de Aveiro.
godot_brasil 99 01/03/2019 Não Comunidade para os brasileiros interessados em estudar e tirar dúvidas sobre Godot Engine.
BandasPortuguesas 25 01/03/2019 Não Este subreddit foi criado para a divulgação de projetos, divulgação de bandas pouco conhecidas que gostem, divulgar experiências na indústria e também para que seja possível a discussão como o esclarecimento de alguns temas sobre a indústria
pontoXbr 1 01/03/2019 Não Comunidade em português para aqueles que gostam de fazer o trabalho, seja próprio ou comercialmente.
Umbanda 30 02/03/2019 Não Brazilian / African Religion
SelecaoPortuguesa 1 03/03/2019 Não Subreddit dedicado a todos os escalões da seleção portuguesa de futebol.
aguasanta 1 04/03/2019 Não SubReddit dedicado ao Esporte Clube Água Santa.
FeminismoBrasil 266 08/03/2019 Não Este subreddit é principalmente um lugar para ideias, conhecimentos e dúvidas serem trocadas. São bem vindas questões sobre trabalho, política, relacionamentos, menstruação, métodos contraceptivos, gravidez, parto, aborto, sagrado feminino e tudo o que permeia o universo feminino.
portugalliberal 62 11/03/2019 Não Um grupo de discussão apartidário, transparente e positivo sobre o liberalismo em Portugal. O objectivo é esclarecer sobre o que é o liberalismo e o que querem os liberais em Portugal.
Canhotos_bandidos 5 11/03/2019 Não Subreddit destinado para postagens de material que mostra atos ilegais de esquerdistas.
BrasilEsportes 124 12/03/2019 Não Página dedicada aos brasileiros do mundo todo para falar dos seus esportes preferidos além de notícias, eventos, etc e também, porque não, um espaço para darmos aquela trolada no time adversário
mesoclise 11 12/03/2019 Não Subreddit para postar imagens de pessoas usando mesóclise corretamente. Convenhamos, toda mesóclise merece um upvote.
Kaskaria 3 14/03/2019 Não Seu repositório diário de memes, vídeos engraçados e outras coisas sem utilidade.
startups_pt 2 14/03/2019 Não Discussão sobre o mundo das startups em Portugal.
polemicas 75 16/03/2019 Não Voltamos! Subreddit em português criado para discutir assuntos polêmicos sem qualquer tipo de censura.
boatarde 11 17/03/2019 Não Boa tarde! Inscreva-se também em: bomdia boanoite
soccerPT 7 17/03/2019 Não Todo o futebol: em português. Comunidade aberta a qualquer tema relativo a futebol.
KaikerTV 184 18/03/2019 Não Deixe Memes para o canal do Kaiker
bettina 16 18/03/2019 Não oi, eu sou a bettina tenho 1 milhão de anos e 22 reais de patrimônio acumulado
empreendedorismopt 1 18/03/2019 Não Um espaço para discutir o empreendedorismo em Portugal.
PortoSexDating 25 20/03/2019 Não A olace to find and meet people in Porto (sex related)
Cavaleiros_do_Zodiaco 4 20/03/2019 Não Para todos os fãs de Os Cavaleiros do Zodíaco (Saint Seiya).
Filmes_e_series_Nerds 1 20/03/2019 Não A nova casa de quem gosta de filmes de super heroi, viagens no tempo, zumbis, ficção científica...
MariParaiba 691 23/03/2019 Não A subreddit dedicated to the breathtaking Brazilian volleyball player Mari Paraiba.
LisboadeBorla 8 25/03/2019 Não Free Events and places in Lisbon, Portugal
MemesUmidos 3 25/03/2019 Não Tipo o dankmemes mas com menos graça.
SPQAM 1 25/03/2019 Não Senatvs Popvlvsqve Arstotzka Magna O Senado e Povo de Arstotza Magna é uma miccronação fundada no dia 18 de março de 2017, pelo imperador Caesar Vulpes Petrus Machadus. Sua ideologias são: o castilhismo, o tenentismo, o monarquismo e o fascismo britânico (vide Sir Oswald Ernald Mosley). Este subreddit foi criado para a confraternização entre seus cidadãos e discussão de temas inerentes ao governo da Nação.
JogoLivre 1 25/03/2019 Não O sub de jogos livre de censura
SupercarrosPortugal 12 26/03/2019 Não Aqui podem pôr todos os carros raros ou invulgares que encontrarem!
UNIFESP 1 27/03/2019 Não
SemCensura 15 29/03/2019 Sim Comunidade dedicada ao "Sem Censura", programa de entrevistas exibido pela TV Brasil.
mamaspapasbebes 3 02/04/2019 Não reddit de apoio ao site "Ser Pai é..." e local de discussão de ideias acerca da Paternidade / Maternidade
fodase 2 03/04/2019 Não FODA-SE
contraAO 15 04/04/2019 Não Redditores contra o acordo ortográfico.
projeto 7 04/04/2019 Não
brasilcentro 222 05/04/2019 Não Primeira comunidade Brasileira de extremo-centro do reddit brasileiro.
loylinha 875 06/04/2019 Não subreddit da layla ai
mulherdepau 64 07/04/2019 Não mulher de pau mulher de pau mulher de pau mulher de pau mulher de pau mulher de pau mulher de pau mulher de pau mulher de pau mulher de pau mulher de pau mulher de pau
trashyBrazil 16 08/04/2019 Não Um recorte da sociedade mau caráter, imunda e irresponsável que temos no Brasil de 2019.
AskABrazilian 41 09/04/2019 Não Ask a Brazilian person.
ateu 20 12/04/2019 Não Comunidade brasileira dedicada exclusivamente à publicação de conteúdos ateístas.
TropicalRussians 216 14/04/2019 Não Will do later
AnnaRitaCerqueira 204 14/04/2019 Sim Anna Rita Cerqueira
NathaliaAlves 29 14/04/2019 Sim Nathalia Alves
gerir_pequeno 2 15/04/2019 Não Empreendedorismo, Micro-empresas e divulgação
Universodaarte 5 16/04/2019 Não Aqui é um lugar feito para pessoas que querem; Força da comunidade, adquirir conhecimentos artísticos, publicação de artes: digitais, tradicionais e entre diversas outras... Não importa seu nível, seu estilo ou qual tipo de arte você faz. Você é bem-vindo aqui.
SCPPTBR 8 17/04/2019 Não Subreddit da filial lusófona da Fundação SCP, para discussões em português sobre os SCPs brasileiros, portugueses e internacionais.
brasilcentro_drama 0 18/04/2019 Não brasilcentro_drama
PilulaVermelha 42 19/04/2019 Não Comunidade em português baseada na de língua inglesa "The Red Pill". A sociedade moderna, por inúmeras razões, trouxe uma grande mudança na dinâmica sexual entre homens e mulheres. Em analogia à pílula vermelha do filme Matrix, esse sub se propõe a esclarecer como quase tudo que fomos ensinados em relação à essa dinâmica sexual pelos nossos pais, TV, etc. está errado, como isso prejudica o homem moderno, e como sair desse buraco.
polemicas2 2 19/04/2019 Não backup do polemicas
poliamor 89 27/04/2019 Não Este é um lugar de amor livre. Vamos debater sobre nossas dificuldades e realizações poliamoristas.
Gurgel 41 27/04/2019 Não Comunidade para falar do carro Gurgel e de seu idealizador João Amaral Gurgel
Solteiros 71 29/04/2019 Não Local para solteiros e solteiras se descobrirem, conversarem e quem sabe rola algo depois?
Jeitinhobrasileiro 5 29/04/2019 Não Compartilhe aqui as formas não convencionais de resolver os mais diversos problemas da vida cotidiana, dicas, macetes, gambiarras, lifehacks etc.
Olavo_de_Carvalho 2 02/05/2019 Não
LuizPhilippe 1 02/05/2019 Não Em apoio ao nosso Dep. Federal Luiz Philippe de Orléans e Bragança
claricelispector 6 03/05/2019 Não A subreddit for fans of the 20th century author Clarice Lispector.
corrupcao 232 04/05/2019 Não Subreddit para publicação de notícias, criação de debates e denúncias (anónimas ou não) acerca da corrupção em Portugal, e das diversas maneiras de solucionar este problema que afecta gravemente o nosso país. Só serão consideradas as corrupções noutros países, ou na UE, quando existe uma relação minimamente perceptível entre a mesma e Portugal.
MancheteCorrigida 109 05/05/2019 Não Inspirado na iniciativa gringa do HeadlineCorrections, o Projeto de Correção das Manchetes Fake News nasceu para combater as mentiras e engodos da Grande Mídia. Nós fazemos correções honestas de manchetes desonestas. Saia do curral!
Felca 21 06/05/2019 Não Felca do Youtube, o pewdiepie brasileiro
Encontros 1 08/05/2019 Não comunidade de Encontros no Reddit
Fisicou 81 09/05/2019 Não sub criado com o objetivo de dialogar sobre ciências e afins.
BotaDemaisGrande 38 09/05/2019 Não Rosas são vermelhas Eu gosto de brigadeiro Basicamente o BootTooBig so que em brasileiro.
SciCast 1 09/05/2019 Não SciCast Brasil
Portgueis 29 10/05/2019 Não Igual ao Engrish, mas com português.
brasilisentao 14 10/05/2019 Não a bolha acima e entre todas as bolhas.
Portuges 2 10/05/2019 Não Igual ao Engrish, mas com português
oracoesonline 2 17/05/2019 Não Encontre sua prece aqui!
ProducaoMusical 47 19/05/2019 Não Essa comunidade tem o intuito de unir os produtores musicais brasileiros para uma troca de experiências, dicas, ferramentas e mais coisas voltadas a produção musical.
MatoGrosso 2 21/05/2019 Não Um lugar para compartilharmos notícias e debater assuntos que importem ao estado do Mato Grosso.
novismo 4 25/05/2019 Não Movimento onde ponho minhas anotações como historiador
AmizadeVirtual 91 03/06/2019 Não Cópia de makingfriends para brasileiros
pescocofino 9152 07/06/2019 Não Bem-vindo a nata do chorume da internet brasileira
ContosEroticos 123 07/06/2019 Sim Contos Eróticos em Português. Contribuições são bem vindas.
AcademicosBrasileiros 267 08/06/2019 Não Comunidade dedicada à discussão de assuntos acadêmicos dos mais diversos. Assim, podemos discutir filosofia, ciência, questões políticas que dizem respeito ao meio universitário, entre outros. Seja bem-vindo!
brazilcaralho 1 10/06/2019 Não brazilcaralho
AnkiFlashcards 88 16/06/2019 Não Brazilian subreddit about the Anki flashcard program. Anki increases the efficiency of the revisions through the spaced repetition system. It's used by students from different areas. Members of other countries are welcome. Feel free to post in English or Portuguese! Subreddit brasileiro sobre o programa Anki flashcard. Anki aumenta a eficiência das revisões através do sistema de repetição espaçada. É usado por estudantes de diferentes áreas. Membros de outros países são bem-vindos.
HoraDaComida 41 16/06/2019 Não Sub dedicado para compartilhar receitas feitas por vocês próprios ou belas comidas compradas por vocês
BairroDoLimoeiro 102 18/06/2019 Não Bem vindos ao Bairro do Limoeiro, aonde coelhos de pelúcia pesam mais que um caminhão, Louco é deus e Xaveco só se fode. Seja sempre educado e não rouba as goiaba do Nhô Lau. A dona da rua ta de olho em voceis tudo.
marlonteixeira 3 18/06/2019 Não we love marlon
CienciasReddit 0 22/06/2019 Não A Comunidade Científica do Reddit abrande todos os cidadãos, cientistas e pessoas com envolvimento na busca do conhecimento e progresso a ciência!
Valiria 133 23/06/2019 Não Subreddit brasileiro dedicado às Crônicas de Gelo e Fogo, demais obras de George R. R. Martin e suas adaptações.
fazeramizades 41 23/06/2019 Não Comunidade de encontros em Portugal
AliExpressBR 150 27/06/2019 Não Olá, Bem vindo(a) à AliExpressBR! Esta Comunidade é para os brasileiros que adoram importações, Aliexpress, Ebay Amazon e outros. A participação de todos é muito importante. Compartilhem suas dicas, compras e dúvidas.
Vectra 2 27/06/2019 Não Sub para reunir brasileiros admiradores de Vectra
Pipoca 21 28/06/2019 Não Loucos por filmes e séries
VidaSaudavel 4 28/06/2019 Não subreddit para pessoas que desejam compartilhar informações e dúvidas sobre qualidade de vida
Calopsita 4 28/06/2019 Não Subreddit para quem ama psitácideos !
Tormenta 156 29/06/2019 Não Tormenta is a Brazilian campaign setting for role-playing games that is played with D20 System
brasilivrelivrelivrel 1 29/06/2019 Não ivre
Literatura_on_Reddit 30 01/07/2019 Não Esta comunidade serve para dar a conhecer o trabalho de escritores desconhecidos.
JulianaSalimeni 141 02/07/2019 Sim Juliana Salimeni
BrasildaDepressao 40 02/07/2019 Não Você, de qualquer desse nosso país, do Caburaí ao Chuí. Entre! A casa é sua. Está livre para falar o que quiser, só respeite as regras da casa.
AnnaAvila 28 02/07/2019 Sim Anna Avila
Receitas_LowCarb 1 02/07/2019 Não subreddit para quem descobriu qualidade de vida no low carb
curagay 13 05/07/2019 Não Você é gay? Nós temos a cura.
incellivre 1 05/07/2019 Não Você quis dizer BrasilLivre?
br_ 0 07/07/2019 Não Comunidade do Brasil. Aqui você pode expressar sua opinião livremente, sem medo de ser bloqueado ou excluído. A regra é clara, Arnaldo: "se não for criminoso, é lícito!"
Gado 5 08/07/2019 Não Gado D++++
aplicativos 83 09/07/2019 Não Comunidade dedicada a temas relacionados à todas as categorias de aplicativos. Sinta-se à vontade para enviar comentários, dicas, indicações, críticas, avaliações e sugestões de desenvolvimento de apps.
Temer 1 10/07/2019 Não Subreddit de Michel Temer.
geopolitica 527 15/07/2019 Não Espaço para discussões de geopolítica e política internacional.
JenniferAuada 190 15/07/2019 Não Jennifer Auada
Seguranca 2 16/07/2019 Não Sub brasileiro dedicado a notícias e discussões sobre segurança da informação.
EuphoriaBr 1 18/07/2019 Não EuphoriaBr é uma comunidade para discutir ideias sobre a séries de tv da HBO no idioma português.
AmongUsBR 9 19/07/2019 Não Jogue on-line ou via Wi-Fi local com 4 a 10 jogadores enquanto tenta preparar sua nave espacial para a partida, mas tenha cuidado, pois um deles será um impostor disposto a matar todos! Os tripulantes podem ganhar completando todas as tarefas ou descobrindo e votando no impostor fora do navio. O Impostor pode usar sabotagem para causar o caos, facilitando as mortes e melhorando os álibis. Disponível para Android, IOS e Steam
sulistas 2 19/07/2019 Não Subreddit para sulistas e simpatizantes da causa sulista.
separatistas 1 19/07/2019 Não Para separatistas
Amdrezim 1 23/07/2019 Não canal do amdrezim
5aserie 6 24/07/2019 Não O indivíduo sai da quinta série mas a quinta série não sai do indivíduo. "E o bambu?"
FicouGratis 2402 25/07/2019 Não Normalmente é pago. Hoje não. Temporarily free offers. English speakers are also welcome.
acabouamamata 1 25/07/2019 Não Todos os nossos problemas estão resolvidos
brasilsempolitica 35 26/07/2019 Não tipo o /brasil só que sem posts de politica
paulinhogogo 0 26/07/2019 Não Todo dia a música do Paulinho Gogó em um idioma diferente.
KarinaFlores 24 28/07/2019 Sim Karina Flores
orochinho 17563 31/07/2019 Não Este subreddit foi criado para publicações e memes relacionados ao canal do tio orochi, e qqr coisa q ele possa usar em video!
clubedorap 100 01/08/2019 Não Ritmo & Poesia! Espaço para vocês compartilharem e ouvirem músicas de rap como prioridade. Fiquem a vontade para compartilharem conteúdo desse e dos outros elementos do hip-hop!
TrocaDeHardware 42 07/08/2019 Não Um lugar para vender, comprar e trocar todo tipo de hardware relacionado à informatica.
DivulgueDireito 40 07/08/2019 Não Esta comunidade foi criada pensando nos Advogados e pessoas com dúvidas jurídicas. Aqui você (Profissional) pode publicar artigos jurídicos atualizados a partir de 2017 (mais antigos que isso não aceitaremos); o texto ou artigo deve ter dicas e orientações a clientes ou futuros clientes - salientando sempre que o melhor é buscar ajuda profissional, de pessoa habilitada no assunto a ser 'solucionado' judicialmente! Obrigada por cumprir as regras!
gatinhos 1 08/08/2019 Não miau!
PuddingsUtopia 354 09/08/2019 Não Reddit para os fãs do cazum e sua comunidade.
PsiconautasBR 80 09/08/2019 Não psychonaut da comunidade brasileira!
SuicidioAssistido 1 09/08/2019 Não Aqui é um espaço para que você possa desabafar tudo o aquilo que te faz sofrer e que guarda apenas para você
MariaFernandaGalvao 805 10/08/2019 Sim Maria Fernanda Galvão (@fegalvao_)
homebrewingpt 65 10/08/2019 Não Subreddit dedicado à produção de cerveja artesanal em Portugal
rinhadegado 71 12/08/2019 Não Lugar definitivo para embates de esquerda versus direita, ou simplesmente para encontrar alguém para discordar de você. É aqui onde /brasildob, /brasil e /brasilivre se reunem para desferir suas insanidades argumentativas.
CreepypastaBrasil 4 12/08/2019 Sim Espaço dedicado ao compartilhamento de Creepypastas e Literatura de Horror e Terror. Conteúdo original em pt-br.
humanismosecular 1 14/08/2019 Não Descrição em breve.
AntinatalistasBrasil 43 15/08/2019 Não Comunidade criada pensando nas pessoas que, como eu, são contra natalidade; trazer filho ao mundo nos tempos em que vivemos: Por que? 1 - Seja porque a pessoa ou casal não tem recursos suficientes para criar bem, dar boa saúde e educação e o Estado brasileiro não está se lixando com o mínimo existencial; 2 - Seja porque o mundo, e o Brasil em especial, já tem criança suficiente para muitas gerações - ADOTEM! 3 - Não sofrer; não se deprimir; AFINAL, não PEDEM PARA NASCER!
PoliamorBrasil 7 21/08/2019 Não Poliamor é a prática, o desejo de ter mais de um relacionamento íntimo simultaneamente com o conhecimento e consentimento de todos os envolvidos. Este subreddit foi criado para discutirmos este e assuntos relacionados.
MaseoPT 166 22/08/2019 Não Aqui são postados prints de brasileiros tentando justificar as ações de certos políticos enquanto cita o PT ou o Lula, mesmo que o partido ou o ex-presidente em si não tenha nenhuma ligação com o assunto. Memes ou postagens mais sérias relacionadas ao tema também são aceitos. OBS.: Apesar dos designs, esse subreddit não é necessariamente petista, aqui todos são bem-vindos aqui, desde que sigam as regras.
NaoMonogamiaBrasil 15 22/08/2019 Não Não-monogamia é um termo guarda-chuva para toda prática ou filosofia de relacionamento intimo que não depende estritamente dos padrões de monogamia. Este subreddit foi criado para discutirmos este e assuntos relacionados.
MarianaSampaio 7 22/08/2019 Sim Mariana Sampaio
Ray_Mattos 357 28/08/2019 Sim Ray Mattos
BarbaraEvans 67 29/08/2019 Sim Barbara Evans
RenatinhaCosta 19 29/08/2019 Sim Renatinha Costa
naluando 8 30/08/2019 Sim naluando
brasildeboa 68 31/08/2019 Não Uma comunidade para brasileiros conversarem de boa
DeboraDrumond 42 01/09/2019 Sim Debora Drumond
BrazilianPizza 226 04/09/2019 Não Brazil is a land where everything goes ... on a pizza.
ThaisBrotto 21 04/09/2019 Sim Thais Brotto
nahclisarb 4 04/09/2019 Não
loteriasresultados 2 05/09/2019 Não Fique por dentro dos resultados das loterias!
Vanessa_Vailatti 677 06/09/2019 Sim Vanessa Vailatti
BrasilEdu 45 07/09/2019 Não O subreddit é dedicado à resolução de dúvidas e na publicação de conteúdo educativo na língua portuguesa sobre as disciplinas da educação básica, academia, ocupação e trabalho.
astrologiavideos 1 07/09/2019 Não Vídeos de astrologia!
brasilpop 50 09/09/2019 Não Comunidade brasileira no reddit. Posts sobre política são proibidos.
CarolinedeCampos 6 11/09/2019 Sim Caroline de Campos
JulianaCaetano 83 12/09/2019 Sim Juliana Caetano
JulianaPaes 20 12/09/2019 Sim Juliana Paes
KarolQueiroz 19 12/09/2019 Sim Karol Queiroz
Alana_Campos 9 12/09/2019 Sim Alana Campos
PaulaRebello 6 12/09/2019 Sim Paula Rebello
mtg_brasil 3 13/09/2019 Não
tcg_brasil 1 14/09/2019 Não
Cyberbrasil 326 16/09/2019 Não E se o Brasil fosse cyberpunk?
BrasilAncap 10 16/09/2019 Não Um lugar para se discutir, mostrar e propor avanços nas liberdades individuais e econômicas em terras brasileiras. Todas as ideologias são bem-vindas, desde que agreguem ao debate.
taylorswiftbrasil 1 17/09/2019 Não we love taylooooorrrr please come to brazil (more)
brasilvirgem 2 19/09/2019 Não
Alexa_Brasil 21 21/09/2019 Não Sub para discussão sobre a Alexa em português
OlavoVsOlavo 12 21/09/2019 Não Quando Olavo contraria Olavo
Portugueis 7 22/09/2019 Não Poste aqui pronts de pessoas que estão tendo um pequeno problema para falar português
brasilCACD 154 24/09/2019 Não Grupo aberto de estudantes do CACD - Concurso de Admissão à Carreira de Diplomata
belezadicas 1 26/09/2019 Não Dicas de beleza, novidades e tutoriais!
BrasilB 107 27/09/2019 Não Comunidade brasileira/lusófona dedicada a discussão de conteúdo socialista, marxista, marxista-leninista, socialista libertário e outros, abrangendo toda a gama possível de teoria e prática da esquerda radical. Somos anti-imperialistas, anti-sectários e não toleramos qualquer comportamento contrarrevolucionário, seja liberalismo, elitismo, revisionismo ou idealismo. Também temos um grupo e um canal no telegram, respectivamente:
rockinrio2019 1 28/09/2019 Não dias de rock, bebê
oguru 1 30/09/2019 Não venham ver, venham ver o extraordinário guru do reddit
cuidedevoce 2 01/10/2019 Não você merece! <3
DankMemesBR 36 08/10/2019 Não Qm usa reddit no Brasil né, ah é esqueci que so br kkkkkkkkkjjjjjjjjj
AspergersBR 10 08/10/2019 Não Uma comunidade voltada para autistas e pessoas que têm a antiga Síndrome de Asperger (pois esta foi retirada no DSM-V). Aqui qualquer tipo de ajuda às pessoas que possuem esta divergência em relação ao dito "padrão" será bem-vinda. Poderá ser postado conteúdo com notícias que envolvam toda a comunidade autista e coisas que façam com que nós tenhamos voz ativa. A primeira comunidade autista brasileira do Reddit!
budismobrasil 51 11/10/2019 Não Compartilhamento de tudo relacionado às várias vertentes do budismo, incluindo budismo secular, em português.
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2019.11.18 09:27 Zalogon Los Kanji Perdidos (Primaria 3)

者 Individuo; sujeto; persona

訓読み- もの
音読み- シャ
者(もの) Un individuo; sujeto; persona. Se usa en situaciones formales, documentos legales y en settings militares. Aunque también se usa en animes de fantasía para sonar mas “medieval” como Marth en smash bros:
守るべきもののために、負けられない。Por las personas que debo proteger, no puedo perder.
若者(わかもの) Personas jóvenes
若者は老ウジンを譲るべきだ。The young should make room for the old
若者は専科というものを頭でしか知らない。Young people know the disasters of war only in the abstract
記者(きしゃ) Reportero
医者(いしゃ) Médico
患者(かんじゃ) Paciente
科学者(かがくしゃ) Scientifico
研究者(けんきゅうしゃ) investigador
労働者(ろうどうしゃ) Empleado
芸者(げいしゃ) Geisha
賢者の石(けんじゃのいし) Piedra filosofal

取 to get

訓読み- と
音読み- No importa tanto
取る(とる) to get
もう少しで満点が取れたのに I almost got a perfect score
車の免許を突りにく。 I’m going to go get my driver’s licence
君はどこで学位をとりましたか。Where did you take your degree?
今学期はスペイン語をとている。 I’m going to take Spanish next semester
欲しいだけクッキーをとりなさい。Take as many cookies as you want
長男の名前はおじさんの名前からとりました。 My first son was named after my uncle
クリームチーズ取ってくれる? Would you pass me the cream cheese?
一週間の休みを取った。He took a week off
長い休暇を取る余裕がない I cannot afford a long vacation
メモを取りなさい。You should make notes
取り替える (とりかえる) reemplazar; cambiar; restaurar
プリンターの空のインクを取り替えて下さい Please replace the empty ink jet cartridge in the printer
もっと大きいのと取り替えてください If it's possible, I'd like to exchange this for a larger size
タイヤを取り替えなくてはならないay que cambiar los neumáticos.
取り戻す(とりもどす) Recuperar
無駄にした時間を取り戻さなければならない。 Debes recuperar el tiempo perdido
花は雨のあと生気を吐露戻した。The flowers got their vitality back after the rain
彼女はきを失ったが、すうふんごに意識を取り戻した。Perdió la conciencia pero la recuperó luego de unos minutos
やっと本調子を取り戻した。 I have finally regained my regular form
健康を取り戻すのに丸一年かかった。Me tomó todo un año recuperar mi salud
先頭後、平和維持軍が平穏を取り戻すために活動しました。Después de la guerra, las tropas de paz tomaron acción para restaurar la calma.
取り上げる(とりあげる) Tiene varios significados…
  1. To adopt a proposal
会議で彼の提案が取り上げられた。 His proposals were adopted at the meeting
彼の提案は話にとりあげるほどのこともない His proposal is not worth talking about
  1. Feature; darle atención; sacar a la Luz;
全新聞がその事件を大きく取り上げた All the papers featured the case
彼はしばしは国民的英雄として取り上げられています。He is often referred to as a national hero
  1. Decomisar; confiscar >向こう見ずな運転の為彼は免許を取り上げられた。Le confiscaron la licencia por su forma imprudente de conducir.
銀行に家を取り上げられてしまいそうなんだよ I'm afraid the bank is going to repossess my house
警官は少年からナイフを取り上げた。The policeman took the knife from the boy
  1. 問題を取り上げる To take up a problem; encargarse de un problema
この件は昼食後にふたたび取り上げよう。 Let’s take up this matter after lunch
  1. Literal tomar y levantar
彼はペンを取り上げて書き始めた。 Levantó su lápiz y comenzó a escribir.
取り消す(とりけす) cancelar; take back
この切符を取り消せますか Can I cancel this ticket
私は彼女との約束を取り消しいた。I canceled an appointment with her.
私がケチだと言ったことを取り消しなさい。Take back what you said about me being stingy
今言ったことは蹴りします。I take back what I said
彼は大将に命令を取り消すうように頼んだ。 He asked the general to take back his order
取り出す(とりだす) take out
彼は数枚のコインを取り出した He took out some coins
彼はコインを1枚ポケットかっら取り出した。 He took a coin out of his pocket.
彼は海水から塩を結晶させて取り出した。 He crystallized salt from the sea water.
取り除く(とりのぞく) Deshacerse
悪習を取り除くのは容易ではない no es fácil deshacerse de malos hábitos
その肖像画は壁から取り除かれた the portrait was taken from the wall
私は庭から雑草を取り除いた I rid the garden go the weeds
靴から泥を取り除いてください。Please remove the mud from your shoes

酒 licor

訓読み- うけ
音読み- シュ
お酒(おさけ) booze
日本酒(にほんしゅ) Japanese booze; sake
酒飲み(さけのみ) Heavy drinker
飲酒運転(いんしゅうんてん) Drunk driving
居酒屋(いざかや) izakaya

受 Recibir

訓読み- うけ
音読み- ジュ
受ける(うける) Receive
受け取る(うけとる) tomar algo que se te ha sido entregado (no cuenta si no te lo entregaron); tomar; aceptar
けさ、宅配便(たくはいびん)を受け取りました。 I got a FedEx package this morning.
自尊心があるから彼はそのお金を受け取らなかった。His pride did not allow him to take the money
この贈り物は受け取れません。 I cannot accept this gift.
Another meaning of 「受け取る」is to interpret A as B.
わたしは彼が何も言わないのをYesだと受け取りました。I understood his silence meant "Yes".
個人的な話にうけとらないで Don’t take it personally
私は彼女の言うことを文字どおりに受け取った I took what she said literally.
彼女は私の言葉を侮辱と受け取ったようだ。 She seems to have taken my remark as an insult
受け入れる(うけいれる) recibiaceptar una idea o a una persona
田中さんをチームに受け入れました。We welcomed Mr.Tanaka as a member of our team.
彼のアイデアはすばらしいですが、受け入れることができません。 His idea is nice, but we can't accept it.
引き受ける(ひきうける) tomar responsabilidad de algún duty
彼は難しい仕事を引き受けた He took on the difficult work
彼の息子が工場の経営を引き受けた His son took on the management of the factory
これ以上仕事を引き受けられない I can't take any more work
たとえそれが嫌いでも、あなたはその世話を引き受けなければならない Even if you do not like it, you must take charge of it
友だちが旅行へ行くので、彼女の犬の世話せわを引き受けました。A friend of mine is going to travel, so I agreed to take care of her dog.)
受け付ける(うけつける) Aceptar una solicitud, documento
電話でもう受け付けていますよ。We take telephone orders
申し込みは明日までう受け付けます Las aplicaciones serán aceptadas hasta mañana
後になってテスト提出しても、受け付けられえません。If you turn in a test late, it will not be accepted
受付(うけつけ) Reception desk
受領書(じゅりょうしょ) Receipt

主 main

訓読み- ぬし・おも
音読み- シュ
主(ぬし) The chief; the head; la persona a cargo
君は君自身の運命の主でもあります。You are the master of your own destiny.
主人(しゅじん) Master
おかえりなさいませ、ご主人様。Welcome home master.
男性が一家の主ということはアメリカ社旗に当てはまる。It is true of American society that the male is the head of the household 何をするにも人に対してでなく、主に対するように、心から働きなさい。 And whatever you do, do it heartily, as to the Lord, and not unto men
農園主になりたいなあ。とピップが言いましいた。 I want to be a farmer, said pip
主に(おもに) Mainly; mostly; for the most part; mas que nada
日本人は以前は主に米を主食としていた。The Japanese used to live mainly on rice
今日は主にホームレスの問題を取り上げます。 Today we’re going to focus on the question of homeless people
乗船客は主に日本人だった。 The passengers on board were mostly Japanese.
彼の病気は主に静止イン的な者だった。Su enfermedad era mas que nada mental.
主語(しゅご) El sujeto de la oración
主人公(しゅじんこう) main character
主題歌(しゅだいか) Theme song
主張(しゅちょう) Claim; to advocate for
彼は自分の主張を立証で来ないことをとても恥だ。He was very ashamed of not being able to make his point
彼は自分の意見を強硬に主張した。He strongly persisted in arguing his opinion.
太郎は自分の言い訳が正しいと主張した。Taro insisted that he was right
彼女はその土地の所有者だと主張した。She claimed to be the owner of the land
彼は自分の潔白を主張した。 He affirmed his innocence
客観的にみて、彼の主張は全く理にかなっていなかった His argument was far from rational
彼は大学教育の改革を主張している。 He advocates reform in university education
彼女は女性差別撤廃を主張した。She advocated equal rights for women
飼い主(かいぬし) Dueño de una mascota
主要(しゅよう) key; main; most important; most relevant
貧困は以前として犯罪の主要原因である。Poverty is still the major cause of crime
猫が気持ちを伝える主要なやり方は身震いである。The prime means of communication in cats is body language
主要な目的を見失ってはならない。No pierdas de vista to objetivo principal
コーヒーはブラジルの主要産物の一つである。 Coffee is one of the staples of Brazil
持ち主(もちぬし) portador
彼女はハイセンスの持ち主ですよ Ella es portadora un gran sentido de la moda
あなたほどの才能の持ち主が世間に知られずにいるのは惜しいことです。Es una pena, que un hombre que porta una habilidad como la suya no sea conocido por el mundo.
魅力的な個性の持ち主い Portador de una personalidad encantadora
彼はすごれた記憶力の持ち主。He has a remarkable memory
主義(しゅぎ) Principios; forma de pensar; -ism
主義を貫く Live up to one’s principles
嘘をつくことはワタ主義に反する。It is against my principles to tell a lie 悲観主義は、向上することを信じいないのだ Pessimism believes in no improvement
彼は利己主義の化身だ He is the personification of selfishness
私は交互に楽観主義になったり悲観主義になる I am by turns an optimist and a pessimist
共産主義(きょうさんしゅぎ) Comunismo
資本主義(しほんしゅぎ) Capitalismo
民主主義(みんしゅしゅぎ) Democracia
無政府主義(むせいふしゅぎ) Anarquía
封建主義(ほうけんしゅぎ) Feudalismo

守 cuidar

訓読み- まも
音読み- シュウ
守る proteger
見守る(みまもる) look after someone; vigilar; cuidar
留守(るす) andar fuera de casa
友達は留守だった The friend was absent
彼女は九州に行って留守です。she’s away in kyushu
彼は旅行に出て留守だ。He's away on a trip.
留守番(るすばん) look after the house while someone is away
今日は私、留守番を言い付かっているから出かけられないの。I can't go out today as I've been asked to watch the house.
留守番電話(るすばんでんわ) Contestadora automática
看守(かんしゅ) Prison guard

州 State

訓読み- No importa tanto
音読み- シュウ
カリフォルニア州(かりふぉるにあしゅう) El estado de california
本州(ほんしゅう) La isla principal de Japón
九州(きゅうしゅう) La isla del sur de japón

習 Tomar lecciones

訓読み- なら
音読み- シュウ
習う(ならう) tomar lecciones; Aprender de alguien
あなたはロング先生に英語を習ったのですね。You learned English from Miss Long, didn’t you?
ピアノを習っています I’m learning to play the piano (from a teacher)
友達からカップケーキの作り方を習いました。Learned how to make cupcakes from a friend
練習(れんしゅう) Practicar
学習(がくしゅう) Aprendizaje
機械学習 aprendizaje automático
自主学習ノート Self-learning notebook

終 Invierno

訓読み- ふゆ
音読み- トウ
冬休み(ふゆやすみ) Winter break
冬眠(とうみん) Hibernación

集 Colección

訓読み- あつ
音読み- シュウ
集める(あつめる) Recolectar; coleccionar; to gather stuff
リスは忙しく木の実を集めていた。 La ardilla estaba ocupada recolectando nueces.
彼は切手をたくさん集めた el coleccionaba estampas
そのゲームは大観衆を集めた The game drew a good crowd
彼女の趣味は古いコインを集めることだった。 Su hobby era coleccionar monedas viejas
集まる(あつまる) se juntan; to be gathered
何千人もの人々がそこに集まった Miles de personas se juntaron en ese lugar
編集(へんしゅう) Editar (es lo que usan cuando editas stages de smash uwu)
集中(しゅうちゅう) Concentrarse. Casi siempre se refiere a concentración mental, pero también se puede referir a la densidad de algo
彼の仕事の大半が都市部に集中している。The bulk of his work is in the urban area.
太郎は英単語を暗記するのに集中した Taro concentrated on memorizing English words.
私は読書に集中していた Me estaba concentrando en leer
募集中(ぼしゅうちゅう) NOW HIRING

住 Residir

訓読み- す
音読み- ジュウ
住む(すむ) Residir
東京に住んでいます。I live in Tokyo
おじと住んでます。I live with my uncle
住所(じゅうしょ) Address
住民(じゅうみん) Residentes
原住民(げんじゅうみん) Residente Nativo
住まい(すまい) dwelling

拾 pick up

訓読み- ひろ
音読み- シュウ
拾う(ひろう) Recoger 彼は床からハンカチを拾った Recogió un pañuelo del suelo
収集(しゅうしゅう) Coleccionar
彼の趣味は珍しい蝶の収集だ。Su hobbies es la colección de mariposas raras
その収集品は一般に公開されている。The collection is open to the public
収拾つかなくなる(しゅうしゅうがつかなくなる) la situación se sale de control

重 peso

訓読み- おも・かさ
音読み- ジュウ
重ねる(かさなる) acumular cosas del mismo tipo; Amontonar; Apilar
悪事を重ねる Amontonar crímenes
机の上には漫画本が重ねてあった The comic books were piled on the desk
重なる(かさねる) Se acumulan cosas de la misma categoría
この本は8版を重ねました The book has gone through eight editions
用紙は3枚重ねて出してください Hand in the three sheets of paper together
重要(じゅうよう) esencial; importante
吸うポーつうは社会生活の中で重要な役割を果たす Los deportes desempeñan un papel importante en la vida social
テレビは日常生活で重要な役割を果たす。La TV juega un rol importante in la vida diaria
体重(たいじゅう) Peso corporal; lo que pesa una persona
重点(じゅうてん) importancia; énfasis; priority
同社の当面の重点はマーケットシェアの拡大である The company's immediate priority is to expand the market share
討論での重点は失業問題であった In the discussion the accent was on unemployment
二重(にじゅう) double
この単語には二重の意味があります Esta palabra tiene doble significado.
このような形を二重否定といいますが、結果として肯定を表すこととなります This sort of structure is called a double negative, but in effect it shows affirmation.
普段はとてもおとなしいナイスガイだが、理性のタガがはずれると人格が豹変する二重人格。 He's got a dual personality - usually a quiet "nice guy" type, but when he flips, his character changes.
二重奏(にじゅうそう) Dúo musical

宿 Lodge at

訓読み- やど
音読み- シュク
新宿区(しんじゅくく) The Shinjuku district
宿題(しゅくだい) Tarea; homework
宿泊(しゅくはく) Stay the night
6人宿泊させてほしい。We need accommodation for 6 people
そのホテルは500人宿泊できる。 This hotel can accommodate 500 people
スーはロイヤルホテルで宿泊手続きをした。Sue checked in at the royal hotel
ここに宿泊している人と話をしたいのですが。I’d like to talk to one of your guests.
雨宿(あめやどり) Taking shelter from rain
下宿(げしゅく) boarding house
私は下宿しています。I live in a rooming house

訓読み- ところ
音読み- ショ
所(ところ) Lugar. Puede usarse de forma literal o de forma metafórica. También se le acerca a como usamos la palabra “punto” en español
  1. Un punto geográfico donde algo se encuentra algo (un lugar) >彼女はここから数区画離れたところに住んでいる。 She lives a few blocks away from here
窓の外を見たとき、戸口の上り段のところに見知らぬ人が見えた。looking out the window, I saw a stranger at the doorstep
その町は海抜1500メートルのところにある。 The town is situated 1500 meters above sea level
野生の猿が見つかったという知らせがその警官のところにたくさん届いた。 llegaron muchos reportes de un mono salvaje al lugar de los policías.
  1. Un punto refiriéndose a una cualidad de una persona. >彼はどことなく謎めたい所がある。There’s something mysterious about him.
彼は若い頃は傲慢なところがあった。When he was young, he had an arrogant air.
  1. Un punto en el tiempo; Un punto de tu vida >家主に家賃を払えば、食物を買う金なくなる。進退極まったとうういうところだ。If we pay the rent to the landlady, we won’t have any money for food; we are between the devil and the deep blue sea.
彼女はディナーを食べている所です。She’s having dinner right now.
ちょうど荷造りが終わったとコッロですう。I’ve just finished packing
大ボスを倒す所だ。 I’m about to beat the biggest monster
場所(ばしょ) Un sitio. Un lugar que ocupa literal una posición en el espacio físico.
住所(じゅうしょ) Adress
事務所(じむしょ) Oficina
台所(だいどころ) Kitchen
近所(きんじょ) Neighbourhood
刑務所(けいむしょ) Prisión
長所(ちょうしょ) Virtud(en personas); ventaja (en cosas)
短所(たんしょ) Defecto; desventaja

訓読み- あつ
音読み- ショ
暑い(あつい) Caluroso
蒸し暑い(むしあつい) Sultry; caluroso y humedo
炎暑(えんしょ) Heat wave
暑がり(あつがり) Person sensitive to hot weather

助 Ayudar

訓読み- たす
音読み- ジョ
助ける(たすける) To save someone;
助けてください! ashudenme porfa uwu
助かる(たすかる) To be saved
助け(たすけ) Ayuda
彼は多数けを求める叫び声を聞いた。He hearrd a cry for help
助言(じょげん) Advice; Consejo
遠慮しないで助言を求めなさい。Don’t hesitate to ask for advice
教師は色々と助言をするが、生徒はいつも聞き入れるわけではない。Although teaches give a lot of advice, students son’t always take it.
救助(きゅうじょ) Rescate
この犬は山岳地で人を救助するように訓練されています。Este perro está entrenado para rescatar gente en las montañas
彼らは通りかかった船に救助された。Ellos fueron rescatados por un barco que pasaba.
彼rは溺れている少年を救助した。He rescued a boy from drowning
援助(えんじょ) aid/assitance
法律上の援助を求めてその弁護士のところへえ行った。I went to the lawyer for legal aid
彼らは援助を申し出た。They offered assistance
彼らはその画家を財政的に援助した。The assisted the painter financially
援助交際(えんじょこうさい) Relación de un sugar daddy con una joven.


訓読み- No tiene
音読み- ショウ
昭和時代(しょうわじだい) Era showa (1926-1989)

消 Desaparecer

訓読み- き・け
音読み- ショウ
消す(けす) Apagar; desaparecer
電気を消すのを忘れないで Don't forget to turn the light off
出るときには必ず火を消しなさい Be sure to put the fire out before you leave
消える(きえる) apagarse; desaparecerse
闇の炎に抱かれて消えろ! Be embraced by the dark flames and disappear!
消極的(しょうきょくてき) Passive
観察は消極的な科学であり、実験は積極的な科学である Observation is a passive science, experimentation an active science
消しゴム(けしごむ) Goma de borrar
消去(しょうきょ) To delete a file
セーブされたゲームは破損しているようで、利用できません。ゲームを終了した後、セーブデータを消去してからやり直してください。The saved game appears to be damaged and cannot be used. Please quit the game and then restart after removing the save data.
消防士(しょうぼうし) Bombero
消防署(しょうぼうしょ) Estación de bomberos

商 business

訓読み- あきな
音読み- ショウ
商い(あきない) business transaction; trading; trade
商店街(しょうてんがい) Shotengai; el mercado japonés
商売(しょうばい) A business
商人(しょうにん) Negociante; Vendedor
商業(しょうぎょう) Comercio

章 Sentence;Oración/Badge

訓読み- No tiene
音読み- ショウ
文章(ぶんしょう) Sentence. Written document
文章は大文字で書き始めなくてはならない。 You must begin a sentence with a capital letter.
日本では結婚は文章で届け得なければならない。 The marriage must be reported in a document in Japan
その文章にはメモがクリップでつけられていた。 A not was attached to the document with a paper clip
腕章(わんしょう) Armband
勲章(くんしょう) Badge

勝 Ganar

訓読み- か・まさ
音読み- ショウ
勝つ(かつ) Ganar
勝る(まさる) Sobrepasar; Ser mejor que; ser preferible
知恵は富に勝る Wisdom is better than the riches
予防は治療にはるかに勝る。 Prevention is much preferable to cure
二人の頭脳は一人の頭脳に勝る。Dos cabezas son mejor que una
勝ち(かち) Victoria;
勝利(しょうり) Victoria; triunfo; éxito (suena mas oficial/formal que 勝ち)
戦闘はローマグ運の大勝利に終わった。The battle ended in a triumph for the Romans
コーチはチームを勝利に導いた。 The coach steered the team to victory.
勝負(しょうぶ) competencia; match
ボブはスケートではきみといい勝負だ。Bob is a good match for you in skating
勝負は問題ではない。It doesn’t matter wether you win or not.
魔王が神に野球で勝負を挑んだ。El diablo retó a dios a una competencia de baseball.
勝手に(かってに) De forma desconsiderada; sin consideración
決勝(けっしょう) Batalla final; las finales (deportes)
優勝(ゆうしょう) Overall victory (even if you lost some games)

乗 To ride.

訓読み- の
音読み- ジョウ
乗る(のる) subirse a un carro, caballo, autobus; to get on
サーファーたちは波頭に乗った. Surfers rode on the crests of waves
乗せる(のせる) to get a ride; to be put on
駅まで乗せて行ってもらえる Can you give me a ride to the station?
トッピングは全部乗せてください。I want all the toppings
乗せられるのは100キロがマックスです。A load of 100KG is the max
乗り遅れる(のりおくれる) To miss a ride
乗り換える(のりかえる) Transfer to a different train
乗客(じょうきゃく) Pasajero 乗り込む(のりこむ) entrar en un vehículo o situación; to get into
敵地に乗り込む entrar en territorio enemigo
搭乗(とうじょう) abordar un avión o un barco

植 Planta

訓読み- う
音読み- ショク
植える(うえる) Plantar una planta
植わる(うわる) La planta es plantada
植物(しょくぶつ) Planta
移植(いしょく) Transplantar
母は庭へ花を移植した Mother transplanted the flowers to the garden
アメリカの文化はヨーロッパから移植されたものだ。 Thee American culture had been transplanted from Europe
彼は手術するかどうかは、移植する臓器の提供次第だ。 Wether he has the operation depends upon the avilability of the organ
外科医は私を説得して、臓器の移植手術をう受けることに同意させた。The surgeon persuaded me to undergo an organ transplant operation
その植民地は独立を宣言し、共和国となった。 The colony declared independence and became a republic
フランスはアフリカにいたくさん植民地を持っていた。 France used to have many colonies win Africa
植木(うえき) Garden shrubs

申 To humbly say; to apply

訓読み- もう
音読み- シン
申します (もうします) forma humilde de decir 言う a un superior
申し訳ありません。No tengo excusas u_u (SORRY)
申し込む(もうしこむ) Aplicar
彼はそのクラブへの入会を申し込んだ。He applied for an admission to the club
彼はその会社に職を申し込んだ。 He applied for a position in the office.
申し込み(もうしこみ) Aplicación (para lugares donde quieres participar)
申し込みは明日まで受け付けます。Hasta mañana se aceptan aplicaciones
申請(しんせい) Application; Filing (Para documentación. Va a quedar un record de esto)
離婚を申請する To file for divorce
彼女はビザを申請した Ella aplicó para una Visa


訓読み- み
音読み- シン
身(み) The Self.
酒で彼は身を崩した Alcohol brought about his downfall;
私主たる関心事はあなたの身の安全なのです。 My primary concern is your safety.
べっどん身を横えた。He laid himself on the bed
それはみにあまる光栄です。The honor is more than I deserve
身につく(みにつく) to become part of the self; to retain (a skill; habit, fat in your belly, etc…)
大丈夫。それが全部身についてもたったの70グラムだよ。It’s okay, even if I get fatter, it’s only 70 grams lol
身の程知らず(みのほどしらず) No conocer tu lugar en la sociedad. Tengo entendido que esto generalmente es negativo, como decir que una persona es “entitled”, pero he notado que NIKE lo usa de forma positiva en el sentido de (“olvida quien eres & just do it!)
自身(じしん) Confianza en uno mismo
出身(しゅっしん) Origen; orinario
その婦人は良家の出身であった. That lady came from a good family
ジョンはフロリダ、そして奥さんはカリフォルニア出身だ John comes from florida, and his wide from California.
身元(みもと) Identity
彼は身元を明らかさなかった。He didn’t reveal his identity
その犯人は自分の身元を隠さなければならなかった。The criminal had to conceal his identity
身長(しんちょう) Estatura. Height of a person
中身(なかみ) Contents
彼はコップの中身を飲み干した Se tomó todo el contendió del vaso
札入れの中身が紛失していた。El contenido de la billetera estaba desaparecido.
身分(みぶん) Social Status; position;
これは身分不相応な贅沢な物だ。This is luxury beyond my income
彼は身分のある人です。 He is a man of position
身分証明書(みぶんしょうめいしょ) ID Card

真 Really; truly

訓読み- ま
音読み- シン
(真っ) Prefijo que intensifica adjetivos…
真っ赤(まっか) Rojo fuerte; really red
真っ白い(まっしろい) really white
真っすぐ(まっすぐ) straight
この道を真っすぐ行ってください。 Go straight ahead on this street
会議が終わると彼女は真っすぐに机に戻った。 After the meeting she went straight to her desk
彼は鉛筆で真っすぐな線を描いた。He drew a straight line with his pencil
彼は私の目を真っすぐみた。He looked at me straight in the eye
彼は真っすぐ僕うの方へ近づいてきました。He came straight up to me
真ん中(まんなか) En medio
私たちの車は通りの真ん中で故障した。Se nos descompuso el carro en medio de la calle
真実(しんじつ) The truth
真実を言う Decir la verdad
その陳述を真実と認める。 I accept that statement as true
真実と空言を区別するのは難しい。Es dificil distinguir la verdad de palabras vanas
真実に迫る(しんじつにせまる) Acercarse a la verdad
写真(しゃしん) foto
真似る(まねる) imitar
子供は親の癖を真似る Los niños imitan las mañas de sus padres
オウムは人間の言葉を真似る。Parrots imitate human speech

深 Profundo

訓読み- ふか
音読み- シン
風かい(ふかい) deep
彼は深い眠りに落ちた。 He fell into a deep sleep
彼は両手をポケットに深くつ込んでいた。His hands were deep in his pockets
彼は深い恩義がある I am deeply in debt with him
その少女は老人の哀れな話にい深く感動しわっと泣き出した。 The little girl, deeply moved by the old man’s pitiful story, burst into tears.
深く潜ればもぐほど水は冷たくなる。 As we dive deeper, the water becomes colder
息を深く吸いなさい。 Take a deep breath
深める(ふかめる) to deepen
彼は生化学の知識を深めて。He deepened the knowledge of biochemistry
我々は親睦を深めた。We deepened our friendship
深まる(ふかまる) It gets deeper
心の傷は深まるばかり。The pain in my heart just gets worse
人は知識は深まるほど、自分の無知にきい月浮くものである。The more a man knows, the more he discovers his ignorance
彼らは親密さは年月とともに深まった。Their intimacy deepened throuugh the years.
親切(しんせつ) Considerate; kind
深刻(しんこく) grave; serious, severe, acute
大気汚染はこの国の深刻な問題だ。La contaminación del aire es un problema muy grave en de este país.
注意深い(ちゅういぶかい) Careful
彼女は衣料品を買うときは注意深く選択する。She makes careful choices when she buys clothes
注意深かったけれども、彼は思わぬミスをおかした。Careful as he was, he made an unexpected mistake.
私たちは一言も聞き漏らさないよううに注意深く聞いていた。We listened carefully in order not to miss a single word
興味深い(きょうみぶかい) Deeply interesting
人生はいかなる本よりも興味い深い Life is far more interesting than a book
彼女はとても興味深い人です。She’s a very interesting person
その映画は私達みんなにとって興味深かった。 The movie was interesting to all of us
深夜(しんや) deep at night

進 Progresar

訓読み- すす
音読み- シン
進める(すすめる) yo progreso en algo (transitivo); to go ahead
その計画は進められている。 The project is underway
進む(すすむ) progresa solo (intransitivo)
ナポレオンは軍隊をロシアに進めた Napoleon marched his armies into Russia
さあ、みんな、先へ進もう Now folks, let’s go on
進化(しんか) Evolución
進み出る(すすみでる) To step forward
その勇敢なる騎士は進み出てその貴婦人の手にキスをする The brave knight steps forward and kisses the lady on the hand.
突き進む(つきすすむ) to push through

神 Dios

訓読み- かみ
音読み- シン
神(かみ) Dios
神道(しんとう) Shinto Religion
神社(じんじゃ) Shinto shrine
精神(せいしん) Mentality; espíritu (no se refiere al concepto del alma que vive después de la muerte, sino a la mentalidad que uno tiene en vida). Cuando se habla de objetos se refiere a la esencia de esa cosa
私は持ち前の頑張りの精神で難関を突破した。I got over the difficulty with my characteristic tenacity.
条約の精神が没却されていた The spirit of the treaty was ignored
君は精神を養わなくてはならない You must cultivate your mind
スコットさんは企業家精神に富む経営者なんです。Scott is an entrepreneur with much spirit of enterprise.
神経(しんけい) Nerve
神経系(しんけいけい) Sistema Nervioso
神経細胞(しんけいさいぼう) Neurona
陣形質(しんけいしつ) Nervous
彼女は入試を前にして神経質になっていた。 She was very nervous before the entrance exam
彼女は初めての飛行に大変神経異質になっていた。 She was quite nervous about her first flight.
神経に障る(しんけいにさわる) Get on my nerves
その雑音は、私神経に障る that noise gets on my nerves
そいつは僕の神経にさわる He gets on my nerves
神経の鈍い(しんけいのにぶい) thick skinned
神経が細い(しんけいがほそい) oversensitive
神秘的(しんぴてき) Occult; mysterious
モナリザは優しいが神秘的な微笑を浮かべている。Mona Lisa has a mild but mysterious smile
彼らは夜の神秘的な影響の下にあった。They were under the mysterious influence of the night
彼女にはどことなく神秘的なところがある。There’s something mysterious about her.
夜神月 Yagami Light uwu

整 Arreglar

訓読み- ととの
音読み- セイ
整える(ととのえる) alistar; arreglar
ケンは毎朝自分でベッドを整えます。 Ken arregla/alista su cama todas las mañanas
みゆきはパーティーのためにテーブルを整えた。 Miyuki arregló/alistó la mesa para la fiesta
髪を整えないと。Debo arreglarme el cabello
姉は毎週、かみを整えてもらう。My sister has her hair dressed each week.
セッティングは整えておいたから、あとはまっくんが根性見せなきゃダメだからね。I’ve set the stage so now you just have to show some guts, OK?
整う(ととのう) ser arreglado
さあパーティーの準備が全て整いました。 Los preparativos para la fiesta están listos
整理(せいり) Ordenar por lógica
いつも仕事場をきちんと整理しておきなさい。 Always keep your office tidy
僕は出かける前に自分の本を整理する時間がない。 I have no time to put my books in order before I go
私は弟にこの部屋を整理させた。Hice que mi hermano organizara este cuarto.
これは私に思考の整理の思考の整理の仕方を教えることになった。 Ésto fue para enseñarme a organizar mis pensamientos.
整頓(せいとん) Ordenar para que se vea limpio/bonito
部屋はとても散らかっている。整頓しなくてはならない。Mi cuarto está muy desarreglado, debo ordenarlo
彼は今部屋の中でものを整頓している。 He is now setting things in order in his room
お手伝いが私ベッドを整頓した。 The maid made my bed.
教室を整理整頓するようにと命じられた。 It was ordered that the classroom be put in order
調整(ちょうせい) Ajustar; calibrar; afinar
時計を調整しなければ。遅れているのだ。 I must adjust my watch, it’s slow.
自転車のブレーキを調整してもらった I had the brakes of my bicycle adjusted
彼はクラリネットを調整してもらった。He had his clarinet tuned.
音楽のボッリュームを調整したいのですが。How do I fix the volume
整備(せいび) maintenance; dar mantenimiento
車はいつも整備しておきなさい。You should always keep your car in good order
整形(せいけい) Cirugía plástica

世 Plano

訓読み- よ
音読み- セ
世(よ) Plano existencial.
この世 El plano terrenal あの世 El otro mundo; plano espiritual
世の中(よのなか) sociedad; el mundo en el que vivimos y nos desarrollamos
世界(せかい) Mundo en general
世の中は瞬く間に変わるだろう The world will change in an instant
世の中は狭いものですね。It's a small world, isn't it?
世間(せけん) lo mismo que 世の中 pero un poco mas formal
お世話(おせわ) Molestia; ayuda
大変お世話になりました Muchísimas gracias por tomarte la molestia en ayudarme
私が海外にいる間、彼が猫の世話をしてくれるだろう He will look after the cats for me while I'm abroad
お世話をする look after someone
お世辞(おせじ) Flattery
彼は私にお世辞を言った。 He paid me a compliment
お世辞位にはきをつけよう。 Beware of smooth talk
世紀(せいき) Century

昔 Tiempo remoto

訓読み- むかし
音読み- セキ
昔話(むかしばなし) Historia folklóricaa
昔々あるところに Hace mucho tiempo en cierto lugar…
昔日(せきじつ) Older days
アメリカ合衆国の経済力は昔日のようではない。The economic strength of the USA is not what it used to be

全 Todo

訓読み- すべ
音読み- ゼン
全く(まったく) Expresión usada por si sola para expresar descontento
全然(ぜんぜん) Para nada (con verbo negativo) - Completamente (con verbo positivo)
彼はグランスうごは全然知らないい。El no sabe nada de francés
それは焦げている臭いとは全然ちがう. It’s quite distinct from the smell of burning
彼はその事件とは全然関係がなかった El no tenía nada que ver con el caso.
全く(まったく ) Lo mismo que 全然 pero 全く es mas formal y no tiene ninguna connotación emocional.
全部(ぜんぶ) Todo; todas las partes; All of it.
全て(すべて) Lo mismo que 全部 pero すべて Es mas formal
全員(ぜんいん) Todos los miembros del grupo
全国(ぜんこく) nation-wide; the whole country

送 Enviar

訓読み- あい
音読み- ソウ
送る(おくる) Enviar
放送(ほうそう) Broadcast
見送る(みおくる) See off
送り仮名(おくりがな) Okurigana; el kana escrito después del kanji
郵送(ゆうそう) Mailing
その手紙は明日郵送されるだろう。 The letter will be mailed tomorrow

相 Partner

訓読み- あい
音読み- ソウ
相手 (あいて) Persona con la que haces algo. Compañero de baile, contrincante de pelea, con quien conversas, etc.
相変わらず(あいかわらず) As always
相談(そうだん) Consejo
相撲 (すもう) Sumo (Deporte)
相当(そうとう) Considerable; remarcable
彼らの結婚費用は相当な物だった。Their wedding expenses were considerable
それを発明した教授は大学から相当の対価を受ける權利がある The professor who invented it has the right to considerable remuneration from the university.
鳥の翼は人間のう腕に相当する。 Las alas del pájaro se consideran equivalentes a los brazos de un hombre

想 Imaginación; idea de un concepto

訓読み- おも
音読み- そう
想像(そうぞう) Imaginación; concepción de una idea
彼らは日本といえば富士山を想像する。They often associate Japan with Mt.Fuji.
仮設のない科学など想像もできない。 We cannot conceive science without a hypothesis
彼は依頼人がどんな人なのか想像してみた。HE tried to imagine what his client was like
想像に任せる Leave something to someone’s imagination
想像に難くない Easy to imagine
予想(よそう) anticipar; expectativa; data-based guess; pronóstico
開票は予想した通りだ。Elections returns were what we had expected
離婚率は上昇すると予想されている。The divorce rate is expected to rise
結果は彼の予想とは正反対だった。 The result was contrary to his expectations.
感想(かんそう) Impresión
それの感想は? Que impresión te dió?
彼の新しいヘアスタイルについてみんな何か感想を述べた。Todos expresaron la impresión que tuvieron de su nuevo corte de cabello.
連想(れんそう) Mental association
彼女の顔を見るとバラが連想させる。Se me viene a la mente una rosa cuando veo su vara.
私たちは政治家というと偽善を連想しがちだ。We tend to associate politicians with hypocrisy.
私はこの歌を聞くと彼の名を連想する。I couple this song with his name
思想(しそう) Ideas; ideología
私は彼の思想うには与しない。 I don’t support his ideas
言葉は思想を表すのに役立つ。Las palabras sirven para expresar ideas.
思想の自由 Freedom of thoughts

息 Breath

訓読み- いき
音読み- ソク
息(いき) Breath
鼻で息ができません No puedo respirar por la nariz
息子(むすこ) Son; hijo
休息する(きゅうそくする) descansar; darse un respiro
彼は短い休息の後、仕事を再開した。Reanudó su trabajo después de un corto respiro
ため息をつく(ためいきをつく) breathe a sigh of relief
息を引き取る(いきをひきとるう) Dar el ultimo respiro (morirse)
消息(しょうそく) Noticias de alguien o algo
年賀賞のおかげで私たちは友達や親戚の消息がわかる Gracias a las cartas de año nuevo, podemos saber de nuestros amigos y relativos
彼はは3年前に家を出たきり全然消息がない。Desde que salió de casa hace 3 años no se ha sabido de él
利息(りそく) Intereses de banco $$$

速 Rápido

訓読み- はや・すみ
音読み- ソク
速い(はやい) Rápido
高速道路(こうそくどうろ) Highway
急速に(きゅうそくに) De forma rápida
砂漠の砂は夜になると急速に冷える。La arena del desierto se enfría rápidamente por la noche
速やかに(すみやかに) Apresuradamente
早速(さっそく) ASAP
速度(そくど) Velocidad
素速い(すばやい) swift (motion); sharp (judgement); quick (to understand). También se puede escribir 素早い.
ボクサーにはすばやい身のこなしがが必要だ。Los boxeadores necesitan reflejos rápidos
彼はロシア語を素早く習得した。He acquired Russian very quickly

族 Tribu

訓読み- No tiene
音読み- ゾク
家族(かぞく) Significa Ohana, lo cual significa familia, y tu familia nunca te abandona :’v
民族(みんぞく) Ethnic group, race
米国では多くの民族が生活うしている。Many races live together in the united states
コキリ族(こきりぞく) La tribu kokiri

他 Otro

訓読み- ほか
音読み- タ
他(ほか) Otro
そのほかのことならなんでもします。Haré todo menos eso
その他の点では正しい。It is otherwise correct
他人(たにん) Another person; others
他人を指すのは失礼なことです。Es de mala educación señalar con el dedo a otros.
他に(ほかに) In addition. Something/someone else.
その光景金額の他に、彼は私にまだ10ドルの借りがある。In addition to that sum, he still owes me ten dollars.
他に方法はありませんか。Is there any alternative to your method.
他に誰か休んでいたか Was anybody else absent.
日本では琵琶湖ほど大きな湖は他にない。 No other lake in Japan is as large as Lake Biwa
他方(たほう) The other
片方の本は薄く、他方は厚い。One book is thin, and the other is thick.

打 Dispararle; Darle

訓読み- う
音読み- No importa tanto
打つ(うつ) Darle (un balazo, un golpe, un madrazo, etc.
私はその男に腹を打った Le dí a ese hombre en el estómago
打ち上げる(うちあげる) Lanzar
ロケットは宇宙にう打ち上げられた El cohete fue lanzado al espacio
打ち勝つ(うちかつ) Superar
彼は自分の恐怖に打ち勝つことができる。El puede superar su miedo
彼は多くの困難に打ち勝った Ele superó muchas adversidades
新進ボクサーがチャンピオンに打ち勝った。 El nuevo boxeador superó al campeón
どのチームも例外なく打ち負かされた Every team was defeated without exception
ケンはチェスで私を打ち負かした。Ken beat me at chess
打ち込む(うちこむ) Dedicarse; Clavar; darle duro; adentrarse
いたにくぎを打ち込んだ Clavó clavos en la tabla
彼女はsポーツに打ち込んでいる Ella está clavada en el deporte.
自分のことに打ち込みなさい Dedíquese a sus propios asuntos
打ち解ける(うちとける) Abrirse a otras personas
彼は従業員と打ち解けない。He is inaccessible to his employees
彼は打ち解けた He has come out of his shell
手を打つ(てをうつ) Dar una palmada; tomar medidas; darle
事態が悪化しないように即座に手を打った。We took action immediately so that things wouldn’t go worse.

待 Esperar

訓読み- タイ
音読み- ま
待つ(まつ) Esperar
期待(きたい) Expectation; Hope
待合室(まちあいしつ) Waiting room

第 Números Ordinales (Prefijo)

訓読み- No tiene :D
音読み- ダイ
第一(だいいち) Primero
第一位(だいいちい) First rank
第2話(だいにわ) Episodio 2
第7章(だいななしょう) Sépitmo capítulo (de un libro)
第二言語(だいにげんご) Segundo idioma

題 Asunto

訓読み- No Tiene
音読み- ダイ
題(だい) Titulo
この劇の題は「オセロ」です。El título de esta obra es “Othello”
「友情」とい題で作文を書きなさい。 Writee an essay on “friendship”.
「秘めたの恋」という題の作文で、メアリーは賞をもらった Mary received an award for her composition called “Secret Love”
問題(もんだい) Asunto; Problema, Cuestión
このような問題は扱いにくい。Such problem is hard to deal with
その問題は審議中です。Ese asunto está en discusión
その問題はまだ十分に探求されてうない。The subject has not yet been fully explored yet
センセ英達はその問題をめぐって賛否が分かれた。The teachers were divided on the issue
問題を取り上げる(もんだいをとりあげる) To take up a problem
問題を扱う(もんだいをあつかう) Deal with a Problem
問題を避ける(もんだいをさける) Avoid a problem
宿題(しゅくだい) Tarea (de la escuela)
宿題を遅れずに終えてホッとしている It’s a relief to have finished the assignment on time
宿題をしているうちに眠れこんでしまった。Me quedé dormido mientras hacía mi tarea
もう宿題を済ませたの。Ya acabaste tu tarea?
やっと宿題を仕上げた。 I finally worked through my homework
彼は夕飯の前に宿題を終えていた。He had his homework done before supper.
話題(わだい) Tema de conversación
話題を変える(わだいをかえる) Cambiar el tema de la conversación.

代 Periodo de tiempo

訓読み- か
音読み- ダイ
代わりに(代わりに) En lugar de; en vez de
石油の代わりにアルコールを使うべきだ。We should substitute alcohol for oil
このネバネバした流動体は接着剤の代わりになる El fluido pegajoso puede ser reemplazado por adhesivo.
その感は灰皿の代わりになる。Usaremos la lata en lugar del cenicero
そのラジオの代わりにライプライターをあげよう。Te daré mi maquina de escribir por tu radio.
私自身がいく代わりに息子に行かせます。I’ll get my son to go instead of going myself
その代わりに彼は自分のコンピューターを制御しているスイッチを操作した。 Instead, he worked a switch that controlled his computer
-代(だい) Contador para décadas
反抗的な態度は10代に特有なものである。 The defiant attitude is characteristic of teenagers.
トムは映画界にデビュウするとすぐに10代の若者の間で人気が出た。Tom se volvió popular entre adolescentes tan pronto hizo su debut en las películas.
メアリーは10代後半にアメリカ合衆国に渡った。Mary went over to the United States in her late teens
彼は老けて見えるが、まだ20代だ。Se ve viejo pero sigue en sus veintes
代金(だいきん) Precio; Cantidad ほんの代金を小切手で支払っても良いですか。Can I pay for the book by check?
彼はその場で代金を支払った。 He paid the money on the spot
ビデオの代金を5回に分けて払った。 Pagué por el video en 5 abonos
私は本の代金5ドルを払った。Pagué 5 dólares por el libro
-代(だい) Sufijo para gastos/cargos
毎月のガス代はいくらですか。How much is your monthly gas bill?
タクシー代は君と分担しよう。I will share with you the cost of the taxi
現代(げんだい) Nowadays; Hoy en día
古代(こだい) Ancient Times
時代(じだい) Época; Era
1990時代 Los noventas

対 Contra

訓読み- No importa tanto
音読み- タイ
に対して(たいして) Ante; contra
子供に対して短期を起こしてはいけない。No debes ser impaciente ante los niños
他人に対して優越感を持っては行けない。No te debes sentir superior ante otras personas.
彼は彼らに対して深い憎しみを抱いた。Desarrolló un odio profundo contra ellos
群衆は人種差別に対して抗議した。The crowd protested against racial discrimination
対(たい) Contra
メキシごが4対1で勝っている。Mexico va ganando 4 contra 1
賭け率2対1でレッドが勝つだろう。 The odds are teo-to-one that red will win.
絶対(ぜったい) Definitivamente; Absolutamente
私はその案に絶対反対です。 Me opongo rotundamente a ese plan
審判の判定は絶対だ。La decisión del juez es definitiva.
アーア、絶対うまくいくと思ったのになあ Oh man, I was sure this was going to work out
反対(はんたい) Opuesto
対策(たいさく) Counter-measure
対策を講じる(こうじるをこうじる) Tomar medidas
交通事故の防止対策を講じなければならない。Debemos tomar medidas preventivas para evitar los accidentes de tráfico.
私ウイルス対策用ソフトウエアは不良品でした。 Creo que mi anti virus no sirve de nada

炭 Carbón

訓読み- No importa tanto
音読み- タン
石炭(せきたん) Carbón
二酸化炭素(にさんかたんそ) Dióxido de carbono

短 Corto

訓読み- みじか
音読み- タン
短い(みじかい) Corto (Longitud o tiempo)
その薬の結果は強烈だか短い Los effects de esa droga son intensos pero cortos.
ロープは、2〜3メーター短すぎた。The rope was a couple of meters too short
短所(たんしょ) Defecto
全ての人は長所と短所を持っている。Todas las personas tienen virtudes y defectos.
短期(たんき) Término corto
どんな語学も短期では無理だ。Whatever language you study, it takes time
短期契約社員達は予告なしに解雇された。The short term contract employees were dismissed without notice
手短 En pocas palabras; En breve
手短と言うと、君の悪いんだよ。En pocas palabras, es tu culpa
手短に意見を述べてください。 Please confine yourself to a short comment
短期(たんき) quick temper
彼は自分の短期でいつか困ったことになるだろう。His quick temper will get him in trouble one day.
子供に対して短期を起こしてはいけない。You shouldn’t be impatient with children
彼は彼の父親ほど短期ではない。He is less impatient than his father.

談 diálogo

訓読み- No tiene :D
音読み- ダン
冗談(じょうだん) joke
相談(じょうだん) hablar con alguien para pedir su opinión de tu situación; consulta
私は姉に相談した。I consulted with my sister
依頼人は弁護士を相談した。El cliente habló con el abogado.
相談に乗る(そうだんにのる) give advice
いつでも相談に乗りますよ。You can count on me any time!
会談(かいだん) Dialogo entre personas importantes
平和会談は今週始まる。 The peace talks begin next week

着 weaarrive

訓読み- き・つ
音読み- チャク
着る(きる) To wear. Nota: No see usa para sombreros ni pantalones. Para sombreros es かぶる y para pantalones y zapatos es はく.
下着(したぎ) underwear
着替えをする(きがえをする) Cambiarse la ropa
着物(きもの) Kimono :v
この黄色セーターを着てみませんか。Why don’t you try this yellow sweater?
彼女はかわいい水着を着ている。 She is in a cute swimsuit
昨日、何を着ていたか思い出せない。I don’t remember what I was wearing yesterday.
水着(みずぎ) Traje de baño
着く(つく) arrive; reach
私はあなたより先に駅に着くことができる I can beat you to the station.
私たちの列車は8時に大阪を出て、11時についた。 Our train Leeds Osaka at 8, arriving in Tokyo by eleven
私は毎朝9時に職場に着く。I report to work at 9 every morning
席に着く(せきにつく) Tomar asiento
到着(とうちゃく) Arrival! (Formal) Used by train stations, airports, etc.
到着が遅れます。I will be arriving late

注 Atención

訓読み- そそ
音読み- チュウ
注ぐ(そそぐ) Vertir literalmente; metafóricamente vertir tus energías, tu amor, etc
私にお茶を少し注いで下さい Please pour me a little tea
彼は友人を助けることに全力を注いだ He invested his energies on helping his friend
子供に少し愛情を注いで見給え、すると君におびただしい愛情が戻ってくる Give a little love to a child, and you get a great deal back
降り注ぐ(ふりそそぐ) Rain incessantly
注意(ちゅうい) Tener cuidado; Advertir 注意 se usa mucho por si solo para decir CAUTION!
はしごを登るときには注意しなさい Be careful when you climb up the ladder
火のそばへ行かないようにって、何度注意したらわかるの。 How often do I have to tell you to keep away from the fire?
注意をひく(ちゅういをひく) llamar la atención
まず私注意を引いたのは哲学だった。La primera materia que llamó mi atención fue filosofía
彼女の美しい服が私注意を引いいた。Su hermoso vestido llamó mi atención
子供はただ注意をひきたくて泣くことが多い Children often cry just because they want attention.
注意を逸らす(ちゅういをそらす) Distraer
突然音がして彼らはゲームから注意をそらした。A sudden noise abstracted their attention from the game
注文(ちゅうもん) Pedido
朝食のメニューの中から注文してもいいですか。 Can I order from the breakfast menu?
私たちは、新しい本を何冊か海外に注文した We ordered some new books from abroad
私はその本がとても好きだったので友人のために10冊注文した I liked the book so much I ordered ten copies for friends.
私は電話でピザを注文した。Pedí una pizza por teléfono
注文をキャンセルしますので、キャンセル確認書をお送りください。Por favor cancele mi orden y mande confirmación de la cancelación.
注目(ちゅうもく) Prestar atención; Dar atención conscientemente. Nota: diferencia de 注意, 注目 no tiene el feeling de CUIDADO.
彼の言っていることに注目した I focused on what he was saying
姉は注目すべき英語の進歩を遂げた My sister has made remarkable progress in English
この本は注目に値する This book is worthy of attention
注目されている映画 - A movie people are paying attention to / a movie people are discussing / a hot new movie
注目を集める draw attention
奇術師は子供たちの注目を集めていた The magician had the children's attention

柱 Pilar

訓読み- はしら
音読み- チュウ
柱(はしら) Pilar; Columna como de edificio griego
電柱(でんちゅう) Poste de luz

帳 Notebook

訓読み- No tiene :D
音読み- チョウ
手帳(てちょう) Notebook
電話帳(でんわちょう) Directorio telefónico
几帳面(きちょうめん) Metódico
彼は几帳面な男だ。He is a methodical man
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2019.11.11 05:07 m4nu [LORE] Strangers in a Strange Land VI

Part One
Part Two
Part Three
Part Four
Part Five
After just a few hours of riding, they had found the road to Parral and followed it to their destination.
While the outskirts of the city had been picked clean for building materials - if it weren't for the vestiges of old roads you'd barely know there was once a city there - the center of Parral continued much as it had for the previous six hundred years, nestled between two plateaus on either side. It wasn't all that much smaller, all things considered - the city hadn't been particularly impressive even before the appocalype, and in many ways it seemed the war had passed this hamlet by entirely. Tiny streets filled with single story mud and tin houses guarded the road into the center, where old multistory colonial Spanish architecture and the Cathedral could be seen rising regally above the skyline. The settlement hugged the riverside, sprawling east to west in front of the group out of the desert.
Entering the city itself, however, was a different story entirely. If John had had any idea of what culture shock was, he would be able to vocalize the feelings he would be having. Parral was a world unto itself, a projection of Sinaloan power into the desert, a gateway into a culture completely unique on the wasteland. They first passed through a large steel monument, composed of two parallel towers about twenty five meters tall, each depicting the profile of a human face toward the north and south. The road continued, the city lying on its north side, with only a few empty fields and lots to their south. What struck John at the time was the silence - the sun was at its zenith, but the city lay empty, almost as if abandonded. Only the sounds of chickens and dogs from behind some of the structures they passed by gave any sign of life.
David and Miguel were riding ahead, but David slowed his horse down to match John. "It's the siesta. Mehicans like to rest. Too hot to work, you see. Look, even the dogs are napping." David pointed at one stray down an alley off the main road. John nodded. "Miguel says there's probably some bar or someplace open closer to the river, where the air is cooler. Just follow us, ok?"
The continued deeper and deeper into the city. John noticed with each passing block that the city had much more life than it led on. Brown faces peered at the three of them through dirty windows, and in some far off warehouse he could hear drums pushing laborers on in a rythmyic trance. Two loud gongs from a nearby church bell. Off in the hills, miles away, someone was practicing their shooting, or, at least, John hoped someone was practicing. They quickly reached the end of the main avenue, which branched off into two bridges, each guarded by several men.
John was agape. The men were unlike anything he had ever seen. They wore bright chrome or silver masks, in the shape of skulls, over their faces, along with a black shawl that draped over the rest of their clothes. The masks were terrifying, some specter of death come to haunt them. Miguel tentatively approached, but the men shook their head no. One of them pointed behind them, toward a small house that had some words emblazoned on the front wall that John couldn't read "DULCERIA CASA DE MIEL". Below that, "Gomitas, chupa chups, y pastel de pueblo".
Miguel motioned to John and David, "Look like the boss in there. Let no waste time, ok?"
They approached the building, hitching their horses at the post outside. Miguel motioned toward the bridge, and a fifth man nodded and opened the door for them. "Entren."
John looked around. The shop was lined with small candies and cakes, and an old man sat behind the counter. A young child nearby was browsing a collection of gummies, while the old man looked at the three of them. "Como os puedo ayudar? Necesitan unas gomitas? Un pastel?" John had no idea what the old man said, but noticed that while he was distracted, the young child was pocketing some gummy worms. The boy turned to leave the shop, and John, by instinct, grabbed him by the arm and made him empty his pockets.
The old man smiled warmly at him, before turning to the child with a stern look. "Daniel, pero que estas pensando? No se roba a los Beltran. Tienes la suerte de que este estranjero te salvo, porque si hubieras salido por esa puerta, no se que te hubiera hecho Fernandinho. Me entiendes?" The young child nodded tearfully. "Sal. Y dile a tu padre que le quiero ver aqui antes del lunes para hablar de lo que hiceste. Daniel. Enserio. No me hagas buscarte."
Miguel stepped forward, and began talking, but the old man stopped him, pointing to John. "Tu, como te llamas?" John stared back blankly. Miguel hissed at him to tell him his name.
"My name is John. I'm from Texas."
"Orale, John, de Tejas. La mayoria de extranjeros no hubieran hecho lo que tu has hecho. Cojones, ni la mayoria de Mejicanos. Un hombre tan chido es dificil de encontrar en estas partes. Que hacen aqui?" Miguel interjected.
"John no puede charlar Espanol, viejo, eh, jefe."
"Dios no ha creado un hombre perfecto. Bueno pues, porque queiren ustedes entrar Parral?"
Miguel and the old man continued to chat for a while, presumably negotiating. John took the time to look around the shop. Texas had little sugar, so any candies there were usually very expensive, and he had had never had the oppurtunity to taste one, even as a child. Looking around, however, the shop was crowded with sweets of all varieties, from little flat cakes dusted with powdered sugar, to large hard candies in the shape of various exotic fruits. John was amazed by the wealth on display here - in Texas, a man with such a stock of sweets couldn't hope to sell them, much less to children, simply due to lack of customers willing to spend much on such luxuries.
After a few minutes, Miguel pulled out a small gold coin and offered it to the man. The man nodded, giving Miguel a small wax tablet, and motioned to John. Miguel elbowed John forward. "Be respectful. Say gracias."
"Para usted, chibo. Toma." The old man gave him a small doughnut glazed in sugar.
"Grassy ass." John smiled, took the doughnut, and turned away.
Once they were outside again, Miguel approached John. "Be careful. That was a Beltran lieutenant. Keep these guys at arms reach, you don't want to get mixed up in Sinaloa politics." As they neared the bridge, Miguel offered the terrifying guards the wax seal. They nodded, and let them pass. "We can't ride the horses inside the city. He told me that Parral is a Beltran town, and if we want to pass through into Sinaloa proper with our goods intact, we'll have to talk to his boss in el Palacio Alvarado. Stay close to me, and don't get distracted. We'll cross here, and follow the main road to the Palace. "
What a thing to say. As they finished passing the bridge, it was as if they entered a different world than the quiet area they had just left. As soon as they turned onto the Mercedes street, dozens of merchants started shouting at them. John could smell the odor of marijuana and opium in the air, wafting out of dingy looking establishments. Fine silks were on display next to prewar assault rifles, the two men selling them as if they were in any old chicken or produce market back home. He walked past one building painted a bright purple, "La Casa del Amor". John had no idea what the sign meant, but he certainly noticed the six beautiful and dancing naked women chained to platforms outside, with dark men in dark suits staring menacingly at them through impenetrable mirrored sunglasses.
Next to them, a large fat merchant was negotiating with another over a strange animal John had never seen before. It had massive teeth, and was easily twice his size, with bright orange fur and black stripes. It growled menacingly, and John instinctively took a step back, crashing into a man pulling a cart full of what looked to be cigarettes and salvaged lighters. "Cabron, mira donde andas!"
They turned a corner, stepping past a side street that smelled like nothing John had smelt before - hot food unknown to him but which smelt delicious, even as his eyes watered. John realized that he had never actually seen so much food in one place as that small alley they had just walked past - what land was this, so abundant that what back home would be a major market was just a dingy corner of middle aged women selling papitas to passing merchants.
Sicarios ran past him, toward a brawl that had broken out in a bar up front. As John passed by he made eye contact with the instigator, now buried underneath the knee of a man dressed in solid black, the only color being the red bones of a skeleton painted onto his uniform. The man had a crazed look in his eye, white powder all over his face, and John was suddenly very thankful that the skeleton had managed to get him under control as quick as he did.
They crowd wasn't particular large yet, it was still mid afternoon, and most of the merchants wouldn't be out until later when the strangling humid heat had alleviated somewhat. As a result, the three men made good time, even with their horses, and soon Miguel stopped them outside a colonial era palace surrounded by men wearing the same silver skullcaps he had seen before. "This is the place. It looks like there's a small pub just there," Miguel pointed. "Wait for me there with the horses, and I'll go in to negotiate. Here, take a silver piece, order a beer. You'll blend in better."
John and David sat down, and a beautiful woman wearing only a short skirt and iron collar approached them. "Que quieren tomar?" They pantomimed their way through the conversation, and she set down two large glasses in front of them before taking the coin. "Disfrutar." Miguel was still talking to the door guard, and showing him the wax seal as they sat down in the plaza and waited.
David turned to John, "Hell of a place."
David had a tendency to understate.
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By E. E. Cummings VIII. THE WANDERER ONE day somebody and I were 'catching water' for Monsieur the Chef. 'Catching water' was ordinarily a mixed pleasure. It consisted, as I have mentioned, in the combined push- ing and pulling of a curiously primitive two-wheeled cart over a distance of perhaps three hundred yards to a kind of hydrant situated in a species of square upon which the mediæval structure known as Porte (or Camp) de Triage faced stupidly and threateningly. A planton al- ways escorted the catchers through the big door, be- tween the stone wall, which backed the men's cour, and the end of the building itself or in other words the can- teen. The ten-foot stone wall was, like every other stone wall connected with La Ferté, topped with three feet of barbed-wire. The door by which we exited with the water-wagon to the street outside was at least eight feet high, adorned with several large locks. One pushing be- hing, one pulling in the shafts, we rushed the wagon over a sort of threshold or sill and into the street; and were immediately yelled at by the planton, who com- manded us to stop until he had locked the door afore- said. We waited until told to proceed; then yanked and shoved the reeling vehicle up the street to our right, that is to say along the wall of the building, but on the out- side. All this was pleasant and astonishing. To feel one- self, however temporarily, outside the eternal walls in a street connected with a rather selfish and placid-looking little town (whereof not more than a dozen houses were visible) gave the prisoner an at once silly and uncanny sensation, much like the sensation one must get when he starts to skate for the first time in a dozen years or so. The street met two others in a moment, and here was a very flourishing sumach bush (as I guess) whose berries shocked the stunned eye with a savage splash of ver- milion. Under this colour one discovered the Mecca of water-catchers in the form of an iron contrivance operat- ing by means of a stubby lever which, when pressed down, yielded grudgingly a spout of whiteness. The contrivance was placed in sufficiently close proximity to a low wall so that one of the catchers might conveniently sit on the wall and keep the water spouting with a continuous pres- sure of his foot, while the other catcher manipulated a tin pail with telling effect. Having filled the barrel which rode on the two wagon-wheels, we turned it with some difficulty and started it down the street with the tin pail on top; the man in the shafts leaning back with all his might to offset a certain velocity promoted by the down-grade, while the man behind tugged helpingly at the barrel itself. On reaching the door we skewed the machine skilfully to the left, thereby bringing it to a complete standstill, and waited for the planton to un- lock the locks; which done, we rushed it violently over the threshold, turned left, still running, and came to a final stop in front of the cuisine. Here stood three enor- mous wooden tubs. We backed the wagon around; then one man opened the spigot in the rear of the barrel, and at the same time the other elevated the shafts in a clever manner, inducing the jet d'eau to hit one of the tubs. One tub filled, we switched the stream wittily to the next. To fill the three tubs (they were not always all of them empty) required as many as six or eight delightful trips. After which one entered the cuisine and got his well- earned reward——coffee with sugar. I have remarked that catching water was a mixed pleasure. The mixedness of the pleasure came from certain highly respectable citizens, and more often citizenesses, of la ville de La Ferté Macé, who had a habit of endowing the poor water-catchers with looks which I should not like to remember too well, at the same moment clutch- ing whatever infants they carried or wore or had on leash spasmodically to them. Honestly, I never ceased to be surprised by the scorn, contempt, disgust, and fre- quently sheer ferocity manifested in the male and par- ticularly in the female faces. All the ladies wore, of course, black; they were wholly unbeautiful of face or form, some of them actually repellent; not one should I, even under more favourable circumstances, have enjoyed meeting. The first time I caught water everybody in the town was returning from church, and a terrific sight it was. Vive la bourgoisie, I said to myself, ducking the shafts of censure by the simple means of hiding my face behind the moving water-barrel. But one day——as I started to inform the reader——some- body and I were catching water, and in fact had caught our last load, and were returning with it down the street; when I, who was striding rapidly behind (trying to les- sen with both hands the impetus of the machine) sud- denly tripped and almost fell with surprise—— On the kerb of the little unbeautiful street a figure was sitting, a female figure dressed in utterly barbaric pinks and vermilions, having a dark shawl thrown about her shoulder; a positively Arabian face delimited by a bright coif of some tenuous stuff, slender golden hands holding with extraordinary delicacy what appeared to be a baby of not more than three months old; and beside her a black-haired child of perhaps three years and beside this child a girl of fourteen, dressed like the woman in crash- ing hues, with the most exquisite face I have ever known. Nom de dieu, I thought vaguely. Am I or am I not com- pletely asleep? And the man in the shafts craned his neck in stupid amazement, and the planton twirled his moustache and assumed that intrepid look which only a planton (or a gendarme) perfectly knows how to as- sume in the presence of female beauty. That night The Wanderer was absent from la soupe, having been called by Apollyon to the latter's office upon a matter of superior import. Every one was abuzz with the news. The gypsy's wife and three children, one a baby at the breast, were outside demanding to be made prison- ers. Would the Directeur allow it? They had been told a number of times by plantons to go away, as they sat patiently waiting to be admitted to captivity. No threats, pleas nor arguments had availed. The wife said she was tired of living without her husband——roars of laughter from all the Belgians and most of the Hollanders, I regret to say Pete included——and wanted merely and simply to share his confinement. Moreover, she said, without him she was unable to support his children; and it was better that they should grow up with their father as prisoners than starve to death without him. She would not be moved. The Black Holster told her he would use force—— she answered nothing. Finally she had been admitted pending judgment. Also sprach, highly excited, the balayeur. 'Looks like a f————g hoor,' was the Belgian-Dutch ver- dict, a verdict which was obviously due to the costume of the lady in question almost as much as to the untempera- mental natures sojourning at La Ferté. B. and I agreed that she and her children were the most beautiful people we had ever seen, or would ever be likely to see. So la soupe ended, ad everybody belched and gasped and trumpeted up to The Enormous Room as usual. That evening, about six o'clock, I heard a man crying as if his heart were broken. I crossed The Enormous Room. Half-lying on his paillasse, his great beard pouring upon his breast, his face lowered, his entire body shuddering with sobs, lay The Wanderer. Several of les hommes were about him, standing in attitudes ranging from semi- amusement to stupid sympathy, listening to the anguish which——as from time to time he lifted his majestic head ——poured slowly and brokenly from his lips. I sat down beside him. And he told me 'Je l'ai acheté pour six cent francs et je l'ai vendu pour quatre cent cinquante——it was not a horse of this race but of the race' (I could not catch the word) 'as long as from here to that post——j'ai pleuré un quart d'heure comme si j'avais une gosse morte ——and it is seldom I weep over horses——je dis: Bijou quittes; au r'oir et bon jour' . . . The vain little dancer interrupted about 'réformé' horses. . . . 'Excuses donc——this was no réformé horse, such as goes to the front——these are some horses——pardon, whom you give eat, this, it is colique, that, the other, it's colique——this never——he could go forty kilometres a day . . . .' One of the strongest men I have seen in my life is crying because he has had to sell his favourite horse. No wonder les hommes in general are not interested. Some one said: 'Be of good cheer, Demestre, your wife and kids are well enough.' 'Yes——they were not cold; they have a bed like that' (a high gesture toward the quilt of many colours on which we were sitting, such a quilt as I have not seen since; a feathery deepness soft to the touch as air in Spring) 'qui vaut trois fois this of mine——but tu comprends, le matin il ne fait pas chaud'——then he dropped his head, and lifted it again, crying: 'Et mes outils, I had many——and my garments——where are they put, où——où? Kis! And I had chemises . . . this is poor' (looking at himself as a prince might look at his disguise)——'and like this, that——where? 'Si the voiture is not sold . . . I never will stay here for la durée de la guerre. No——bahsht! To resume, that is why.' (More than upright in the priceless bed——the twice streaming darkness of his beard, his hoarse sweetness of voice——his immense perfect face and deeply softnesses eyes——pouring voice) '. . . my wife sat over there, she spoke to No one and bothered Nobody——why was my wife taken here and shut up? Had she done anything? There is a wife who fait la putain and turns to every one and another, whom I bring another to-morrow . . . but a woman qui n'aime que son mari, qui n'attend que son mari.' (The tone bulged, and the eyes together.) '——Ces cigarettes ne tirent pas!' I added an apology, having presented him with the package. 'Why do you dépenser pour these? They cost fifteen sous, you may spend for them if you like, you understand what I'm saying? But some time when you have nothing' (extraor- dinarily gently), 'what then? Better to save for that day . . . better to buy du tabac and faire yourself; these sont fait de la poussière du tabac.' And there was some one to the right who was saying: 'Demain, c'est Dimanche alors'——wearily. The King lying upon his huge quilt, sobbing now only a little, heard: 'So——ah——il est tombé un dimanche——ma femme est en nourrice, elle donne la petite à têter' (the gesture charmed) 'she said to them she would not eat if they gave her that——ça ne vaut rien du tout——il faut de la viande, tous les jours . . .' he mused. I tried to go. 'Assieds-toi là' (graciousness of complete gesture. The sheer kingliness of poverty. He creased the indescribably soft couverture for me and I sat and looked into his fore- head bounded by the cube of square sliced hair. Blacker than Africa. Than imagination.) After this evening I felt that possibly I knew a little of The Wanderer, or he of me. The Wanderer's wife and his two daughters and his baby lived in the women's quarters. I have not described and cannot describe these four. The little son of whom he was tremendously proud slept with his father in the great quilts of The Enormous Room. Of The Wanderer's little son I may say that he had lolling buttons of eyes sewed on gold flesh, that he had a habit of turning cart- wheels in one-third of his father's trousers, that we called him The Imp. He ran, he teased, he turned handsprings, he got in the way, he even climbed the largest of the scraggly trees in the cour one day. 'You will fall,' Monsieur Pet-airs (whose old eyes had a fondness for this irrepres- sible creature) remarked with conviction.——'Let him climb,' his father said quietly. 'I have climbed trees. I have fallen out of trees. I am alive.' The Imp shinnied like a monkey, shouting and crowing, up a lean gnarled limb ——to the amazement of the very planton who later tried to rape Celina and was caught. This planton put his gun in readiness and assumed an eager attitude of immutable heroism. 'Will you shoot?' the father inquired politely. 'Indeed it would be a big thing of which you might boast all your life: I, a planton, shot and killed a six-year-old child in a tree.'——'C'est emmerdant,' the planton coun- tered, in some confusion——'he may be trying to escape. How do I know?'——'Indeed, how do you know anything?' the father murmured quietly. 'It's a mystère.' The Imp, all at once, fell. He hit the muddy ground with a dis- agreeable thud. The breath was utterly knocked out of him. The Wanderer picked him up kindly. His son began, with the catching of his breath, to howl uproariously. 'Serves him right, the——jackanapes,' a Belgian growled.—— 'I told you so, didn't I?' Monsieur Pet-airs worryingly cried: 'I said he would fall out of that tree!'——'Pardon, you were right, I think,' the father smiled pleasantly. 'Don't be sad, my little son, everybody falls out of trees, they're made for that by God,' and he patted The Imp, squatting in the mud and smiling. In five minutes The Imp was trying to scale the shed. 'Come down or I fire,' the planton cried nervously . . . and so it was with The Wanderer's son from morning till night. 'Never,' said Monsieur Pet-airs with solemn desperation, 'have I seen such an incorrigible child, a perfectly incorrigible child,' and he shook his head and immediately dodged a missile which had suddenly appeared from nowhere. Night after night The Imp would play around our beds, where we held court with our chocolat and our bougie; teasing us, cajoling us, flattering us, pretending tears, feigning insults, getting lectures from Monsieur Pet-airs on the evil of cigarette smoking, keeping us in a state of perpetual inquietude. When he couldn't think of anything else to do he sang at the top of his clear bright voice: 'C'est la guerre faut pas t'en faire' and turned a handspring or two for emphasis . . . Mexique once cuffed him for doing something peculiarly mischiev- ous, and he set up a great crying——instantly The Wan- derer was standing over Mexique, his hands clenched, his eyes sparkling——it took a good deal of persuasion to con- vince the parent that the son was in error, meanwhile Mexiqie placidly awaited his end . . . and nether B. nor I, despite The Imp's tormentings, could keep from laugh- ing when he all at once with a sort of crowing cry rushed for the nearest post, jumped upon his hands, arched his back, and poised head-downward; his feet just touching the pillar. Bare-footed, in a bright chemise and one third of his father's trousers . . . Being now in a class with 'les hommes mariés,' The Wanderer spent most of the day downstairs, coming up with his little son every night to sleep in The Enormous Room. But we saw him occasionally in the cour; and every other day when the dreadful cry was raised 'Allez, tout-le-monde, plucher les pommes!' and we descended to, in fair weather, the lane between the building and the cour, and in foul (very foul I should say) the dinosaur-coloured sweating walls of the dining- room——The Wanderer would quietly and slowly appear, along with the other hommes mariés, and take up the peeling of the amazingly cold potatoes which formed the pièce de résistance (in guise of Soupe) for both women and men at La Ferté. And if the wedded males did not all of them show up for this unagreeable task, a dreadful hullabaloo was instantly raised: 'LES HOMMES MARIÉS!' and forth would more or less sheepishly issue the delin- quents. And I think The Wanderer, with his wife and children, whom he loved as never have I seen a man love anything in this world, was partly happy; walking in the sun when there was any, sleeping with his little boy in a great gulp of softness. And I remember him pulling his fine beard into two darknesses——huge-sleeved, pink-checked chemise ——walking kindly like a bear——corduroy bigness of trous- ers, waist-line always amorous of knees——finger-ends just catching tops of enormous pockets. When he feels, as I think, partly happy, he corrects our pronunciation of the ineffable Word——saying: 'O, May-errr-DE!' and smiles. And once Jean le Nègre said to him, as he squatted in the cour with his little son beside him, his broad strong back as nearly always against one of the gruesome and minute pommiers—— 'Barbu! j'vais te couper la barbe, barbu!' Whereat the father answered, slowly and seriously: 'Quand vous arrachez ma barbe, il faut couper ma tête,' regarding Jean le Nègre with unspeakably sensitive, tre- mendously deep, peculiarly soft eyes. 'My beard is finer than that; you have made it too coarse,' he gently re- marked one day, looking attentively at a piece of photographie which I had been caught in the act of per- petrating; whereat I bowed my head in silent shame. 'Demestre, Josef (femme, née Feliska),' I read another day in the Gestionnaire's book of judgment. O Monsieur le Gestionnaire, I should not have liked to have seen those names in my book of sinners, in my album of filth and blood and incontinence, had I been you . . . O little, very little, gouvernement français, and you the great and com- fortable messieurs of the world, tell me why you have put a gypsy who dresses like To-morrow among the squab- bling pimps and thieves of yesterday . . . He had been in New York one day. One child died at sea. 'Les landes,' he cried, towering over The Enormous Room suddenly one night in Autumn, 'je les connais comme ma poche——Bordeaux? Je sais où que c'est. Madrid? Je sais où que c'est. Tolède? Séville? Naples? Je sais où que c'est. Je les connais comme ma poche.' He could not read. 'Tell me what it tells,' he said briefly and without annoyance, when once I offered him the jour- nal. And I took pleasure in trying to do so. One fine day, perhaps the finest day, I looked from a window of The Enormous Room and saw (in the same spot that Lena had enjoyed her half-hour promenade during confinement in the cabinot, as related) the wife of The Wanderer, 'née Feliska,' giving the baby a bath in a pail, while The Wanderer sat in the sun smoking. About the pail an absorbed group of putains stood. Several plantons (abandoning for one instant their plantonic demeanour) leaned upon their guns and watched. Some even smiled a little. And the mother, holding the brown- ish, naked, crowing child tenderly, was swimming it quietly to and fro, to the delight of Celina in particular. To Celina it waved its arms greetingly. She stooped and spoke to it. The mother smiled. The Wanderer, looking from time to time at his wife, smoked and pondered by himself in the sunlight. This baby was the delight of the putains at all times. They used to take turns carrying it when on promenade. The Wanderer's wife, at such moments, regarded them with a gentle and jealous weariness. There were two girls, as I said. One, the littlest girl I ever saw walk and act by herself, looked exactly like a golliwog. This was because of the huge mop of black hair. She was very pretty. She used to sit with her mother and move her toes quietly for her own private amusement. The older sister was as divine a creature as God in his skilful and infinite wisdom ever created. Her intensely sexual face greeted us nearly always as we descended pour la soupe. She would come up to B. and me slenderly and ask, with the brightest and darkest eyes in the world: 'Chocolat, M'sieu?' and we would present her with a big or small, as the case might be, morceau de chocolat. We even called her Chocolat. Her skin was nearly sheer gold; her fingers and feet delicately formed; her teeth wonderfully white; her hair incomparably black and abundant. her lips would have seduced, I think, le gouvernement français itself. Or any saint. Well . . . Le gouvernement français decided in its infinite but unskilful wisdom that The Wanderer, being an inex- pressibly bad man (guilty of who knows what gentleness, strength and beauty) should suffer as much as he was capable of suffering. In other words, it decided (through its Three Wise Men, who formed the visiting Commission whereof I speak anon) that the wife, her baby, her two girls, and her little son should be separated from the hus- band by miles and by stone walls and by barbed wire and by Law. Or perhaps (there was a rumour to this effect) the Three Wise Men discovered that the father of these incredibly exquisite children was not her lawful husband. And of course, this being the case, the utterly and incom- parably moral French Government saw its duty plainly; which duty was to inflict the ultimate anguish of separa- tion upon the sinners concerned. I know that The Wan- derer came from la commission with tears of anger in his great eyes. I know that some days later he, along with that deadly and poisonous criminal Monsieur Auguste, and that aged arch-traitor Monsieur Pet-airs, and that incomparably wicked person Surplice, and a ragged gentle being who one day presented us with a broken spoon which he had found somewhere——the gift being a purely spontaneous mark of approval and affection——who for this reason was known to us as The Spoonman, had the vast and immeasurable honour of departing for Précigné pour la durée de la guerre. If ever I can create by some occult process of imagining a deed so perfectly cruel as the deed perpetrated in the case of Joseph Demestre, I shall consider myself a genius. Then let us admit that the Three Wise Men were geniuses. And let us, also and softly, admit that it takes a good and great gov- ernment perfectly to negate mercy. And let us, bowing our minds smoothly and darkly, repeat with Monsieur le Curé——'toujours l'enfer . . .' The Wanderer was almost insane when he heard the judgment of la commission. And hereupon I must pay my respects to Monsieur Pet-airs; whom I had never liked, but whose spirit I had not, up to the night preceding The Wanderer's departure, fully appreciated. Monsieur Pet- airs sat for hours at the card-table, his glasses continually fogging, censuring The Wanderer in tones of apparent annoyance for his frightful weeping (and now and then himself sniffing faintly with his big red nose); sat for hours pretending to take dictation from Joseph Demestre, in reality composing a great letter or series of great letters to the civil and I guess military authorities of Orne on the subject of the injustice done to the father of four chil- dren, one baby at the breast, now about to be separated from all he held dear and good in the world. 'I appeal' (Monsieur Pet-airs wrote, in his boisterously careful, not to say elegant, script) 'to your sense of mercy and of fair play and of honour. It is not merely an unjust thing which is being done, not merely an unreasonable thing, it is an unnatural thing. . . .' As he wrote I found it hard to be- lieve that this was the aged and decrepit and fussing biped whom I had known, whom I had caricatured, with whom I had talked upon ponderous subjects (a comparison be- tween the Belgian and French cities with respect to their location as favouring progress and prosperity, for ex- ample); who had with a certain comic shyness revealed to me a secret scheme for reclaiming inundated territories by means of an extraordinary pump 'of my invention.' Yet this was he, this was Monsieur Pet-airs Lui-Même; and I enjoyed peculiarly making his complete acquaint- ance for the first and only time. May the Heavens prosper him. The next day The Wanderer appeared in the cour walking proudly in a shirt of solid vermilion. He kissed his wife——excuse me, Monsieur Malvy, I should say the mother of his children——crying very bit- terly and suddenly. The plantons yelled for him to line up with the rest, who were waiting outside the gate, bag and baggage. He covered his great king's eyes with his long golden hands and went. With him disappeared unspeakable sunlight, and the dark, keen, bright strength of the earth. 
The Enormous Room, by E. E. Cummings Copyright, 1934, by The Modern Library, inc. pp. 216 - 230.
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2019.11.07 03:25 Mustafasustenido Completei 30 anos, virei mago e isso me abalou profundamente

Caros colegas redditors.
Buscarei a melhor forma de contar essa história aqui e farei um TL;DR no fim, mas tentarei não deixá-la massiva.
Então... venho de uma família classe média alta onde o que mais tive foi amor e carinho.
Em minha adolescência viajei bastante pelo mundo com minha família, estudei em uma escola excelente, fiz muitos amigos (alguns hoje são meus irmãos de vida) e posso dizer que foi o melhor período de minha vida.
Porém nunca consegui me relacionar com nenhuma mulher. Terminei o ensino médio sem nunca ter dado um beijo. Só tendo encostado na mão de uma menina 1x e passando por dezenas de rejeições (perdi as contas da quantidade de vezes que me apaixonei e não fui correspondido).
Sei que isso, em partes, se explica pelo fato de eu ter sido o ser humano mais magro (com saúde) que já conheci. Sem entrar em muitos detalhes meu IMC era por volta 13, eu era literalmente só o osso. Mais de 1,80m e menos de 50 kg (muito tempo depois descobri que é simplesmente a genética, mesmo malhando existe uma barreira pra meu peso e cada segundo de sedentarismo me faz emagrecer), exames perfeitos. No fim da adolescência entrei pra academia e consegui um corpo magro normal, porém o estrago na minha autoestima já estava feito (apesar de eu ter convicção que a qualquer momento, naturalmente, as coisas aconteceriam e eu acharia alguma menina pra me relacionar).
Passei em uma das melhores faculdades do país, no curso que eu queria, saí de casa pra morar sozinho e estudar, tinha tudo pra minha vida continuar as mil maravilhas, mas encontrei meu primeiro problema. O local de estudo só tinha homens e, como eu não era muito de sair, me bateu um grande desespero de continuar BV por muito tempo, já que não teria contato com mulheres... Enfim, uma depressão apareceu e fiquei quase 2 anos praticamente na rotina casa-faculdade-casa (além de minha família ter colocado quase uma babá em minha casa, pra que eu pudesse ficar mais relaxado). Foi com sobras o pior período de minha vida, em momentos de crise não conseguia comer praticamente nada, em momentos normais eu tinha que empurrar cada refeição. Voltei pra um estado de muita magreza (IMC 14,5), parei de fazer atividades físicas... minha família percebia pouco porque, além da distância, meu desempenho continuou excelente. Meus amigos de infância estavam em outras cidades e meus amigos da faculdade não pareciam notar nada (até porque já me conheceram nesse estado).
Consegui começar a superar essa situação depois de um grave problema de saúde na família. Entendi que nada do que eu sentia se justificava com tanto sofrimento que eu estava vendo daquele ente querido próximo a partir. Tanto que, depois da sua morte meus pensamentos voltaram a funcionar quase que normalmente (algumas recaídas de vez em quando) e voltei a ter aquela certeza adolescente que a qualquer momento naturalmente eu ia encontrar uma parceira.
Resumindo bastante, terminei a faculdade e comecei a trabalhar numa das maiores empresas do país, em uma cidade média do Brasil. Em pouco tempo eu assumi uma função de gestão e hoje estou quase no topo da carreira. Além disso dou palestras periodicamente para centenas de pessoas e ministro um curso noturno na área em que sou referência. Minha remuneração é o equivalente a 1 carro popular a cada 2 meses.
Ah... não possuo redes sociais
O que vou falar agora pode ficar parecendo querer me "gabar", mas é só pra enaltecer a gravidade da situação e o quanto tudo pesa em mim.
Meu modelo de gestão virou referência na empresa (e no mercado em geral), por criar uma equipe "família" (tenho muita facilidade em analisar perfis de pessoas e criar ambientes de trabalho que funcionam de maneira leve), os funcionários da empresa simplesmente me vangloriam pela forma como eu levo as coisas e resolvo as situações. Um dia desses um antigo auxiliar de serviços gerais (o qual sempre incentivei [verbalmente e financeiramente] a terminar o curso que estava fazendo) que conseguiu vaga de assistente administrativo em outra empresa veio pessoalmente me agradecer (até uma lembrança me deu, que guardo com bastante carinho) por conta dos ensinamentos que passei pra ele, que, segundo o mesmo, "foram de grande importância para o crescimento na carreira dele".
Dou palestra pra centenas de pessoas por mês, pra falar sobre a área que domino e está em ascensão em todo o mundo. As palestras tem sido um sucesso, e a plateia aumenta a cada ciclo. Sempre tive muita facilidade pra falar (e prender a atenção das pessoas) em público.
Minhas aulas noturnas também correm de maneira bastante positiva. Sempre tive prazer em ensinar e ver o aprendizado de cada estudante (principalmente os que mais tem dificuldades) me dá uma sensação de dever cumprido muito grande.
Além disso tudo sou multi-instrumentista. A música é parte de mim e sempre quis compartilhar com o máximo de pessoas possível. Dessa forma, sou um dos fundadores (e professor) de um projeto comunitário com objetivo de transformar a vida das pessoas de uma maneira efetiva.
Dito isso, volto pra o ponto do desabafo do tópico.
Completei 30 anos, sou BV e, obviamente, virgem e isso vem me destruindo a cada dia que passa. Todas as pessoas próximas a mim já tem família, ou pelo menos namoradas sérias/noivas e eu mal encostei na mão de uma mulher.
Analisando friamente (uma das minhas maiores virtudes são as autocríticas) sou um homem nota 7 de rosto (sei que nos achamos mais bonito do que o que somos, mas já descontei uns pontos, risos) e 3 de corpo. (recentemente estava melhor de corpo mas ansiedade que venho sentindo nos últimos meses vem me corroendo, e tenho total consciência que não posso por a desculpa dos meus insucessos integralmente no meu corpo)
Ninguém sabe que sou BV e meus dois amigos mais próximos sabem que sou virgem.
Mensalmente recebo a sugestão de procurar uma prostituta, mas meu EU me diz que isso seria a maior prova que sou incapaz de conseguir um primeiro beijo com uma moça que gostasse de mim de verdade (e nem sei se é recomendado beijar prostitutas, risos).
Meus amigos já tentaram me "armar" com conhecidas em festas, mas nas duas vezes que isso aconteceu notei que as moças não queriam e nem tentei forçar a barra. Acabei saindo das situações muito pior do que antes, sentindo a rejeição na pele mais uma vez. Sabe aquela facilidade pra falar em público? Isso desaparece integralmente em contatos sociais diretos com muitas pessoas do sexo feminino (principalmente em festas, que nunca gostei e hoje em dia mal vou, a não ser as do trabalho ou quando faço parte da banda). Na verdade ir em festas no geral me cansa MUITO, vou uma vez por ano, depois de muita insistência dos amigos, porque sei que vou ficar lá 5-6h com cara de paisagem, sem despertar o interesse de nenhuma mulher random por conta de não conseguir ter a mínima postura e não ter um corpo tão legal pra gerar interesse numa numa festa.
Tenho total convicção que, se eu fosse uma mulher, jamais pegaria um cara inibido como eu num ambiente de festa, eu simplesmente me reduzo a um pedacinho de nada, sei que isso é muito por conta da baixa autoestima devido ao meu corpo e às rejeições femininas que sofri na adolescência.
Minha rotina hoje em dia se resume basicamente a:
Trabalhar de segunda à sexta o dia todo (e noite), tento ler algo pra relaxar;
Sexta à noite (pelo menos a cada 15 dias) saio com meus amigos (e suas esposas) pra um barzinho;
Sábado trabalho mais um pouco, assisto futebol e vou dar aula de música para o pessoal no projeto;
Domingo passo o dia feliz com minha família, à noite vou à missa pra relaxar um pouco o espírito e me preparar para a semana.
Sinto um pouco de tristeza principalmente ao escrever que passo o "domingo feliz" com minha família, com um toque de desdém. Porque realmente tinha tudo pra ser algo perfeito, mas meu EU interno já passa cada minuto, em cada uma dessas atividades, pensando no quanto de vida eu perdi por chegar aos 30 anos sem ter me relacionado com uma mulher e saber que esse tempo não volta atrás nunca.
Saber que jamais vou ter uma namoradinha aos 15 anos, conhecer aos poucos e sem maiores pressões como um relacionamento funciona. Ir de mãos dadas ao shopping, assistir um filme, trocar palavras, olhares... Cada vez que penso nisso parece que uma parte de mim fica pra trás, não consigo exprimir com palavras o vazio que isso me faz sentir.
O estopim para que eu resolvesse desabafar e (com fé em Deus) procurar ajuda profissional foi o seguinte:
A empresa é composta majoritariamente por homens e mulheres de mais idade, mas possui algumas estagiárias e o pessoal sempre me fala na resenha (não sei até que ponto é resenha [na verdade eu sei que não é resenha]) que elas fazem de tudo pra se envolverem comigo (lembra aquela história de que sou bom pra traçar perfis de pessoas e montar equipes? Pois é, quando o assunto é relacionamento com mulheres eu não sei interpretar os sinais mais básicos). Obviamente eu jamais me envolveria com uma estagiária (até mesmo uma ex-estagiária), por razões profissionais, mas já recebi muitos "convites" via Whatsapp, que acabo levando na brincadeira pra não queimar minha reputação.
Enfim, recentemente chegou o ponto que resolvi que meu psicológico era mais importante do que meu medo de "me queimar" e comecei a conversar com uma estagiária (10 anos mais nova e de família humilde[claro que não ligo pra isso, só estou dizendo aqui pra que você me ajudem a interpretar a situação depois]) que já estava terminando o contrato e ia ser efetivada em outra cidade. A iniciativa foi minha (e isso me fez ter ainda mais vontade de que desse certo), mas, mesmo sendo um poste, eu sempre notei a forma que ela me olhava, sorria e nas conversas que tivemos nossas ideias se batiam muito, além de ela me atrair fisicamente e ser bastante inteligente.
Começamos a conversar diariamente via Whatsapp (evitávamos contato pessoal por conta do ambiente da empresa). Pouco antes do contrato dela acabar surgiu o momento e falamos mutuamente do que sentíamos, dos problemas que isso podia trazer pra vida profissional, mas acabamos concordando que valeria a pena tentar algo. Um tempo depois resolvi chamá-la pra sair e ela aceitou, mas veio com uma conversa que não era pra eu criar expectativas e que ela "não era fácil" (com outras palavras mas em resumo era isso). Confesso que achei meio estranho, há pouco tempo havíamos nos aberto um para o outro, mas não entendo nada de mulheres mesmo, então vamos seguir a história.
Tive o primeiro encontro da minha vida (sim, aos 30 anos, repito) levei ela pra jantar em um local que não fosse o mais caro da cidade (pensei que ela se sentiria mais confortável caso pudesse pagar o que havia consumido, se desejasse).
Saí de casa bastante nervoso, mas seguindo à risca tudo que os tutoriais on-line tinham me ensinado. Asseado, perfumado, bem vestido (como se eu já não vivesse assim...) e tentando o máximo possível ser simplesmente eu.
Chegamos ao local (um pouco preocupados que algum conhecido nos visse), mas a coisa fluiu tão naturalmente que, aos poucos o nervosismo foi passando. Aproveitamos o momento "livres" e conversamos sobre muita coisa ao longo de quase 3 horas (sem nenhuma forçação de barra, a coisa realmente acontecia de maneira espontânea), falamos um pouco sobre nossas vidas, nossos anseios, falamos mal das pessoas das mesas vizinhas... isso tudo com intensas trocas de olhares. Chegou um ponto que tomei coragem, segurei na mão dela e, pasmem, ela deixou. Fiquei ali de mãos dadas com ela (foi uma das melhores sensações que já tive na vida), trocando carícias e conversando por mais alguns minutos, quando decidi que era hora de sair e tentar algo.
Como já disse, antes do encontro eu estava muito nervoso, mas depois de todo aquele tempo com ela eu percebi que as coisas realmente iam acontecer de forma bastante natural.
Saí do restaurante abraçado com ela, fomos em direção ao carro (estava num local isolado), fiquei de frente com ela, falei 2 palavras e fui em direção ao meu primeiro beijo.
Ela simplesmente se virou e disse "na-não" (foi mais em forma de ruído de negação, mas achei melhor escrever assim), nesse momento não entendi mais nada (teria interpretado algum sinal de forma errada? Deveria insistir?).
Dei um abraço nela falei algumas palavras, tentei novamente e recebi mais uma rejeição.
Não soube o motivo (até agora não sei), mas preferi não insistir, demos um abraço demorado e levei ela pra casa, conversando sobre outras coisas.
Faz pouco tempo que isso aconteceu e ainda trocamos algumas palavras via Whatsapp. O que me deixa tranquilo é que eu pelo menos tirei a bunda da cadeira e tentei. Mas a frustração de mais uma rejeição é algo incomensurável pra mim. Não sei quando terei contato com outra mulher a esse ponto (estatisticamente eu tenho contato, com chances de dar algo, com uma mulher a cada 2 anos, e, é claro, nunca deu certo)
Com relação a esse encontro (eu queria até a opinião dos colegas redditores) eu trabalho com 3 hipóteses:
1 - Ela quer algo, mas não quis se mostrar fácil/interesseira (como as outras estagiárias que mandam mensagens diretas pra mim por Whatsapp) e está esperando outro convite meu para que possamos sair novamente e finalmente ocorra algo;
2 - Ela não quer mais nada por conta de uma das milhares de coisas que podem estar se passando na mente dela;
3 - Isso foi a prova de que meu corpo possui alguma substância não identificada, incolor, inodora e insípida, que cria uma barreira contra mulheres.
Não sei se vale a pena insistir, estou tão frustrado que não consigo ter forças pra um contato mais direto (apesar de sentir muita falta das conversas com ela);
Pra finalizar, meu desespero hoje é tão grande que penso até em fazer uma rede social (coisa que nunca tive) só pra me "amostrar" (algo que é totalmente contra meu perfil). Mostrar meus carros, minha casa na praia, minhas viagens semanais, meus momentos com os amigos, sei lá, qualquer coisa que pudesse gerar alguma curiosidade sobre mim para as mulheres.Mas aí me olho no espelho e percebo que quando chegar a esse ponto eu realmente não estarei mais sendo eu e algo de muito errado (além do que já está se passando) estará acontecendo.
TL;DR: Homem, 30 anos, família perfeita, muitos amigos (alguns verdadeiros irmãos), trabalho dos sonhos, ótima situação financeira, porém BV e virgem.
Fazendo um resumo desde a adolescência:
Comecei a aprender sobre música achando que com isso um relacionamento viria naturalmente (ao menos a música virou uma paixão real em minha vida);
Comecei a fazer academia achando que com isso um relacionamento viria naturalmente;
Comecei a cursar um dos cursos mais concorridos do Brasil achando que com isso um relacionamento viria naturalmente;
Comecei a trabalhar e hoje ganho mais do que 99% da população brasileira achando que com isso um relacionamento viria naturalmente;
E não veio. Hoje não sei mais o que buscar ou a quem recorrer... A ansiedade (ou seria depressão?) está chegando a tal ponto que me vejo totalmente refém de alguns pensamentos que me atrasam bastante. Eu não consigo, por exemplo, passar mais de 15 dias (ou ir pra um lugar distante) longe da minha família/amigos próximos. Começa a bater um desespero (tipo os que eu sentia na depressão quando tinha 20 anos) e começo a pensar que eu poderia estar ali com uma companheira, aproveitando cada segundo. Já desisti de diversas viagens para fora do Brasil por conta disso. Coisa que fazia naturalmente na adolescência.
Sinto que a cada dia a bolha vai aumentando, a ponto de começar a atrapalhar nos meus trabalhos e vida pessoal, viagens a trabalho para fora do estado estão se tornando um sofrimento (as consequências de todos meus medos recaem sobre meu sistema digestivo), acordo à noite desesperado com medo do dia de amanhã, comecei a procrastinar algumas coisas e perder o tesão em diversas situações de prazer do dia a dia (não consigo mais jogar videogame por achar que isso me torna ainda mais virgem e inútil. A própria masturbação se tornou um momento de tristeza. Tocar piano, violino, violão, etc sozinho muitas vezes só me traz dor).
Cada elogio que recebo na empresa, palestras, aulas, crianças no projeto de música, família, amigos, parece aumentar o vazio que sinto.
Gostaria de simplesmente arrumar uma companheira e viver a vida a dois, viajar, compartilhar momentos, beijar, quem sabe, caso a coisa desse certo, ter filhos, criar uma família...

De qualquer forma, me sinto um pouco mais leve por ter passado 2 horas escrevendo e tendo exprimido todos esses sentimentos pela primeira vez (pra o lado de fora de minha cabeça).
Estou pensando em procurar um psicólogo (creio que já devia ter feito isso desde a minha primeira depressão lá nos 20 anos). Como garantir que eu, sendo uma figura conhecida na cidade não terei todas as minhas histórias íntimas divulgadas (sei que psicólogo é uma profissão muito séria, peço até desculpas de antemão caso essa pergunta ofenda alguém, mas uma pessoa má intencionada poderia destruir toda minha reputação externalizando minha intimidade). Na verdade a pergunta é "como escolher um psicólogo?". Caso não dê certo é normal trocar de psicólogo?
Obrigado a todos pela atenção.
submitted by Mustafasustenido to desabafos [link] [comments]

2019.09.04 20:03 cuavas MAME 0.213

MAME 0.213

It's really about time we released MAME 0.213, with more of everything we know you all love. First of all, we’re proud to present support for the first Hegener + Glaser product: the “brikett” chess computers, Mephisto, Mephisto II and Mephisto III. As you can probably guess, there’s an addition from Nintendo’s Game & Watch line. This month it’s Mario’s Bombs Away. On a related note, we’ve also added Elektronika’s Kosmicheskiy Most, exported as Space Bridge, which is an unlicensed total conversion of the Game & Watch title Fire. If you haven’t played any of the handheld LCD games in MAME, you’re missing something special – they look superb with external scanned and traced artwork.
On the arcade side, we’ve added The Destroyer From Jail (a rare Philko game), and alternate regional versions of Block Out and Super Shanghai Dragon’s Eye. The CD for Simpsons Bowling has been re-dumped, resolving some long-standing issues. With its protection microcontroller dumped and emulated, Birdie Try is now fully playable. Protection microcontrollers for The Deep and Last Mission have also been dumped and emulated. Improvements to Seibu hardware emulation mean Banpresto’s SD Gundam Sangokushi Rainbow Tairiku Senki is now playable, and sprite priorities in Seibu Cup Soccer have been improved.
In computer emulation, two interesting DOS compatible machines based on the Intel 80186 CPU are now working: the Mindset Personal Computer, and the Dulmont Magnum. The Apple II software lists have been updated to include almost all known clean cracks and original flux dumps, and the Apple II gameport ComputerEyes frame grabber is now emulated. We’ve received a series of submissions that greatly improve emulation of the SWTPC S/09 and SS-30 bus cards. On the SGI front, the 4D/20 now has fully-working IRIX 4.0.5 via serial console, and a whole host of improvements have gone into the Indy “Newport” graphics board emulation. Finally, MAME now supports HDI, 2MG and raw hard disk image files.
As always, you can get the source and Windows binary packages from the download page.

MAMETesters Bugs Fixed

New working machines

New working clones

Machines promoted to working

Clones promoted to working

New machines marked as NOT_WORKING

New clones marked as NOT_WORKING

New working software list additions

New NOT_WORKING software list additions

Source Changes

submitted by cuavas to cade [link] [comments]

2019.09.04 20:02 cuavas MAME 0.213

MAME 0.213

It's really about time we released MAME 0.213, with more of everything we know you all love. First of all, we’re proud to present support for the first Hegener + Glaser product: the “brikett” chess computers, Mephisto, Mephisto II and Mephisto III. As you can probably guess, there’s an addition from Nintendo’s Game & Watch line. This month it’s Mario’s Bombs Away. On a related note, we’ve also added Elektronika’s Kosmicheskiy Most, exported as Space Bridge, which is an unlicensed total conversion of the Game & Watch title Fire. If you haven’t played any of the handheld LCD games in MAME, you’re missing something special – they look superb with external scanned and traced artwork.
On the arcade side, we’ve added The Destroyer From Jail (a rare Philko game), and alternate regional versions of Block Out and Super Shanghai Dragon’s Eye. The CD for Simpsons Bowling has been re-dumped, resolving some long-standing issues. With its protection microcontroller dumped and emulated, Birdie Try is now fully playable. Protection microcontrollers for The Deep and Last Mission have also been dumped and emulated. Improvements to Seibu hardware emulation mean Banpresto’s SD Gundam Sangokushi Rainbow Tairiku Senki is now playable, and sprite priorities in Seibu Cup Soccer have been improved.
In computer emulation, two interesting DOS compatible machines based on the Intel 80186 CPU are now working: the Mindset Personal Computer, and the Dulmont Magnum. The Apple II software lists have been updated to include almost all known clean cracks and original flux dumps, and the Apple II gameport ComputerEyes frame grabber is now emulated. We’ve received a series of submissions that greatly improve emulation of the SWTPC S/09 and SS-30 bus cards. On the SGI front, the 4D/20 now has fully-working IRIX 4.0.5 via serial console, and a whole host of improvements have gone into the Indy “Newport” graphics board emulation. Finally, MAME now supports HDI, 2MG and raw hard disk image files.
As always, you can get the source and Windows binary packages from the download page.

MAMETesters Bugs Fixed

New working machines

New working clones

Machines promoted to working

Clones promoted to working

New machines marked as NOT_WORKING

New clones marked as NOT_WORKING

New working software list additions

New NOT_WORKING software list additions

Source Changes

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2019.09.04 20:00 cuavas MAME 0.213

MAME 0.213

It's really about time we released MAME 0.213, with more of everything we know you all love. First of all, we’re proud to present support for the first Hegener + Glaser product: the “brikett” chess computers, Mephisto, Mephisto II and Mephisto III. As you can probably guess, there’s an addition from Nintendo’s Game & Watch line. This month it’s Mario’s Bombs Away. On a related note, we’ve also added Elektronika’s Kosmicheskiy Most, exported as Space Bridge, which is an unlicensed total conversion of the Game & Watch title Fire. If you haven’t played any of the handheld LCD games in MAME, you’re missing something special – they look superb with external scanned and traced artwork.
On the arcade side, we’ve added The Destroyer From Jail (a rare Philko game), and alternate regional versions of Block Out and Super Shanghai Dragon’s Eye. The CD for Simpsons Bowling has been re-dumped, resolving some long-standing issues. With its protection microcontroller dumped and emulated, Birdie Try is now fully playable. Protection microcontrollers for The Deep and Last Mission have also been dumped and emulated. Improvements to Seibu hardware emulation mean Banpresto’s SD Gundam Sangokushi Rainbow Tairiku Senki is now playable, and sprite priorities in Seibu Cup Soccer have been improved.
In computer emulation, two interesting DOS compatible machines based on the Intel 80186 CPU are now working: the Mindset Personal Computer, and the Dulmont Magnum. The Apple II software lists have been updated to include almost all known clean cracks and original flux dumps, and the Apple II gameport ComputerEyes frame grabber is now emulated. We’ve received a series of submissions that greatly improve emulation of the SWTPC S/09 and SS-30 bus cards. On the SGI front, the 4D/20 now has fully-working IRIX 4.0.5 via serial console, and a whole host of improvements have gone into the Indy “Newport” graphics board emulation. Finally, MAME now supports HDI, 2MG and raw hard disk image files.
As always, you can get the source and Windows binary packages from the download page.

MAMETesters Bugs Fixed

New working machines

New working clones

Machines promoted to working

Clones promoted to working

New machines marked as NOT_WORKING

New clones marked as NOT_WORKING

New working software list additions

New NOT_WORKING software list additions

Source Changes

submitted by cuavas to MAME [link] [comments]

2019.05.30 20:50 bikingfencer Job 9 - who will contend for me against God?

Chapter Nine – Inability of Job to respond to the Name  
“Job’s Second Response (9:1-10:22). Has the same general structure as chaps. [chapters] 6-7: a section answering the friends (9:2-24); a briefer soliloquy (9:25-10:1a); and a direct address to God (10:1b-22)… God’s justice is really his power; he can do what he chooses; none can withstand him; and if he declares a man to be guilty, then it is so. No appeal can be made, and no other standard of justice can be invoked. Yet if one’s conscience is clear, what he suffers is not felt as justice but as divine anger; thus it is with Job.

“The first section is in seven three-line strophes interrupted by a transition couplet, 9:11-12. The soliloquy has three strophes, of four, three, and four lines. The address to God has a couplet (10:1b-2), followed by four five-line strophes. Verses 9:24, 33-34a; 10:3, 15, 17 are tristichs…  
“… GOD IS IRRESISTIBLE IN POWER, THEREFORE IN JUDGMENT…” (Murphy & MacKenzie, 1990, pp. 473-474)  
-1. And answered, ’eeYOB [Job], and he said,  
“As pointed out in the Intro. [introduction]… the poet appears to follow a method of discussion which might be called ‘delayed reaction.’ Job answers not the immediately preceding speaker, but the penultimate one. The first part of his present discourse (9:2-31) is a discussion of the thesis of Eliphaz…” (Terrien, 1954, p. III 975)  
-2. “Truly I knew that it is thus [כי כן, KheeY KhayN];
and what will justify a person with ‘ayL [God]?”  
“As if he had had time to meditate on the first speech of Eliphaz, Job quotes the latter’s cardinal statement with seeming approval:  
Truly I know that it is so:
But how can a man be just before God? [4:17]  
“… However, Job’s assent to the dogma is rooted not in a severe judgment of man’s propensity to wreck his own destiny by the perpetration of evil, but solely in his recognition of God’s arbitrary omnipotence.” (Terrien, 1954, pp. III 975-977)  
-3. “If he desires to contend with Him,
he will not answer once in a thousand.  
Pronouns of God are not capitalized in Hebrew (there is only one case in Hebrew), but I resort to them when there might otherwise be a confusion of antecedents.  
-4. Wise heart and mighty strength;
who can harden unto Him,
and pay back 5. the remover of mountains
and they not know who [אשר, ’ahSheR] overturned them in His fury?  
“Against the versions one may perhaps consider the words wise in heart, and mighty in strength not as attributes of God, but as characteristics of men who dare to oppose the Deity. The sequence of thought would then be quite clear from vs. [verse] 2 to vs. 4… The traditional rendering, nevertheless, is probably right, for there is no example of qualifying adjectives preceding the interrogative pronoun מי [MiY, “who”].” (Terrien, 1954, pp. III 977-978)  
-6. “The agitator [המרגיז, HahMahRGeeYZ] of land from her place,
and her pillars tremble [יתפלצון, YeeThPhahLTsOoN].
-7. The sayer to [the] sun [לחרס, LahHeReÇ], and it does not shine,
and on account of stars he seals.  
8-12. … Are human standards of morality applicable to a being of absolute power?” (Terrien, 1954, pp. III 977-978)  
-8. “Stretcher of skies by himself,
and treader upon sea swells,
-9. maker of `ahSh, KeÇeeYL, and KheeYMaH,
and Chambers of ThayMahN,  
“For this translation the original words are עשה עש כסיל וכימה והדרי תמן ôsheh âash, kesil, vechimah, ve-hadrey teman, which are thus rendered by the SEPTUAGINT [the ancient Greek translation of the Hebrew Bible]: ‘Ο ποιων Πλειδα, και ‘Εσπερον, και Αρχτουρον, και Ταηεια νοτου [‘O Poion Pleida, kai ‘Esperon, kai Arkhtouron, kai Tameia notou]. Who makes the Pleiades, and Hesperus, and Arcturus, and Orion, and the chambers of the south.  
[ה should be ח]  
[Eight alternate versions follow.]  
“The European versions in general, copy one or other of the above; or make a compound translation from the whole: but all are derived ultimately from the Septuagint and the Vulgate [the authorized Latin Bible].  
“I need scarcely add that these words, by critics and commentators, have been variously translated.

“On the names of the constellations mentioned ver. [verse] 9 and again, chap. xxxviii. ver. 31, &c. much has been written; and to little effect.” (Adam Clarke, 1831, p. II 752 & 755)  
-10. maker [of] great [things] until there is no searching out [חקר, HayQeR],
and wonders until there is no recounting.
-11. Lo, he crosses over me and I do not see,
and passes by [ויחלף, VeYahHahLoPh] and I do not perceive [אבין, ’ahBeeYN] to him.
-12. Lo, he snatches away,
who can return him,
who can say unto him,
‘What are you doing?’  
If he snatches away; who can hinder him…The verb חתף [HaThaPh], ‘to prey upon,’ is a hapax legomenon1 , but its stem refers elsewhere to human violence (Prov. [Proverbs] 23:28…). God is implicitly compared to a thief or a kidnaper whom no man can resist, or even criticize and censure.” (Terrien, 1954, p. III 979)  
-13. “ ’eLOHah [God] will not withdraw his fury,
under him bowed [the] helpers of RaHaB.”  
The helpers of Rahab (vs. 13b), like Leviathan (see 3:8) and tannin (see 7:12), are monsters of the sea (26:12) which are tamed by the creator God. In the Akkadian poem of creation (Enûma eliš IV. 107…) the gods who fight Marduk are called ‘the helpers of Tiamat.” (Terrien, 1954, p. III 980)  
-14. “Although I answer him,
I choose my words with him,
-15. that, if I was righteous, I would not answer;
to my judge I make supplication.  
-16. If I call and he answers me,
I will not believe that [כי, KeeY] he gave ear to my voice,
-17. that in a tempest overwhelms me
and multiplies my wounds for nothing.  
-18. He will not give me in return my spirit,
for he sated me from bitterness.
-19. If to might I strengthen, behold;
and if to justice, who will be a witness for me?  
Who shall set me a time] מי יועידני mi yoêdeni, ‘Who would be a witness for me?’ or, Who would dare to appear in my behalf? Almost all the terms in this part of the speech of Job, from ver. 11, to ver. 24, are forensic, or juridical, and are taken from legal processes and pleadings, in their gates, or courts of justice.” (Adam Clarke, 1831, p. II 753)  
-20. "If I am righteous, my mouth condemns me,
blameless am I and he twists me.
-21. Blameless am I,
I know not my soul,
I am fed up [with] my life.  
-22. One is she, therefore I say,
‘[The] blameless and [the] wicked he finishes.’  
“My own observation shows, that in the course of providence the righteous and the wicked have an equal lot, for, when any sudden calamity comes, the innocent and the guilty fall alike. There may be a few exceptions; but they are very extraordinary, and very rare.” (Adam Clarke, 1831, p. II 753)  
-23. “If one scourged dies suddenly to trial,
[the] acquitted jeer,
-24. land is given in[to] [the] hand [of the] wicked.  
“Is it not most evident that the worst men possess most of this world’s good; and that the righteous are scarcely ever in power or affluence! This was the case in Job’s time; it is the case still. Therefore, prosperity and adversity in this life, are no marks either of God’s approbation or disapprobation.” (Adam Clarke, 1831, p. II 753)  
“Faces of judges he covers;
if not, where, who is he?  
“If God do not permit these things, who is it that orders them?” (Adam Clarke, 1831, p. II 753)  
-25. “And days swifter than I run;
they flee, they do not see goodness,
-26. they pass by with ships swift,
like an eagle pounces upon food.  
-27. If I say,
‘I will forget my debate [שיחי, SeeYHeeY],
I will let go of my face
and desist from grief.’
-28. I become afraid [יגרתי, YahGoRTheeY];
all my suffering,
I know that [כי, KeeY] you will not acquit me.
-29. I will be condemned.
For what is this vain toil [איגע, ’eeYGah`]?  
-30. If I were to wash myself in waters of snow,
and cleanse [והזכותי, VahHahZeeKOTheeY] with lye my palms.  
If I wash myself with snow water] Supposed to have a more detergent quality than common water; and it was certainly preferred to common water by the ancients. Of this we find an example in an elegant but licentious author: Tandem ergo discubuimus, pueris Alexandrinis AQUAM in manus NIVATAM infundentibus, aliisque insequentibus ad pedes - PETR. [Petronius] Satir. [Satiricon] cap. xxxi. ‘At length we sat down, and had snow water poured on our hands by lads of Alexandria,’ &c.

“And by this ceremony Pilate declared himself innocent of the blood of Christ, Matt. [Matthew] xxvii. 24.” (Adam Clarke, 1831, p. II 754)  
-31. “then into a pit you would tip me,
and would detest me my own clothes [שלמותי, SahLMOThah-eeY].  
-32. For He is not a man like me [that I should] answer him,
come together in judgment.
-33. There is not [לא יש, Lo’ YaySh] between us a reprover,
[to] put his hand upon [the] two of us.  
Neither is there any day’s-man] בנינו מוכיח beyneyno mociach, a reprover, arguer, or umpire between us. DAY’S-MAN, in our law, means an arbitrator or umpire between party and party; as it were bestowing a day, or certain time on a certain day, to decree, judge, or decide a matter.” (Adam Clarke, 1831, p. II 755)  
-34. “Turn away from upon me his rod,
and his terror unto my fright.  
“In the Masoretic Bibles the word שבטו shibto, his rod, is written with a large ט teth, as above; and as the letter in numerals stands for 9, the masora says the word was thus written to show the nine calamites under which Job had suffered, and which he wished God to remove!” (Adam Clarke, 1831, p. II 755)  
-35. “I will word and not fear him,
for not thus am I with myself.”  
An Amateur's Journey Through the Bible  
1 Hapax legomenon - a term of which only one instance of use is recorded. Oxford Dictionaries
submitted by bikingfencer to BibleExegesis [link] [comments]

2019.03.27 11:27 cuavas MAME 0.208

MAME 0.208

Today we’re proud to bring you MAME 0.208. There are some big improvements to SunPlus SPG240/SPG280 audio emulation. Not only does this greatly improve the enjoyability of the JAKKS Pacific TV games, it’s also timed perfectly for the addition of the Fisher-Price I Can Play Piano music teaching system. That’s not the only newly supported music system this month: we’ve added Jumping Popira, and Popira 2 has been promoted to working. Continuing with the audio theme, moralrecordings fixed BSMT 2000 4-bit ADPCM sample playback, cam900 added support for the VRC7 as a separate device with its unique instrument patches, and schnitzeltony improved Atari POKEY performance substantially. Newly supported TV games include Disney, Disney and Friends, Justice League and SpongeBob SquarePants – The Fry Cook Games from JAKKS Pacific, and XaviX titles Geigeki Go Go Shooting, Gururin World and MX Dirt Rebel. You’ll be able to enjoy the XaviX-based games even more now with improvements to the colour palette.
The Nintendo Game & Watch progress has continued with the addition of Balloon Fight (new wide screen), Fire Attack, Octopus, Parachute and Turtle Bridge. You’ll notice some big software list updates this month. The TOSEC Spectrum Plus 3 disk images have been imported, Spectrum Opus support has been added with software from World of Spectrum, and SDX floppy controller support has been added to the Memotech MTX along with a corresponding software list. The PlayStation, PC-98 and Saturn software lists have been updated with testing results and new dumps, original Apple II disk images have been added as they’ve been made available, another batch of Japanese e-kara cartridges has landed, and coverage of Spanish V.Smile releases has been improved. Speaking of software, AmatCoder has fixed a number of issues affecting Amstrad CPC software. The long-neglected Bally Astrocade home system has had tape and lightpen support added in this release.
On the arcade side, we’ve added Atari’s TTL-based Rebound, early English releases of Karate Champ, an earlier version of Nihon System’s Omega, and world releases of DJ Boy and Gemini Wing. In changes you probably won’t notice, we’ve switched the toolchain used for building official Windows binary releases from GCC 7 to GCC 8, and a new tools package has been made available.
As always, you can get the source and Windows binary packages from the download page.

MAMETesters Bugs Fixed

New working machines

New working clones

Machines promoted to working

Clones promoted to working

New machines marked as NOT_WORKING

New clones marked as NOT_WORKING

New working software list additions

Software list items promoted to working

New NOT_WORKING software list additions

Source Changes

submitted by cuavas to cade [link] [comments]

2019.03.27 11:24 cuavas MAME 0.208

MAME 0.208

Today we’re proud to bring you MAME 0.208. There are some big improvements to SunPlus SPG240/SPG280 audio emulation. Not only does this greatly improve the enjoyability of the JAKKS Pacific TV games, it’s also timed perfectly for the addition of the Fisher-Price I Can Play Piano music teaching system. That’s not the only newly supported music system this month: we’ve added Jumping Popira, and Popira 2 has been promoted to working. Continuing with the audio theme, moralrecordings fixed BSMT 2000 4-bit ADPCM sample playback, cam900 added support for the VRC7 as a separate device with its unique instrument patches, and schnitzeltony improved Atari POKEY performance substantially. Newly supported TV games include Disney, Disney and Friends, Justice League and SpongeBob SquarePants – The Fry Cook Games from JAKKS Pacific, and XaviX titles Geigeki Go Go Shooting, Gururin World and MX Dirt Rebel. You’ll be able to enjoy the XaviX-based games even more now with improvements to the colour palette.
The Nintendo Game & Watch progress has continued with the addition of Balloon Fight (new wide screen), Fire Attack, Octopus, Parachute and Turtle Bridge. You’ll notice some big software list updates this month. The TOSEC Spectrum Plus 3 disk images have been imported, Spectrum Opus support has been added with software from World of Spectrum, and SDX floppy controller support has been added to the Memotech MTX along with a corresponding software list. The PlayStation, PC-98 and Saturn software lists have been updated with testing results and new dumps, original Apple II disk images have been added as they’ve been made available, another batch of Japanese e-kara cartridges has landed, and coverage of Spanish V.Smile releases has been improved. Speaking of software, AmatCoder has fixed a number of issues affecting Amstrad CPC software. The long-neglected Bally Astrocade home system has had tape and lightpen support added in this release.
On the arcade side, we’ve added Atari’s TTL-based Rebound, early English releases of Karate Champ, an earlier version of Nihon System’s Omega, and world releases of DJ Boy and Gemini Wing. In changes you probably won’t notice, we’ve switched the toolchain used for building official Windows binary releases from GCC 7 to GCC 8, and a new tools package has been made available.
As always, you can get the source and Windows binary packages from the download page.

MAMETesters Bugs Fixed

New working machines

New working clones

Machines promoted to working

Clones promoted to working

New machines marked as NOT_WORKING

New clones marked as NOT_WORKING

New working software list additions

Software list items promoted to working

New NOT_WORKING software list additions

Source Changes

submitted by cuavas to emulation [link] [comments]

2019.03.27 11:23 cuavas MAME 0.208

MAME 0.208

Today we’re proud to bring you MAME 0.208. There are some big improvements to SunPlus SPG240/SPG280 audio emulation. Not only does this greatly improve the enjoyability of the JAKKS Pacific TV games, it’s also timed perfectly for the addition of the Fisher-Price I Can Play Piano music teaching system. That’s not the only newly supported music system this month: we’ve added Jumping Popira, and Popira 2 has been promoted to working. Continuing with the audio theme, moralrecordings fixed BSMT 2000 4-bit ADPCM sample playback, cam900 added support for the VRC7 as a separate device with its unique instrument patches, and schnitzeltony improved Atari POKEY performance substantially. Newly supported TV games include Disney, Disney and Friends, Justice League and SpongeBob SquarePants – The Fry Cook Games from JAKKS Pacific, and XaviX titles Geigeki Go Go Shooting, Gururin World and MX Dirt Rebel. You’ll be able to enjoy the XaviX-based games even more now with improvements to the colour palette.
The Nintendo Game & Watch progress has continued with the addition of Balloon Fight (new wide screen), Fire Attack, Octopus, Parachute and Turtle Bridge. You’ll notice some big software list updates this month. The TOSEC Spectrum Plus 3 disk images have been imported, Spectrum Opus support has been added with software from World of Spectrum, and SDX floppy controller support has been added to the Memotech MTX along with a corresponding software list. The PlayStation, PC-98 and Saturn software lists have been updated with testing results and new dumps, original Apple II disk images have been added as they’ve been made available, another batch of Japanese e-kara cartridges has landed, and coverage of Spanish V.Smile releases has been improved. Speaking of software, AmatCoder has fixed a number of issues affecting Amstrad CPC software. The long-neglected Bally Astrocade home system has had tape and lightpen support added in this release.
On the arcade side, we’ve added Atari’s TTL-based Rebound, early English releases of Karate Champ, an earlier version of Nihon System’s Omega, and world releases of DJ Boy and Gemini Wing. In changes you probably won’t notice, we’ve switched the toolchain used for building official Windows binary releases from GCC 7 to GCC 8, and a new tools package has been made available.
As always, you can get the source and Windows binary packages from the download page.

MAMETesters Bugs Fixed

New working machines

New working clones

Machines promoted to working

Clones promoted to working

New machines marked as NOT_WORKING

New clones marked as NOT_WORKING

New working software list additions

Software list items promoted to working

New NOT_WORKING software list additions

Source Changes

submitted by cuavas to MAME [link] [comments]

2018.02.12 18:21 Facu474 Big Fox Festivals (SSA & Osaka-Jo Hall) + LEGEND S (Hiroshima) - Round-Up Thread

Phew. This one was much longer than expected. I didn’t remember SSA had so much stuff going on, and well, I expected LEGEND S, but still… had to re-upload a lot of vids.
Anyway. It’s done. So please enjoy, and tell me if I missed anything or messed up a link (I am absolutely sure I did).
Kami Band:
Hideki (Drums)
Boh (Bass)
Mikio (Guitar)
Ohmura (Guitar)


September 26th - Night 1

Tour Thread
Part/Song Link Time Quality Extra Info
1- BABYMETAL DEATH! No videos found
2- Doki Doki Morning
Clip Link 1:00 Good High/side
3- Megitsune No videos found
Clip Link 1:42 Good High/side
5- Amore No videos found
6- Song 4 No videos found
7- Syncopation
Clip Link 1:45 Good High/side
Clip Link 0:31 Good High/side/back
8- Meta Taro
Clip Link 0:57 Good High/side
Clip Link 0:44 Good Back
9- IDZ
Start Link 0:57 Good High/side
Start Link 0:36 Good Back
End Link 0:17 Bad Floor
10- Karate
Clip Link 0:52 Good High/side
End Link 0:39 Good Back
11- Head banger!
Clip Link 0:42 Good Back
Clip of floor Link 0:13 In collage (bad), but good vid Pit/floor
12- Road of Resistance
Clip Link 1:11 Good High/side
13- The One
Clip Link 0:11 Average High/Black and white
Merch - Thread
zarcka_metal videos of merch line: Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3
Merch area
Flowers for BM
New Kami solo thread: 1
Daldarth report for day 1
Fanmerch: 1 - 2 -
Cosplay: Moa - Kami band - Megitune
Full bootleg audio - Thread
New Kami solo at 16:22, and IDZ intro is clearly re-recorded (see at 44:32~).
Show Pictures
Announced/appeared before the show:
Fox Apparel Website - Thread
The 2017 THE ONE membership extended 3 months to March 31st, 2018 - Thread
Famous people:
Sakura Gakuin Girls spotted (no picture) - Thread
Riotbaby - with merch
Hitomi Nishiyama
Shikao Suga
Pierre Nakano
Ayaka Aoyama (Hideki's wife)
AIS (Idol)
La PomPon
Official Posts:
Official Post-Show picture - Bigger Bigger - Thread
New Prophecy from the Fox God - Tweet - Thread 1 - Thread 2

September 27th - Night 2

Tour Thread
Part/Song Link Time Quality Extra Info
Full (with Intro) Link 5:53 240p - Average High/side
Full (with Intro) Link 6:57 Shaky Zoomed in
2- Gimme Chocolate
Full Link 3:49 Shaky Zoomed in
3- Megitsune
Full Link 5:04 Shaky Zoomed in
4- YAVA + Kami Intro
Full (with Kami Intro) Link 6:13 Shaky Zoomed In
5- Akatsuki
Full Link 6:48 Shaky Zoomed in
6- GJ!
Full Link 3:38 Shaky Zoomed in
7- Syncopation
Full Link 4:58 Shaky Zoomed in
8- Meta Taro
Full Link 5:10 Shaky Zoomed in
9- IDZ
Full Link 6:24 Shaky Zoomed in
10- Karate
Full Link 4:18 Shaky Zoomed in
Start Link 1:50 Poor audio/blurry Back
End Link 1:05 Poor audio/blurry Back
11- Head banger!
Full Link 5:12 Bad audio FaHigh/side
Full Link 4:54 Shaky Zoomed in
12- Road of Resistance
Full Link 6:55 Shaky Zoomed in
Clip Link 2:15 Average Back
13- The One
Full Link 8:39 Shaky Zoomed in
End Link 1:41 Goodish Back
Full Link 2:07 Good ---
Full bootleg audio for Night 2 - Thread
Show pictures
Cancer patients were given tickets to the show: Post 1 - Post 2 - Thread
Hirokazu fanart - Thread
Cosplay: RoR cover - Kami band
Some pics of the official merch
Shaky videos thread
No Gimme Choco! Thread
1 - 2 - 3
Album of fan-merch given to KitsuneDa-O - Thread
Hynke7 Fan-merch
Famous People:
Fumika ’s(Party Rockets GT member and a friend of Moa) review - Thread
大阪☆春夏秋冬 (Idol)
きゃわふるTORNADO (Idol)
Osaka Shunkashuto (Idol group) members sent flowers and all members attended: Maina (thanked Moa) - Anna - Mana - Eon - Yuna - Runa
Moa later wrote a letter to Anna - Thread
Hynke7 Report
Before & after videos: 1 (Thread) - 2 (Thread) - 3 (Thread) - 4 (Thread)
Heather Cook’s Journey to SSA - Thread
Melz A Vlog
Official Posts:
Post-Show Tweet - Picture - Thread
Another Prophecy from the Fox God - Tweet - Thread

Osaka-Jo Hall

October 14th - Night 1

Tour Thread
Part/Song Link Time Quality Extra Info
1- BABYMETAL DEATH! No videos found
2- Doki Doki Morning No videos found
3- Megitsune No videos found
4- YAVA + Kami Intro
Full (with Kami Intro) Link 5:26 Covered a bit/blurry High/side
5- Amore No videos found
6- Song 4 No videos found
7- Syncopation No videos found
8- Meta Taro No videos found
9- IDZ No videos found
10- Karate No videos found
11- Head banger! No videos found
12- Road of Resistance No videos found
13- The One No videos found
End announcement
2nd part Link 1:13 Good Floor
Full Show
Full Link 1:19:49 Good overview (guy in front) Back
Official WOWOW Broadcast includes Amore and 4 no Uta. Find it in the Pro-Shot spreadsheet.
Walk around before the show
White T-shirt guy spotted
Flags of all the world
Flowers for BM
Empty Arena Notice the very high amount of division on the floor
Facu474 report
Full show - re-upload
Official Posts:
Post-show Tweet - Picture - Thread
Fox God message 3 - Thread

October 15th - Night 2

Tour Thread
Part/Song Link Time Quality Extra Info
Full (with Intro) Link 7:42 Blurry (but good) Floor
2- Gimme Chocolate
Full Link 4:05 Blurry (but good) Floor
Clip Link 0:10 Good Back/High/zoomed in
Clip Link 1:05 Good High/side
3- Megitsune
Full Link 5:18 Blurry (but good) Floor
Clip Link 1:00 Good Back/High/zoomed in
4- YAVA + Kami Intro
Full (with Intro) Link 6:16 Blurry (but good) Floor
5- Akatsuki
Full Link 6:39 Good High/side
6- GJ!
Full Link 3:44 Blurry (but good) Floor
Almost full Link 2:53 Good High/side
7- Syncopation
Full Link 5:25 Blurry (but good) Floor
8- Meta Taro
Clip Link 1:00 Good Back/High/zoomed in
Clip Link 1:34 Good High/side
9- IDZ
Full Link 6:58 Good High/side
Clip Link 0:41 Good Back/High/zoomed in
Clip Link 1:00 Good Back/High/zoomed in
10- Karate
Full Link 5:00 Blurry (but good) Floor
Clip Link 0:20 Good Back/High/zoomed in
Clip Link 1:00 Good Back/High/zoomed in
11- Head banger!
Full Link 5:33 Blurry (but good) Floor
12- Road of Resistance
13- The One
Full Link 8:44 Good High/side
Clip - Start Link 1:00 Good Back/High/zoomed in
End Announcement
Full Link 2:10 Good High/side
Full Show
Full (part 1) Link 42:00 Bad Side/Zoomed in
Full (part 2) Link 36:28 Bad Side/Zoomed in
Official WOWOW Broadcast: Full show except for Akatsuki, GJ!, IDZ, and the end of show announcement. Find it in the Pro-Shot spreadsheet.
WOWOW posters given out at entry - Thread
Video inside venue waiting for BM
4 no Uta at an After-party
Source of Instagram videos
Full show thread
Floor videos Thread - Syncopation thread
High/side videos thread
Bootleg audio from Live Viewing - Thread
Facu474 Live Viewing report
Blu-ray set sale announcement
WOWOW Broadcast:
Ad/teaser - Thread 1 - Thread 2
Gimme Choco Teaser - Thread
Live viewing thread
Release: Part 1 - Part 2 - Consolidation
Natalie Report - Thread
Rockin’on Report (Pics are only SSA) - Thread
Emma & Jess video - Thread
Facu474 report
Official Posts:
Post-show Tweet - Picture - Thread

LEGEND S - Hiroshima Green Arena

December 2nd - Night 1 - The One only show

Tour Thread
Rules - Thread
Part/Song Link Time Quality Extra Info
Full (part 1) Link 2:46 Shaky Screen filming
Full (part 2) Link 8:22 Shaky High/side
1- IDZ
Full Link 5:41 Shaky High/side
2- Gimme Chocolate
Full (skip in the middle) Link 3:48 Shaky High/side
3- Doki Doki Morning
Full Link 3:40 Shaky High/side
4- Akatsuki
Full Link 6:54 Shaky High/side
5- GJ! (Moa solo ver.)
Full Link 3:10 Shaky High/side
6- Syncopation
Full Link 4:26 Shaky High/side
7- Meta Taro
Full Link 5:11 Shaky High/side
8- No Rain, No Rainbow
Full Link 6:34 Shaky High/side
9- 4 no Uta (Moa solo ver.)
Full Link 4:27 Shaky High/side
10- Megitsune
Full Link 7:28 Shaky High/side
11- Karate
Full Link 4:13 Shaky High/side
12- Road of Resistance
Full Link 6:37 Shaky High/side
13- Head banger! (Night of 20 ver.)
Full Link 5:12 Shaky High/side
Full Link 7:36 Shaky High/side
15- The One (mixed version)
Full Link 11:30 Shaky High/side
General sale sold out in 1 minute
Rules for visiting Okonomimura Itsukushima during the weekend (Where Su ate Okonomiyaki)
Videos showing crew entering stage items (Thread) - Video Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3
RockSound article - Alternative Press article - Thread
Bus leaving Tokyo with fans - Watching a certain movie ;)
Takayoshi, Mikio and BOH visited a guitar shop in Hiroshima
A very obscure cosplay
A book for fans to sign at the Tower Records desk for Su - Inside notebook
A good look at the three sacred trasures (with the mask lit up) - Staff had golden versions
Stage pics: Portal - Heads - Overview
Full Night 1 Bootleg audio - Thread
Yui live on Mic during BM Death? (Thread)
Head banger lyric change
Kamishibai Transcribed
Translated LEGEND S Merch “script” - Thread - Hood Script translations
Video threads:
First video (Thread)
No Rain, No Rainbow (Thread)
GJ! (Moa-solo ver.) + more videos (Thread)
Gimme Chocolate + more videos Thread (Su has a sync problem on Gimme Choco, too fast)
Official Posts:
Announcement - Thread
Merch Information - Thread
Yui is unable to perform - Thread

December 3rd - Night 2

Tour Thread
Part/Song Link Time Quality Extra Info
1- IDZ No videos found
2- Gimme Chocolate No videos found
3- Doki Doki Morning No videos found
4- Akatsuki
Full Link 5:29 Shaky Zoomed in/Some screen Filming
Full Link 6:40 Great High
Evil Su part Link 0:52 Good High/side
5- GJ! (Moa solo ver.)
Full Link 2:47 Great High
6- Syncopation
Full Link 4:29 Great High
Full Link 4:09 Shaky Zoomed in/Some screen Filming
7- Meta Taro
Full Link 5:18 Great High
8- No Rain, No Rainbow
Full Link 4:41 Great High
Full Link 4:46 Shaky Zoomed in/Some screen Filming
9- 4 no Uta (Moa solo ver.)
2nd Part Link 1:49 Good High/side
10- Megitsune
Full Link 4:59 Good view of lights Top of Arena
11- Karate No videos found
12- Road of Resistance No videos found
13- Head banger! (Night of 20 ver.)
Full Link 4:27 Good High/Side
Full Link 4:52 Good view of lights Top of Arena/sideways
2nd Part Link 2:33 Great High
Part Link 2:05 Average Zoomed in
15- The One (mixed version)
Full (with Intro) Link 14:00 Great High
Full (part 1) Link 4:59 Good view of lights Top of Arena/Sideways
Full (part 2) Link 4:59 Good view of lights Top of Arena/Sideways
Full Show
Full (part 1) Link 56:52 Shaky High/side
Full (part 2) Link 48:36 Shaky High/side
Highlights Link 14:57 Shaky Zoomed in
1 minute Pro-shot on TV - Thread
Delorean spotted in Hiroshima Peace Park
People lineing up at the Okonomimura restaurant (where Su ate) - People eating there
Post-it notes at the BM stand at Tower Records Hiroshima
Pic of outside the venue
Custom guitars Kari band used for the shows displayed in Big Boss Hiroshima store
Pepcok Yui drawing - Thread
X Hiroshima (X Japan tribute group) had tons of BM fans come and see them play
Suzuka Graduation Photobook and uniform in the background of the latest Sakura Gakuin FRESH episode - /SakuraGakuin Fresh Live-stream thread - Post-thread
Wonderfull Journey (Funko pops) - Thread
ESP Official Blog about BM in Hiroshima - Thread
SuzukaYuiMoa's Fan-merch haul - Another fan’s haul - Another
Curious letter choice and placement for the floor areas “Chosen Lights”
Cake for Su’s birthday at after party - Singing Happy Birthday - Meta Taro
Signature of Su and message at the end of the show ("The new LEGEND starts here")
Full Night 2 Bootleg audio - Thread
A good view of the new outfit + more pictures
Crucifixion picture (and more)
Head Banger (outside venue edition)
Old Su quotes in Hedoban Vol. 16
Report + Interview in Hedoban Vol. 17: Part 1 - Part 2
Barks report with pro-shots - Pictures - Thread
Natalie report with pro-shots - Thread
Tokyo Girls Update report - Pictures - Thread
Kerrang 1702 - Thread
Blog reporting Su's voice improvement - Thread
SuzukaYuiMoa review
Sho-tablue report on the first stop of the BM Wonderfull Journey (Funkos)
Xenium's show report
(Slightly related) Facu474’s Suzuka Photobook Pilgrimage (in October)
Is the opening song a new song?
Was there back track for Yui for Song 4?
Full show fancam of night 2
Fancam of The One
Official Posts:
Post-show Tweet - Picture - Thread
Su Birthday Tweet (on the 20th) - Picture - Thread
submitted by Facu474 to BABYMETAL [link] [comments]

2017.06.09 07:38 tombstoneshadows28 All of the MPAA/CARA-rated films of 2001 (out of the 4,043 films released worldwide that year.)

  1. Back To The Secret Garden (Director: Michael Tuchner)
  2. Crème glacée, chocolat et autres consolations (Director: Julie Hivon)
  3. Danny’s Wish (Director: Ian Keiser)
  4. Forgotten Valor (Director: Lane Nishikawa)
  5. Horse Crazy (Director: Eric Hendershot)
  6. Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius (Director: John A. Davis)
  7. MVP: Most Vertical Primate (Director: Robert Vince)
  8. Monsters, Inc. (Directors: Pete Docter, David Silverman + Lee Unkrich)
  9. Pokémon 4Ever (Directors: Kunihiko Yuyama + Jim Malone)
  10. Recess: School’s Out (Director: Chuck Sheetz)
  11. Secret Ballot (Director: Babak Payami)
  12. The Happy Cricket From The Amazon (Director: Walbercy Ribas)
  13. The Little Bear Movie (Director: Raymond Jafelice)
  14. The Little Polar Bear (Directors: Piet De Rycker + Thilo Rothkirch)
  15. The Penny Promise (Directors: T.C. Christensen + Timothy J. Nelson)
  16. The Princess Diaries (Director: Garry Marshall)
  17. The Trumpet Of The Swan (Directors: Terry L. Noss + Richard Rich)
  1. A Passage To Ottawa (Director: Gaurav Seth)
  2. All About You (Director: Christine Swanson)
  3. All Over Again (Director: Cleve Nettles)
  4. Almost Salinas (Director: Terry Green)
  5. Atlantis: The Lost Empire (Director: Gary Trousdale + Kirk Wise)
  6. Baran (Director: Majid Majidi)
  7. Bug Off! (Director: T.C. Christensen)
  8. Cats + Dogs (Director: Lawrence Guterman)
  9. Christmas Carol: The Movie (Director: Jimmy T. Murakami)
  10. Christmas In The Clouds (Director: Kate Montgomery)
  11. Crocodile Dundee In Los Angeles (Director: Simon Wincer)
  12. Da wan (Director: Xiagang Feng)
  13. Delivering Mile (Director: Nick Castle)
  14. Dr. Doolittle II (Director: Steve Carr)
  15. Extremedays (Director: Eric Hannah)
  16. Harry Potter + The Sorcerer’s Stone (Director: Chris Columbus)
  17. Her Majesty (Director: Mark J. Gordon)
  18. Hildegarde (Director: Di Drew)
  19. In Praise Of Love (Director: Jean-Luc Godard)
  20. Joe Somebody (Director: John Pasquin)
  21. Jump Tomorrow (Director: Joel Hopkins)
  22. Kids World (Director: Dale G. Bradley)
  23. Kingdom Come (Director: Doug McHenry)
  24. Lagaan: Once Upon A Time In India (Director: Ashutosh Gowariker)
  25. Little Secrets (Director: Blair Treu)
  26. Lloyd (Director: Hector Barron)
  27. Madison (Director: William Bindley)
  28. Max Keeble’s Big Move (Director: Tim Hill)
  29. Millennium Actress (Director: Satoshi Kon)
  30. Miss Minoes (Director: Vincent Bal)
  31. Mostly Martha (Director: Sandra Nettelbeck)
  32. Mr. Bones (Director: Gray Hofmeyr)
  33. On Their Knees (Director: Anais Granofsky)
  34. On The Line (Director: Eric Bross)
  35. Osmosis Jones (Director: Bobby Farrelly + Peter Farrelly)
  36. Pauline + Paulette (Director: Lieven Debrauwer)
  37. Race To Space (Director: Sean McNamara)
  38. Road To Redemption (Director: Robert Vernon)
  39. Shaolin Soccer (Director: Stephen Chow)
  40. Shrek (Directors: Andrew Adamson + Vicky Jenson)
  41. Skippy (Director: Dionysius Zervos)
  42. Spirited Away (Director: Hayao Miyazaki)
  43. Spy Kids (Director: Robert Rodriguez)
  44. The Emperor’s New Clothes (Director: Alan Taylor)
  45. The Lost Skeleton Of Cadavra (Director: Larry Blamire)
  46. The Majestic (Director: Frank Darabont)
  47. The Mystic Masseur (Director: Ismail Merchant)
  48. The Other Side Of Heaven (Director: Mitch Davis)
  49. Un amor en Moisés Ville (Directors: Daniel Barone + Antonio Ottone)
  50. Wooly Boys (Director: Lesrek Burzynski)
  51. Ziti Hui Mie (Director: Ziqiang Lin)
  1. A Beautiful Mind (Director: Ron Howard)
  2. A Documentary (Director: Richard May)
  3. A Knight’s Tale (Director: Brian Helgeland)
  4. A Month Of Sundays (Director: Stewart Raffill)
  5. A Sensible Obsession (Director: George David Jiha)
  6. A Song For Martin (Director: Bille August)
  7. A.I. Artificial Intelligence (Director: Steven Spielberg)
  8. All The Queen’s Men (Director: Stefan Ruzowitzky)
  9. American Outlaws (Director: Les Mayfield)
  10. An American Rhapsody (Director: : Éva Gárdos)
  11. AntiTrust (Director: Peter Howitt)
  12. Autumn Spring (Director: Vladimír Michálek)
  13. Avalon (Director: Mamoru Oshii)
  14. Bandits (Director: Barry Levinson)
  15. Bartleby (Director: Jonathan Parker)
  16. Behind Enemy Lines (Director: John Moore)
  17. Behind THe Sun (Director: Walter Salles)
  18. Beijing Bicycle (Director: Xiaoshuai Wang)
  19. Beneath Loch Ness (Director: Chuck Comisky)
  20. Betaville (Director: Tom Small)
  21. Black Night (Director: Gil Junger)
  22. Bringham City (Director: Richard Dutcher)
  23. Bubble Boy (Director: Blair Hayes)
  24. Carman: The Champion (Director: Lee Stanley
  25. Charlotte Gray (Director: Gillian Armstrong)
  26. Corky Romano (Director: Rob Pritts)
  27. Cowboy Up (Director: Xavier Koller)
  28. Crazy/Beautiful (Director: John Stockwell)
  29. Dei seung chui keung (Director: Wei Tung)
  30. Diary Of A City Priest (Director: Eugene Martin)
  31. Domestic Disturbance (Director: Harold Becker)
  32. Double Take (Director: George Gallo)
  33. Driven (Director: Renny Harlin)
  34. Escanaba In Da Moonlight (Director: Jeff Daniels)
  35. Evolution (Director: Ivan Reitman)
  36. Face Value (Director: Michael Miller)
  37. Festival In Cannes (Director: Henry Jaglom)
  38. Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within (Directors: Hironbu Sakaguchi + Motonori Sakakibara)
  39. Flossin (Directors: Jimmy Bridges + Todd Bridges)
  40. Focus (Director: Neal Slaven)
  41. Genesis (Director: Kenneth Scicluna)
  42. Get Over It (Director: Tommy O’Haver)
  43. Glitter (Director: Vondie Curtis-Hall)
  44. Green Dragon (Director: Timothy Linh Bui)
  45. Hardball (Director: Brian Robbins)
  46. Head Over Heels (Director: Mark Waters)
  47. Heartbreakers (Director: David Mirkin)
  48. Hearts In Atlantis (Director: Scott Hicks)
  49. Herman U.S.A. (Director: Bill Semans)
  50. Hip Hop 4 Life (Director: David Velo Stewart)
  51. Horror 101 (Director: James Glenn Dudelson)
  52. Hwasango (Director: Taegyun Kim)
  53. I Am Sam (Director: Jessie Nelson)
  54. In Camera (Director: James Muir)
  55. Invincible (Director: Werner Herzog)
  56. Joe Dirt (Director: Dennie Gordon)
  57. Josie + The Pussycats (Directors: Harry Elfont + Deborah Kaplan)
  58. Judgment (Director: André van Heerden)
  59. Jurassic Park III (Director: Joe Johnston)
  60. Just Visiting (Director: Jean-Marie Poiré)
  61. K-PAX (Director: Iain Softley)
  62. Kate + Leopold (Director: James Mangold)
  63. Chilly Dogs (director: Bob Spiers)
  64. Lara Croft: Tomb Raider (Director: Simon West)
  65. Legally Blonde (Director: Robert Luketic)
  66. Longshot (Director: Lionel C. Martin)
  67. Losing Hope (Director: Tony Urban)
  68. Lover’s Prayer (Director: Reverge Anselmo)
  69. Lucky Break (Director: Peter Cattaneo)
  70. Master (Director: Suneil Anand)
  71. Megiddo: The Omega Code II (Director: Brian Trenchard-Smith + Paul J. Lombardi)
  72. Metropolis (Director: Rintaro)
  73. Monkeybone (Director: Henry Selick)
  74. Morgan’s Ferry (Director: Sam Pillsbury)
  75. Moulin Rouge! (Director: Baz Luhrmann)
  76. New Port South (Director: Kyle Cooper)
  77. Ocean’s Eleven (Director: Steven Soderbergh)
  78. Olive Juice (Director: Ken Hastings)
  79. On Edge (Director: Karl Slovin)
  80. Out Cold (Directors: Brendan Malloy + Emmett Malloy)
  81. Pearl Harbor (Director: Michael Bay)
  82. Planet Of The Apes (Director: Tim Burton)
  83. Pootie Tang (Director: Louis C.K.)
  84. Povodyr (Director: Aleksandr Efremov)
  85. Pressure Point (Director: Eric Weston)
  86. Rat Race (Director: Jerry Zucker)
  87. Reversal (Director: Alan Vint)
  88. Riding In Cars With Boys (Director: :Penny Marshall)
  89. Rocky Road (Director: Geoff Cunningham)
  90. Rush Hour II (Director: Brett Ratner)
  91. Rustin (Director: Rick Johnson)
  92. Save The Last Dance (Director: Thomas Carter)
  93. Saving Silverman (Director: Dennis Dugan)
  94. Serendipity (Director: Peter Chelsom)
  95. Shallow Hal (Director: Bobby Farrelly + Peter Farrelly)
  96. Someone Like You... (Director: Tony Goldwyn)
  97. Soul Survivors (Director: Stephen Carpenter)
  98. Stolen Tangos (Director: Eduardo de Gregorio)
  99. Sugar + Spice (Director: Francine McDougall)
  100. Summer Catch (Director: Michael Tollin)
  101. Sweet November (Director: Pat O’Connor)
  102. Sweet Revenge (Director: Gordon McLennan)
  103. Texas Rangers (Director: Steve Miner)
  104. The Accidental Spy (Director: Teddy Chan)
  105. The Animal (Director: Luke Greenfield)
  106. The Blue Diner (Director: Jan Egleson)
  107. The Body (Director: Jonas McCord)
  108. The Bread, My Sweet (Director: Melissa Martin)
  109. The Cat’s Meow (Director: Peter Bogdanovich)
  110. The Curse Of The Jade Scorpion (Director: Woody Allen)
  111. The Fast + The Furious (Director: Rob Cohen)
  112. The Glass House (Director: Daniel Sackheim)
  113. The Lady + The Duke (Director: Éric Rohmer)
  114. The Lord Of The Rings: The Fellowship Of The Ring (Director: Peter Jackson)
  115. The Mummy Returns (Director: Stephen Sommers)
  116. The Musketeer (Director: Peter Hyams)
  117. The One (Director: James Wong)
  118. The Others (Director: Alejandro Amenábar)
  119. The Painting (Directors: Peter Manoogian + Joshua D. Rose)
  120. The Pharaoh Project (Director: Brad Tanenbaum)
  121. The Rising Place (Director: Tom Rice)
  122. The Wedding Planner (Director: Adam Shankman)
  123. The Whole Shebang (Director: George Zaloom)
  124. Time Out (Director: Laurent Cantet)
  125. Tortilla Soup (Director: Maria Ripoll)
  126. Totally Blonde (Director: Andrew Van Slee)
  127. Va Savoir (Who Knows?) (Director: Jacques Rivette)
  128. Violet Perfume: No One IS Listening (Director: Marisa Sistach)
  129. What’s The Worst That Could Happen (Director: Sam Weisman)
  130. You Can’t Buy Love (Director: Garrick Wilkie)
  131. Zoolander (Director: Ben Stiller)
  132. Zu Warriors (Director: Hark Tsui)
  1. ‘R Xmas (Director: Abel Ferrara)
  2. 12 Hours (Director: Raúl Marchand Sánchez)
  3. 15 Minutes (Director: John Herzfeld)
  4. 30 Years To Life (Director: Vanessa Middleton)
  5. 3000 Miles To Graceland (Director: Demian Lichtenstein)
  6. A Crack In The Floor (Directors: Sean Stanek + Corbin Timbrook)
  7. A Girl, Three Guys + A Gun (Director: Brent Florence)
  8. A Pocket Full Of Dreams (Director: Vishal Bhandari)
  9. Ablaze (Director: Jim Wynorski)
  10. According To Spencer (Director: Shane Edelman)
  11. Acts Of Worship (Director: Rosemary Rodriguez)
  12. Address Unknown (Director: Ki-duk Kim)
  13. After Image (Director: Robert Managanelli)
  14. Alex In Wonder (Director: Drew Ann Rosenberg)
  15. Ali (Director: Michael Mann)
  16. All Over The Guy (Director: Julie Davis)
  17. All Or Nothing (Director: Adisa)
  18. Alone With A Stranger (Director: Peter Liapis)
  19. Along Came A Spider (Director: Lee Tamahori)
  20. Altered Species (Director: Serge Rodnunsky)
  21. Amazons + Gladiators (Director: Zachary Weintraub)
  22. America’s Sweethearts (Director: Joe Roth)
  23. American Adobo (Director: Laurice Guillen)
  24. American Chai (Director: Anurag Mehta)
  25. American Pie II (Director: J.B. Rogers)
  26. Amy’s Orgasm (Director: Julie Davis)
  27. Amélie (Director: Jean-Pierre Jeunet)
  28. Angel Eyes (Director: Luis Mandoki)
  29. Apartment 12 (Director: Dan Botzin)
  30. Arachnid (Director Jack Sholder)
  31. Ashoka The Great (Director: Santosh Sivan)
  32. Asylum Days (Director: Thomas Elliott)
  33. Atanarjuat: The Fast Runner (Director: Zacharias Kunuk)
  34. Baby Boy (Director: John Singleton)
  35. Bad Karma (Director: John Hough)
  36. Ball In The House (Relative Evil) (Director: Tanya Wexler)
  37. Battle Queen 2020 (Director: Daniel D’Or)
  38. Beyond The City Limits (Director: Gigi Gaston)
  39. Big Bad Love (Director: Arliss Howard)
  40. Biohazardous (Director: Michael J. Hein)
  41. Birds Of Passage (Director: Neil Hollander)
  42. Birthday Girl (Director: Jez Butterworth)
  43. Black Friday (Director: Darren Doane)
  44. Black Hawk Down (Director: Ridley Scott)
  45. Blackwoods (Director: Uwe Boll)
  46. Blind Heat (Director: Adolfo Martinez Solares)
  47. Blow (Director: Ted Demme)
  48. Blow Dry (Director: Paddy Breathnach)
  49. Blue Hill Avenue (Director: Craig Ross, Jr.)
  50. Bodywork (Director: Gareth Rhys Jones)
  51. Bones (Director: Ernest R. Dickerson)
  52. Bottomfeeders (Director: Brian Price)
  53. Bride Of The Wind (Director: Bruce Beresford)
  54. Bridget Jones’s Diary (Director: Sharon Maguire)
  55. Brooklyn Babylon (Director: Marc Levin)
  56. Brotherhood Of The Wolf (Director: Christophe Gans)
  57. Buck Naked Arson (Director: Amy Snow)
  58. Buffalo Soldiers (Director: Gregor Jordan)
  59. Bully (Director: Larry Clark)
  60. CQ (Director: Roman Coppola)
  61. Camouflage (Director: James Keach)
  62. Campfire Stories (Directors: Bob Cea, Andrzej Krakowski + Jeff Mazzola)
  63. Captain Corelli’s Mandolin (Director: John Madden)
  64. Cause Of Death (Director: Marc S. Grenier)
  65. Century Hotel (Director: David Weaver)
  66. Chelsea Walls (Director: Ethan Hawke)
  67. Childhood (Director: Serge Davidoff)
  68. Choke (Director: John Sjogren)
  69. Christmas Nightmare (Director: Vince Di Meglio)
  70. Circles (Director: Jam Kaunda)
  71. Circuit (Director: Dirk Shafer)
  72. Cold Heart (Director: Dennis Dimster)
  73. Cookers (Director: Dan Mintz)
  74. Cowboy Bebop: The Movie (Directors: Shinichirô Watanabe, Tensai Okamura, Yoshiyuki Takei, + Hiroyuki Okiura)
  75. Crash Point Zero (Extreme Limits) (Director: Jim Wynorski)
  76. Critical Mass (Director: Fred Olen Ray)
  77. Crush (Director: John McKay)
  78. Cubbyhouse (Director: Murray Fahey)
  79. Daddy + Them (Director: Billy Bob Thornton)
  80. Dagon (Director: Stuart Gordon)
  81. Dark Asylum (Director: Gregory Gieras)
  82. Dark Blue World (Director: Jan Sverák)
  83. Dead 4: Blood + Guts (Director: Macdonald Carpenter)
  84. Dead Awake (Director: Marc S. Grenier)
  85. Dead Dog (Director: Christopher Goode)
  86. Deadly Rhapsody (Director: Don Abernathy)
  87. Death Game (Director: Menahem Golan)
  88. Demonicus (Director: Jay Woelfel)
  89. Deuces (Director: Michael Winnick)
  90. Devil’s Pray (Director: Bradford May)
  91. Digging With Earnest (Director: Erick Scott)
  92. Dirt (Director: Michael Covert + Tracy Fraim)
  93. Do You Wanna Know A Secret (Director: Thomas Bradford)
  94. Dog Days (Director: Ulrich Seidl)
  95. Don’t Say A Word (Director: Gary Fleder)
  96. Don’t Tempt Me (Director: Agustín Díaz Yanes)
  97. Donnie Darko (Director: Richard Kelly)
  98. Double Bang (Director: Heywood Gould)
  99. Double Deception (Director: Shundo Ohkawa)
  100. Double Whammy (Director: Tom DiCilllo)
  101. Down ‘n Dirty (Director: Fred Williamson)
  102. Down Time (Director: Sean Wilson)
  103. Down + Out With The Dolls (Director: Kurt Voss)
  104. Downward Angel (Director: Kevin Lewis)
  105. Dragon + The Hawk (Director: Mark Steven Grove)
  106. Drop Dead Roses (Director: Jessica Hudson)
  107. Dust (Director: Milcho Manchevski)
  108. Edges Of The Lord (Director: Yurek Bogayevicz)
  109. Elixer (Director: Colm O’Murchu)
  110. Elling (Director: Peter Næss)
  111. Enemy At The Gates (Director: Jean-Jacques Annaud)
  112. Enigma (Director: Michael Apted)
  113. Exit Wounds (Director: Andrzej Bartkowiak)
  114. Extreme Force (Director: Michel Qissi)
  115. Extreme Honor (Director: Steven Rush)
  116. Eyes Are Upon You (Director: David A. Goldberg)
  117. Facing The Enemy (Director: Robert Malenfant)
  118. Falcon Down (Director: Phillip J. Roth)
  119. Fast Sofa (Director: Salomé Breziner)
  120. Fighting Chance (Director: Donald Farmer)
  121. Final (Director: Campbell Scott)
  122. Final Payback (Director: Art Camacho)
  123. Final Solution (Director: Cristobal Krusen)
  124. Finder’s Fee (Director: Jeff Probst)
  125. Firetrap (Director: Harris Done)
  126. Fish In A Barrel (Director: Kent Dalian)
  127. Flying Virus (Killer Buzz) (Director: Jeff Hare)
  128. Forbidden Highway (Director: Kelley Cauthen)
  129. Forgive Me Father (Director: Ivan Rogers)
  130. Formula 51 (Director: Ronny Yu)
  131. Fourplay (Director: Mike Binder)
  132. Frailty (Director: Bill Paxton)
  133. Freddy Got Fingered (Director: Tom Green)
  134. Freez’er (Director: Brian Avenet-Bradley)
  135. From Hell (Director: Albert Hughes + Allen Hughes)
  136. Full Frontal (Director: Kyle Schickner)
  137. Fulltime Killer (Directors: Johnnie To + Ka-Fai Wai)
  138. G.O.D. (Director: Dean Risu)
  139. Gabriela (Director: Vincent Jay Miller)
  140. Gang Tapes (Director: Adam Ripp)
  141. Gangland (Director: Art Camacho)
  142. Gaudi Afternoon (Director: Susan Seidelman)
  143. Get Well Soon (Director: Justin McCarthy)
  144. Ghost World (Director: Terry Zwigoff)
  145. Ghosts Of Mars (Director: John Carpenter)
  146. Girl For Girl (Director: John Quinn)
  147. Going Back (Director: Sidney J. Furie)
  148. Going Greek (Director: Justin Zackham)
  149. Good Advice (Director: Steve Rash)
  150. Good Neighbor (Director: Todd Turner)
  151. Gosford Park (Director: Robert Altman)
  152. Guardian (Director: John Terlesky)
  153. Gypsy 83 (Director: Todd Stephens)
  154. Haiku Tunnel (Directors: Jacob Kornbluth + Josh Kornbluth)
  155. Hannibal (Director: Ridley Scott)
  156. Happy Campers (Director: Daniel Waters)
  157. Harold Robbins’ “Body Parts” (Director: Craig Corman)
  158. Harvard Man (Director: James Toback)
  159. Heart Of Stone (Director: Dale Trevillion)
  160. Hedwig + The Angry Inch (Director: John Cameron Mitchell)
  161. Heist (Director: David Mamet)
  162. Hidden Agenda (Director: Marc S. Grenier)
  163. High Heels + Low Lifes (Director: Mel Smith)
  164. Hollywood Sex Fantasy (Director: Kelley Cauthen)
  165. Honey For Oshun (Director: Humberto Solás)
  166. Hotel (Director: Mike Figgis)
  167. How Harry Became A Tree (Director: Goran Paskaljevic)
  168. How High (Director: Jesse Dylan)
  169. Human Nature (Director: Michael Gondry)
  170. I Love You Baby (Directors: Alfonso Albacete + David Menkes)
  171. Ignition (Director: Yves Simoneau)
  172. Impostor (Director: Gary Fleder)
  173. In The Bedroom (Director: Todd Field)
  174. In The Shadows (Director: Ric Roman Waugh)
  175. Instinct To Kill (Director: Gustavo Graef-Marino)
  176. Intacto (Director: Juan Carlos Fresnadillo)
  177. Intimacy (Director: Patrice Chéreau)
  178. Intimate Affairs (Director: Alan Rudolph)
  179. Iris (Director: Richard Eyre)
  180. Island Prey (Director: William Riead)
  181. Jacked (Director: Timothy Wayne Folsome)
  182. Jackpot (Director: Michael Polish)
  183. Jason X (Director: James Isaac)
  184. Jay + Silent Bob Strike Back (Director: Kevin Smith)
  185. Jeepers Creepers (Director: Victor Salva)
  186. Jesus Christ: Vampire Hunter (Director: Lee Demarbre)
  187. Joy Ride (Director: John Dahl)
  188. Kept (Directors: George Santo Pietro + Fred Olen Ray)
  189. Kill Me Later (Director: Dana Lustig)
  190. Killer Bud (Director: Karl T. Hirsch)
  191. Killer Instinct (Director: Ken Barbet)
  192. Kiss Of The Dragon (Director: Chris Nahon)
  193. Kissing Jessica Stein (Director: Charles Herman-Wurmfeld)
  194. Knights Club (Director: Russell Gannon)
  195. Knockaround Guys (Directors: Brian Koppelman + David Levien)
  196. L.A.P.D.: To Protect + To Serve (Director: Ed Anders)
  197. La Ciénaga (Director: Lucrecia Martel)
  198. Lady In The Box (Director: Christian Otjen)
  199. Laguna (Vendetta) Director: Dennis Berry)
  200. Lan You (Director: Stanley Kwan)
  201. Lantana (Director: Ray Lawrence)
  202. Last Orders (Director: Fred Schepisi)
  203. Last Run (Director: Anthony Hickox)
  204. Last Wedding (Director: Bruce Sweeney)
  205. Lawless Heart (Directors: Tom Hunsinger + Neil Hunter)
  206. Layover (Director: Alan B. McElroy)
  207. Legion Of The Dead (Director: Olaf Ittenbach)
  208. Liars Blub (Director: Bruce Cacho-Negrete)
  209. Life As A House (Director: Irwin Winkler)
  210. Lift (Directors: DeMane Davis + Khari Streeter)
  211. Lip Service (Director: Shawn Schepps)
  212. Little Shop Of Erotica (Director: Ernest G. Sauer)
  213. Lost + Delirious (Director: Léa Pool)
  214. Love Letters: A Romantic Trilogy (Director: Frank A. Caruso)
  215. Love The Hard Way (Director: Peter Sehr)
  216. Lovely + Amazing (Director: Nicole Holofcener)
  217. Lying In Wait (Director: D. Shone Kirkpatrick)
  218. MacArthur Park (Director: Billy Wirth)
  219. Mad Love (Director Vicente Aranda)
  220. Made (Director: Jon Favreau)
  221. Mafioso: The Father, The Son (Director: Anthony Caldarella)
  222. Maniacts (Director: C.W. Cressler)
  223. Manic (Director: Jordan Melamed)
  224. Me Without You (Director: Sandra Goldbacher)
  225. Mean Machine (Director: Barry Skolnick)
  226. Millennium Mambo (Director: Hsiao-Hsien Hou)
  227. Mindstorm (Director: Richard Pepin)
  228. Mindstorm (Director: Mitchell Cox)
  229. Monsoon Wedding (Director: Mira Nail)
  230. Monster’s Ball (Director: Marc Forster)
  231. Mr. In-Between (Director: Paul Sarossy)
  232. Mulholland Dr. (Director: David Lynch)
  233. Mutant Aliens (Director: Bill Plympton)
  234. My Best Friend’s Wife (Director: Doug Finelli)
  235. My First Mister (Director: Christine Lahti)
  236. My Wife Is An Actress (Director: Yvan Attal)
  237. Nailed (Director: Joel Silverman)
  238. Never Again (Director: Eric Schaeffer)
  239. New Alcatraz (Director: Phillip J. Roth)
  240. Night At The Golden Eagle (Director: Adam Rifkin)
  241. Nikita Blues (Director: Marc Cayce)
  242. No Man’s Land (Director: Danis Tanovic)
  243. No One Can Hear You (Director: John Laing)
  244. No Such Thing (Director: Hal Hartley)
  245. No Turning Back (Directors: Julia Montejo + Jesus Nebot)
  246. Nobody’s Baby (Director: David Seltzer)
  247. Not Another Teen Movie (Director: Joel Gallen)
  248. Novocaine (Director: David Atkins)
  249. Nowhere In Africa (Director: Caroline Link)
  250. O (Director: Tim Blake Nelson)
  251. Octopus II: River Of Fear (Director: Yossi Wein)
  252. On The Borderline (Director: Michael Oblowitz)
  253. On The Edge (Director: John Carney)
  254. One-Eyed King (Director: Robert Moresco)
  255. One Night At McCool’s (Director: Harald Zwart)
  256. Onmyoji: The Yin Yang Master (Director: Yôjirô Takita)
  257. Original Sin (Director: Michael Cristofer)
  258. Out Of Line (Director: Johanna Demetrakas)
  259. Pavilion Of Women (Director: Ho Yim)
  260. Pendulum (Director: James D. Deck)
  261. Perfect Fit (Director: Donald P. Borchers)
  262. Perfume (Director: Michael Rymer)
  263. Phantom Love (Director: Madison Monroe)
  264. Picture Claire (Director: Bruce McDonald)
  265. Piñero (Director: Leon Ichaso)
  266. Plan B (Director: Greg Yaitanes)
  267. Platinum Blonde (Director: Cybil Richards)
  268. Pleasures Of Sin (Director: Eric Gibson)
  269. Pretty When You Cry (Director: Jack N. Green)
  270. Prison Song (Director: Darnell Martin)
  271. Protection (Director: John Flynn)
  272. Proximity (Director: Scott Ziehl)
  273. Prozac Nation (Director: Erik Skjoldbjærg)
  274. Pule (Director: Kiyoshi Kurosawa)
  275. Quitting (Director: Yang Zhang)
  276. Rain (Director: Katherine Lindberg)
  277. Rare Birds (Director: Sturla Gunnarsson)
  278. Read My Lips (Director: Jacques Audiard)
  279. Reasonable Doubt (Director: Eric DelaBarre)
  280. Reluctant Hitman (Director: J. Peter Wagstaff)
  281. Rennie’s Landing (Director: Marc Fusco)
  282. Replicant (Director: Ringo Lam)
  283. Resolution (Director: Jay Nuzum)
  284. Revelation (Director: Stuart Urban)
  285. Ricochet River (Director: Deborah Del Prete)
  286. Ripper (Director: John Eyres)
  287. Rock Star (Director: Stephen Herek)
  288. Route 666 (Director: William Wesley)
  289. Runners (Director: Carlo Gustaff)
  290. Runnin’ At Midnite (Director: Pablo Toledo)
  291. Russian Doll (Director: Stavros Kazantzidis)
  292. Samsara (Director: Pan Nalin)
  293. Say It Ain’t So (Director: J.B. Rogers)
  294. Say Nothing (Director: Allan Moyle)
  295. Scary Movie (Director: Keenan Ivory Wayans)
  296. Scenes Of The Crime (Director: Dominque Forma)
  297. Scotland, PA. (Director: Billy Morissette)
  298. Secret Needs (Director: Eric Gibson)
  299. See Spot Run (Director: Jon Whitesell)
  300. Sensual Friends (Director: Jay Madison)
  301. Series 7 : The Contenders (Director: Daniel Minahan)
  302. Session 9 (Director: Brad Anderson)
  303. Seven + A Match (Director: Derek Simonds)
  304. Sex Court: The Movie (Director: John Quinn)
  305. Sex + Lucia (Director: Julio Medem)
  306. Shadow Fury (Director: Makoto Yokoyama)
  307. Shadow Glories (Director: Ziad H. Hamzeh)
  308. Shark Hunter (Director: Matt Codd)
  309. Shot (Director: Roger Roth)
  310. Sidewalks Of New York (Director: Edward Burns)
  311. Sleepless (Director: Dario Argento)
  312. Smokers Only (Director: Verónica Chen)
  313. Snakeskin (Director: Gillian Ashurst)
  314. Snipes (Director: Rich Murray)
  315. Social Misfits (Director: Rene Villar Rios)
  316. Son Of The Bride (Director: Juan José Campanella)
  317. Sorority Girls’ Revenge (Director: Keith Warn)
  318. Sorum (Director: Jong-chan Yun)
  319. Soul Assassin (Director: Laurence Malkin)
  320. Soul Keeper (Director: Darin Ferriola)
  321. Sound Of The Sea (Director: Bigas Luna)
  322. Speaking Of Sex (Director: John McNaughton)
  323. Spiders II: Breeding Ground (Director: Sam Firstenberg)
  324. Spy Game (Director: Tony Scott)
  325. St. John’s Wort (Director: Ten Shimoyama)
  326. Stickmen (Director: Hamish Rothwell)
  327. Storytelling (Director: Todd Solondz)
  328. Stranded (Director: Maria Lidón)
  329. Strictly Sinatra (Director: Peter Capaldi)
  330. Suckers (Director: Roger Nygard)
  331. Suddenly Naked (Director: Anne Wheeler)
  332. Suicide Run (Directors: Ashley Patino + Mike Pickering)
  333. Sunstorm (Director: Mike Marvin)
  334. Super Troopers (Director: Jay Chandrasekhar)
  335. Survivors Exposed (Director: Doug Hoffman)
  336. Swordfish (Director: Dominic Sena)
  337. Tail Sting (Director: Paul Wynne)
  338. Tangled (Director: Jay Lowi)
  339. Tape (Director: Richard Linklater)
  340. Tart (Director: Christina Wayne)
  341. Tempted (Director: Bill Bennett)
  342. The Affair Of The Necklace (Director: Charles Shyer)
  343. The Anniversary Party (Directors: Alan Cumming + Jennifer Jason Leigh)
  344. The Arena (Director: Timur Bekmambetov)
  345. The Attic Expeditions (Director: Jeremy Kasten)
  346. The Believer (Director: Henry Bean)
  347. The Boys Of Sunset Ridge (Director: Doug McKeon)
  348. The Breed (Director: Michael Oblowitz)
  349. The Brothers (Director: Gary Hardwick)
  350. The Bunker (Director: Rob Green)
  351. The Business Of Strangers (Director: Patrick Stettner)
  352. The Caveman’s Valentine (Director Kasi Lemmons)
  353. The Château (Jesse Peretz)
  354. The Closet (Director: Francis Veber)
  355. The Cross (Director: Lance Tracy)
  356. The Cure For Boredom (Director: Ruben Preuss)
  357. The Deep End (Director: Scott McGehee + David Siegel)
  358. The Devil’s Backbone (Director: Guillermo del Toro)
  359. The Elite (Director: Terry Cunningham)
  360. The Enemy (Director: Tom Kinninmont)
  361. The Experiment (Director: Oliver Hirschbiegel)
  362. The Fluffer (Directors: Richard Glatzer + Wash Westmoreland)
  363. The Forsaken (Director: J.S. Cardone)
  364. The Fourth Angel (Director: John Irvin)
  365. The Gaul (Director: Jacques Dorfmann)
  366. The Grey Zone (Director: Tim Blake Nelson)
  367. The Happiness Of The Katakuris (Director: Takashi Miike)
  368. The Hole (Director: Nick Hamm)
  369. The Hollywood Sign (Director: Sönke Wortmann)
  370. The Holy Land (Director: Eitan Gorlin)
  371. The Homecoming Of Jimmy Whitecloud (Director: Paul Winters)
  372. The Ignorant Fairies (His Secret Life) (Director: Ferzan Ozpetek)
  373. This Invisible Circus (Director: Adam Brooks)
  374. The Jimmy Show (Director: Frank Whaley)
  375. The Journeyman (Director: James Crowley)
  376. The Last Castle (Director: Rod Lurie)
  377. The Last Kiss (Director: Gabriele Muccino)
  378. The Last Supper or How Two Madmen Made A Film (Director: Vojko Anzeljc)
  379. The Legend of Suriyothai (Director: Chatrichalerm Yukol)
  380. The Long Run (Director: Jean Stewart)
  381. The Man Who Wasn’t There (Director: Joel Coen)
  382. The Man From Elysian Fields (Director: George Hickenlooper)
  383. The Medicine Show (Director: Wendell Morris)
  384. The Mexican (Director: Gore Verbinski)
  385. The Midnight Hour (Director: Emmanuel Itier)
  386. The Navigators (Director: Ken Loach)
  387. The Next Big Thing (Director: P.J. Posner)
  388. The Order (Director: Sheldon Lettich)
  389. The Parole Officer (Director: John Duigan)
  390. The Piano Teacher (Director: Michael Haneke)
  391. The Pledge (Director: Sean Penn)
  392. The Point Men (Director: John Glen)
  393. The Pool (Director: Boris von Sychowski)
  394. The Princess Blade (Director: Shinsuke Sato)
  395. The Private Public (Director: Dana Altman)
  396. The Proposal (Director: Richard Gale)
  397. The Quickie (Director: Sergei Bodrov)
  398. The Rage Within (Director: Mike Norris)
  399. The Red Right Hand (Directors: Mike Gioscia + Kurt St. Thomas)
  400. The Remnant (Director: Rick Jordan)
  401. The Riff (Director: Mark W. Allen)
  402. The Royal Tenenbaums (Director: Wes Anderson)
  403. The Safety Of Objects (Director: Rose Troche)
  404. The Score (Director: Frank Oz)
  405. The Secret Pact (Director: Rodney Gibbons)
  406. The Shaft (Director: Dick Maas)
  407. The Shipment (Director: Alex Wright)
  408. The Shipping News (Director: Lasse Hallström)
  409. The Shrink Is In (Director: Richard Benjamin)
  410. The Sleepy Time Gal (Director: Christopher Munch)
  411. The Son’s Room (Director: Nanni Moretti)
  412. The Tailor Of Panama (Director: John Boorman)
  413. The Triumph Of Love (Director: Clare Peploe)
  414. The Unsaid (Director: Tom McLoughlin)
  415. The Waking (Director: Tim Card)
  416. The Warrior (Director: Asif Kapadia)
  417. The Warrior (Director: Sung-Su Kim)
  418. The Wash (Director: DJ Pooh)
  419. The Wind (Director: Michael Mongillo)
  420. They Crawl (Director: John Allardice)
  421. Things Behind The Sun (Director: Allison Anders)
  422. Thir13en Ghosts (Director: Steve Beck)
  423. Thirteen Conversations About One Thing (Director: Jill Sprecher)
  424. Ticker (Director: Albert Pyun)
  425. To End All Wars (Director: David L. Cunningham)
  426. Tomcats (Director: Gregory Poirier)
  427. Town + Country (Director: Peter Chelsom)
  428. Training Day (Director: Antoine Fuqua)
  429. Treed Murray (Director: William Phillips)
  430. True Blue (Director: J.S. Cardone)
  431. Tuno Negro (Directors: Pedro L. Barbero + Vicente J. Martin)
  432. Two Can Play That Game (Director: Mark Brown)
  433. Two Coyotes (Director: Jose Reyes Bencomo)
  434. Unseen Evil (Director: Jay Woelfel)
  435. Valentine (Director: Jamie Blanks
  436. Vanilla Sky (Director: Cameron Crowe)
  437. Vengeance (Director: Brian Belefant)
  438. Venus + Mars (Director: Harry Mastrogeorge)
  439. Vidocq (Director: Pitof)
  440. Viktor Vogel - Commercial Man (Director: Lars Kraume)
  441. Viva Las Nowhere (Director: Jason Bloom)
  442. Waking Life (Director: Richard Linklater)
  443. Wasabi (Director: Gérard Krawczyk)
  444. Watchtower (Director: George Mihalka)
  445. Wendigo (Director: Larry Fessenden)
  446. Wet Hot American Summer (Director: David Wain)
  447. What To Do In Case Of Fire (Director: Gregor Schnitzler)
  448. When Strangers Appear (Director: Scott Reynolds)
  449. Who Is Cletis Tout? (Director: Chris Ver Wiel)
  450. Wish You Were Dead (Director: Valerie McCaffrey)
  451. Witness To A Kill (Director: Darrell Roodt)
  452. Women In Film (Director: Bruce Wagner)
  453. World Traveler (Director: Bart Freundlich)
  454. Xchange (Director: Allan Moyle)
  455. Y tu mamá también (Director: Alfonso Cuarón)
  456. Zigs (Director: Mars Callahan)
  1. L.I.E. (Director: Michael Cuesta)
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2016.09.26 03:25 KaigaiFukei Translated Tokyo Dome Report from a Taiwanese Kitsune

I found a very detailed report complete with lots of pictures of someone's experience at TD that I really liked on a Chinese message board so I got his permission to translate it and post it here on Reddit. It's a wall of text but it's worth reading.
Please PM me if you find any mistakes that I've missed. Hope you guys all enjoy this report as much as I did!
Original sources here:

Red Night

After the 9/18 party the night before, I didn't sleep too much. At around 7:30 I forced myself to wake up and start following my planned schedule. I checked my Twitter and found that there were people lining up for merch at 5 or 6 a.m.
There were some rich Japanese kitsunes that stayed at the hotel closest to Tokyo Dome that could watch people slowly line up for the merch.
Today's plan is to take the train and visit Asagaya Shinmeiguu [The location where the Megitsune MV was shot] first. I browsed the internet while on the train and found out that the bassist of Dragonforce also came to Tokyo! He must be here to see Moa!!
Going there from Akihabara took about half an hour. Walking from Asagaya Station to Shinmeiguu is actually close. I saw a kitsune wearing a BM t-shirt right after I left the station, they're really everywhere. I arrived at the shrine after around 5 minutes.
There's no fee to enter the shrine, you can see the platform that the Megitsune MV was shot on. It even had the signatures of the three BM members placed there for everyone to take pictures of. The signatures were only there on 9/19 and 9/20.
This was such a rare experience that I also brought a prop to improve the view.
All the people here donating money and buying charms were kitsunes!
After this, it was times to go straight to Tokyo Dome! I started to feel a kind of excitement that was completely different from attending music festivals or last year's SSA and Makuhari Messe concerts. This is because BM are on a completely different level now. I headed towards Tokyo Dome with this feeling of excitement and saw the Kami Band right after I got off the train!
On the way to Tokyo Dome, there were a bunch of kitsunes. The atmosphere felt completely different from yesterday! You can tell if people were kitsunes or not just by looking at their clothes.
When I got to the venue, I saw the merch area from last night... I'm really thankful that Amuse opened up online orders for the merch, or else I would have lined up at 2 or 3 in the morning even without sleeping.
The crowd started getting bitter at around 10. At this time it was only raining very lightly, putting on the The One hood towel was enough. My mission now is to find cosplayers (x) girls (o) to take pictures of!!
The first person I saw was someone wearing a The Dark Knight costume. I think he was also letting other people try it on but I was too shy.
After that I found the Kami Band. They were just missing BOH. The ESP guitars they were holding were really similar to the real thing!
I also captured Eric [@kumayama on twitter] who was interviewed by a Japanese tv show before. He's sort of famous and goes to all the BM live shows.
Next I caught the two cosplaying girls from England with the Kami Band !!
After greeting them I also took some pictures with them!
I even found the legendary recording god [I'm not sure who this is supposed to be], she was very cute!
The rain started to fall harder after noon. Everyone started hiding under any cover they could find so it became harder to find people to take pictures with but I still pushed on.
These two girls' cosplay were on point. It was great.
Mori-sensei cosplayer with HA-Metal who is only 9 years old. Her dad even gave us a self introduction sticker that she wrote herself. She does BM dance covers on youtube. The two people in the back are kitsunes from Taiwan.
Another two little girls.
There was a guy who kept a flag he made himself held up high through the rain.
Near the end I found BOH with another two cosplaying little girls.
Some pictures from twitter:
An England kitsune (Japanese people call him "23 year-san," because he said he had 23 years of heavy metal history when he was interviewed) was interviewed by a Japanese TV crew.
There was also Tomato-kun.
The pikachu that showed up at different music festivals.
At noon I met up with a kitsune from Macau. He introduced me to a group of Japanese kitsunes and we ate lunch together. We talked a lot and traded stories. They were very surprised at our decisiveness and ability to buy merchandise. I told them that when we buy stuff we just use our credit cards with our eyes closed. There is even a Taiwan kitsune that bought the 60,000 yen guitar with his credit card. After we talked a bit, BABYMETAL's Gimmie Chocolate came on the speakers and everyone started cheering!! I looked around and saw that 80% of the people there were kitsunes. All that was missing was someone yelling "We are" and everyone would reply with "BABYMETAL."
There was a kitsune that shared a story about when he went to see Taguchi Hana's Torahime show and Su and Moa were also there! Their manager and the president of Amuse were there beside them. He was able to give Su and Moa things through their manager. He said that Su was very idol-like at the time, totally different from the Su-Metal on stage. Moa still had the same playful personality and raised both her hands in front of her and said she'll do her best. Completely charming him!
It was very fun sharing these stories with them.
One we ate and drank our fill, we started getting ready to enter the venue. We started gathering together at 3:30 and started entering at 4. At this time, it started raining harder and the crowd outside was becoming bigger and bigger. The merch lines still had the same lining up, it was pretty crazy. I'm guessing 60% of the people were attending their first BM concert so they didn't know that you need to join The One before being allowed to buy a lot of the stuff so the The One towel was the first to sell out.
My entry point this time was at Gate 41, at the third base position and near the top of the dome. Even though the seat wasn't very good, I'd be satisfied with a seat at the very top level for this historical moment! The lineup to get in didn't move until 20 minutes after the announced time.
After the bag check, you're given a ticket with your seat number and a weird circlet.
I recharged some energy after entering the venue. There's no need to worry about food or drinks, you just need to bring money. That's not a problem!
My seat was around the very top of home base. The moment I entered, I was impressed by the BM behind the scene crew with their stage design. It was fxcking amazing!! With the magic circle in the middle and three catwalks extending out, it was like SSA, Makuhari Messe and Yokohama Arena where the Kami Band are in the middle and the three BM members can run around the outside. The outside circle is like Budokan where it can rotate. But if you thought that was it, you're sorely mistaken…
The show started around 20 minutes late. So thrilling and exciting!
The Setlist:
  1. Road of Resistance
  2. Yava!
  3. Iine
  4. Syncopation
  5. Amore
  6. GJ!
  7. Akumu No Rondo (Rondo of Nightmare)
  8. Yon no Uta (Song 4)
  9. Catch Me If You Can (w/Kami Band Instrumental & Call & Response)
  10. Gimmie Chocolate
  11. Karate (w/Call & Response)
  12. Tales Of The Destinies (Live Debut)
  13. THE ONE English Ver.
The show started with Road of Resistance. Who knew the three of them would appear at the very top of the stage!! It was easy to see them clearly at the top, the crew really thought of the people sitting far away. This beginning of this first song almost made me cry already... The WOWOWOWOW at music festivals are nothing compared to this... Their solo concert audience has much more synchronized singing. With 55,000 people singing WOWOWOWOW together, my heart was filled emotion... At this point tears just fell down on their own accord. Ahh..... I have no regrets in this life!!
Everyone's support for the next songs Yava! and Iine was also very fitting. Everyone yelled "Moshushu" very loudly. I finally saw the next song Syncopation live!! Su-Metal's aura was very impressive and her voice control was also very good. Yui and Moa's crowd interaction and dancing amazed me even more... So that's how this song was choreographed. Entering the lottery for a red night ticket wasn't pointless!! I was satisfied with just being able to hear this song!
Amore came next and Su went to the top of the stage again! The top of the stage was really much easier to see. With GJ!, Yui and Moa stayed on the bottom stage and interacted with the crowd. The effect was pretty amazing. After that Su's Rondo of Nightmare was just like at Budokan, where the stage rotated as she sang. Next was the two girl's Song 4, bringing the atmosphere in the venue to the highest point with their call and response. They even split the stadium up into three sections. My section was Vitamin C. (Isn't this their senpai Perfume's gimmick?)
With Catch Me If You Can came the Kami Band's solos. The response everyone gave this time was the biggest I've seen for BM shows, showing that kitsunes don't just look for the three girls anymore. This makes me feel that only with Su, Yui, Moa and the Kami Band combined is it BABYMETAL.
CMIYC's crowd interaction with fifty-five thousand people yelling "HI, HI, HI, HI" was very impressive.
After that Gimmie Chocolate and Karate came without a pause in between. During Karate, Su took out the "EVERYBODY JUMP!" trick that she used at music festivals. That made me want to jump a bit, but if I did that at the top, I probably would have fallen down... I wanted to mosh so badly..
Last of all was Tales of the Destinies!!!! This is probably the biggest selling point of this concert. With this song, I really have no regrets in this life... It even transitioned smoothly into THE ONE English Ver. When 55,000 people sang WOWOWOWOW together, during that one moment, it really felt as if everyone's heart were one. The corsets on our necks were also pulsing along with the music... Damn... At this point I couldn't hold back my tears anymore and they just started flowing…
One for all, All for One, We are THE ONE
Once it was over, it was time to exit the building. I have to respect the Japanese people for this. They went section by section in a very orderly way. Seeing the announcement for 9/20 's black night made me start to feel excited again.
Thank you, Tokyo Dome!
Just like that, less than an hour and a half passed by... It was so fulfilling... After the show, the Taiwan kitsunes moved to Akihabara for an after party. Half the people there were only here to see Black Night so it was like a pre-show party for them. Eating grilled meat to my heart's content…
Right now the excitement from the previous few hours is still flowing through me. Hopefully this report can let kitsunes that were unable to go feel the same excitement I felt. I wonder what kind of experience and surprises the 9/20 Black Night will bring!

Black Night

After Red Night I really felt like I had used up all my energy. I slept until around 1 p.m. before getting up and heading over to Tokyo Dome. Maybe it was because I ate too much grilled meat and drank too much beer last night, but I wasn’t hungry and had a bit of a hangover. Today’s weather was worse than yesterday, probably because the typhoon was getting closer to Tokyo. However, that’s not enough to stop kitsune’s love for BM so I got ready and headed out.
Once I left the house and checked twitter on the train, I found out that Dragonforce’s bassist (x) Moa fan (o) Federic is here!
When I got to the venue, it was raining pretty hard. Compared to yesterday’s light rain when there were more people walking around the plaza, almost everyone was looking for cover and hiding from the rain. However, there were actually more people lining up for merch today. I didn’t plan on buying anything so that didn’t affect me. I recommend people who are going to BM shows that want to buy merch to enter THE ONE and buy from the online store so you don’t have to waste your time. The time spent at the venue should be used to socialize with other kitsunes (x) take pictures (o).
There were really too many people hiding from the rain at the venue, so it was not very easy to take pictures. There were a few kitsunes from Taiwan that were only here to see Black Night that couldn’t wait and rushed to the venue. There was even one person whose flight to japan was delayed and came to the venue to take pictures with everyone before checking in at his hotel.
Around 2 hours before doors open, more and more Taiwanese kitsunes gathered. While waiting for the doors to open, I wanted to walk around and look for some interesting cosplays. I ended up seeing a Japanese kitsune being interviewed by a camera crew.
I didn’t see any media crews yesterday, but there were a bunch today. Maybe it’s because they were reporting on news about the typhoon all day.
After looking for a while, I found someone wearing a full The Dark Knight cosplay. He even copied clothes and staff from the Karate. Absolutely amazing!! He was letting other kitsunes borrow it and take pictures. I wanted to take a few pictures with it but didn’t have enough time.
Walking around a bit more, I found some little girls cosplaying. They’re probably the youngest kitsunes here.
She wouldn’t look at the camera XD.
Her dad was really kind.
Half an hour before doors open, the kitsunes from Taiwan were basically all here. We wanted to take a picture together, but it was too crowded. Eventually we asked some Japanese people to help us take a picture and borrow some of the space they were standing in and they eventually entered the shot as well. Ah… we really are THE ONE.
Before the doors opened, I managed to find the 23year-san I didn’t find yesterday. He was very nice.
After we finished taking pictures, everyone went their own way. With the experience from yesterday, I knew that you don’t have to go line up too early. I talked to the kitsune from Macau and a Japanese kitsune that I ate with yesterday about some things related to BM and Sakura Gakuin. It feels just like our board gatherings, except it was using Japanese. This made me respect BABYMETAL even more, letting us cross nationalities, gender, age, language and bringing people’s hearts together.
There were lots of people in the line up to enter the venue.
I went in around 45 minutes before the show start. There were less people at that time.
After considering the ending time of the show, I told everyone to eat a bit inside. We’ll all head to Akihabara after the show for an after party.
There were lots of inside already, but this was a professional venue so everything that was needed was there. At this time I heard that the wind and rain outside got worse, so they started selling the merchandise inside instead.
After filling my stomach a bit, I headed towards my seat. I was on the 2nd floor today, much closer than the 4th floor from yesterday! I was on Yui’s side and after talking to my Japanese neighbour for a bit, I found out that he was a Yui fan. He was so happy XD.
Show’s almost starting
Before the show started, there was music from various metal bands playing in the background. All the BM shows in the future will probably be like this as well. Here’s a simple introduction of the stage.
The other stuff is just like the news showed. There is a 20 meter high stage that Amuse must have spent a lot of money making…
There were a lot of working class people that felt like they rushed to Tokyo Dome after work today. Compared to yesterday, it felt like there were a lot of people that are seeing BABYMETAL for the first time today.
Set list:
  2. Awadama Fever
  3. UkiUki Midnight
  4. Meta Taro
  5. Sis. Anger
  6. Akatsuki
  7. OnedariDaisakusen
  8. No Rain, No Rainbow
  9. DokiDoki Morning
  10. Megitsune
  11. Headbangya!!
  12. Ijime, Dame, Zettai
In the kamishiba [story] at the beginning of the show, Koba once again said that the songs would be different these two days. Corsets were once again handed out when you entered the stadium today, the only difference is yesterday there was a white piece of paper that the staff didn’t say to pull out so some people’s corsets didn’t light up. Today, the staff already took out the piece of paper before handing the corsets out. At first I thought they would use the same trick today, it turns out I underestimated Koba again…
The show started with BABYMETAL DEATH. Now that’s the opening that I’m familiar with! Every show, once this “self-introduction” song gets played, I feel completely energized! The crowd participation was close to 100%, allowing the first-timers to get a hold of the situation. A very suitable first song for them. The three girls didn’t show up at the top like yesterday, instead they were at the very end of the three catwalks raised on crosses.
After the song was over, it was quickly followed by the very cute "bubble" song. This song must make first-timers not know what to think with the sudden change in style. Lots of people made circles with their arm and called out "Oh~~~YA!!" It felt great with 55,000 people yelling it out together.
Immediately after Uki Uki Midnight came on, returning to the heavy bass. People who were more familiar with the song called out "UKI UKI MIDNIGHT" together. It was very impressive. Even people hearing for first time just had to follow everyone else's actions. It is very easy to learn.
The next song with crowd interaction was the cute Meta Taro. Everyone's hand waving here was very neat, creating a country together (x). The middle of this song where the three girls got everyone to sing "WOW~~WOW~~WOW~~WOWOW~~WOW~~WOW" had the feeling of last night's THE ONE.
A kamishiba [story] came on next. It talked about some things about "anger" so we knew Sis. Anger was coming on next. This song and dance was pretty new. When I heard the two girls yell out "bakayarou!", I felt as if they've really entered their rebellious phase.
When the song ended, the lights in the stadium started flashing. At first it was flashing blue so I thought NRNR was coming next, but it eventually turned red so I knew that next song is the Queen's Akatsuki!! Here the Queen didn't sing on the top stage like yesterday, instead she was on the bottom stage on top of the rotating circle like at the 2014 Budokan show. The flamethrowers here also shot fire up at least double the high of Budokan. With the crowds combined shout of the Queen's starting "AKATSUKI DA!!!!", the stadium was really on fire! When she was finished singing, I heard some people who are probably here for the first time say "She's so good, she's so good." That made me so proud of Su. Su has really improved her singing and voice control. It felt like she was easily able to finish singing Akatsuki compared to before where she had to try very hard and sing with all her might. What kind of level will Su-Metal eventually evolve to...
After that, the next song is probably one from Yui and Moa. GJ! and Song 4 were sung yesterday and Sis. Anger was just played so the only song left is the banned Onedari Daisakusen. This song really has some evil magic within it. When the two girls yelled "KATTE, KATTE," I saw people throw out the legendary Yui and Moa paper bills. If you weren't there, it's hard to explain this kind of craziness. When Yui and Moa sang "I want to become papa's bride," the crowd erupted with cheering and it felt as if they were going to lift roof off of the dome!
When the two girls left the stage, the only solo song that was left is the Queen's No Rain No Rainbow. Here you can't hear any of her fatigue in her voice. This is what it's like when you put your feelings into the song... As the queen gets older, she can also unlock the potential of this type of song (even though I said she's getting older, she's still only 19!). One point I have to bring up is the rainbow coloured lasers flashing through the stadium. This is basically their senpai Perfume's technology XD.
In Doki Doki Morning, all 55,000 people yelling "Ima Nanji!" was amazing. Everyone was 100% synchronized. Next, the "SORE SORE SORE SORE" of Megitsune hyped up the entire venue. I even took out and started waving my fox mask. In the middle, Su said in English "Are you ready? Everybody clap your hands!" and Yui and Moa said the same thing in Japanese. The whole stadium started jumping non-stop and kept yelling "SORE!"
Headbangya came on next. This really is the most infectious song I've seen at a BM show. The kneeling head banging at music festivals is nothing compared to 55,000 people head banging nonstop for a over minute and a half. The cameras swept over the crowd at this time and with everyone head banging it really looked like this was a cult. The camera even showed someone in a THE ONE seat with a Juon Bu Towel [Heavy Metal/Sound Club from their Sakura Gakuin days] kneeling and head banging. It was just so damn crazy!! You also can't forget about everyone's "KI E RO!!" It was super loud and threatened to burst the roof of the dome!!
The last kamishiba [story] that came on was for IDZ. "Wall of Death" was shown but there's no mosh pit Koba!! Not cool!! I want to play in a wall of death! Even though there's no mosh pit, 55,000 people doing the "dame" jump is very impressive as well! During the song the corsets also lit up with red lights!! It wasn't the same white light as yesterday. I really underestimated the BM crew again, amazing!!
After the song, the three girls ran out on to the three catwalks, yelling their "WE ARE BABYMETAL" ending. When it got to my section, Su slipped. Su-Metal, why did you turn back into Nakamoto Suzuka before the concert ended! You can't turn back into a klutz yet! XD, On this side, Su yelled "WE ARE BABYMETAL" twice and turned the mic over to Yui for her to say the next one. The Yui fan beside me was overcome with happiness from that. Moa then signaled to Su saying that she wanted to do it as well but Su didn't noticed and just yelled it out again herself XD. At this point I feel like Su-Metal had 100% turned back into the clumsy Nakamoto Suzuka XD. Moa ended up using her own mic to yell out "WE ARE" and of course the crowd responded with a loud "BABYMETAL." The Moa at that time really shined brightly like an idol.
The three girls started walking back towards the center of the stage and Kami Band members walked out on the three different catwalks. Leda went towards the first base side and slipped as well XD. According to what I saw, there was a section that was especially slippery. It was probably oil that spilt out from the flamethrowers. The three girls went up the invisible elevator to the top of the stage and brought a HUUUUUUGE gong out. The moment Su hit the gong, a bunch of fireworks appeared, ending the legend of the Black Night.
When everyone was starting to leave the venue, the big screen in the middle revealed information about the live viewing on 10/5. There will be shows at 4 big cities in Zepp venues where there will be mosh pits. If it's on a holiday or weekend, I might just go to one. This time they didn't announce any future shows or tours, they didn't even give any hints (the asia tour that Taiwan kitsunes want the most... Orz).
I was very satisfied after the show. I want to go to another show... I really felt the "ベビメタロス" (Post BM show blues). I formally said good-bye to Tokyo Dome. Even though it was raining hard, there's no rain that doesn't stop. Just like BM, there's no low point forever. As long as you believe your road is right, one day you'll succeed. BM took 4 years to reach the legendary Tokyo Dome show and in these two days, attracted people from all over the world to come watch them. I will also try my hardest with the same spirit that they have. One day the rain will stop and a rainbow will appear.
There were lots of people leaving the venue, so we decided to meet with everyone at Akihabara and head to the after party together.
Being able to eat with everyone and talk about BM was very fun, much better than going to the show last year by myself. This year we grew to over 10 people going to Tokyo Dome together. This was something that I never would have expected.
This is a really precious memory for me, thanks to everyone that came!!
When I finally got to my hotel, I spread out my spoils of war. Other than the corsets from Red and Black Night, the other things are stuff that kitsunes made themselves and handed out.
Thank you to 中國K吧吧主 for giving me this shirt. It was designed by a European/American kitsune that let everyone in the world print it out themself.
This was given out by the little HA-Metal that I met on Red Night. She made it herself and handed it out like a business card.
These two are made by Japanese kitsunes. They're really well made and i heard the sticker has a bunch of easter eggs from their Sakura Gakuin times. They're really dedicated fans.
Lastly, these are the corsets from Red and Black Night.
The design on them is just like Tokyo Dome.
BM crew, how many easter eggs are you going to hide!!
Just like that, the legendary Red Night and Black Night ended, but the BABYMETAL fight will continue to go on.
To Be Continued...
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2016.06.26 06:08 angellove_rm 1 Night 2 Days Season 3 Song List

Episode 467 (1)
김동률 - 출발
Andy Korg - Sax And Soda
Earl Klugh - A Natural Thing
Nate Dogg & Snoop Dogg - Santa Claus Goes Straight To The Ghetto
Astor Piazzolla - Woe, Tango
Jeff Bernat - Call You Mine
Various Artists - Laid Back (러브픽션 OST)
Christophe Beck - Main Titles (Pink Panther / Epic Mickey OST)
Various Artists - A Lonely Shadow (동사서독 OST)
심현정 - Let’s Go To Play (늑대소년 OST)
노영심 - 나폴리 피자 (연애시대 OST)
YMCK - Interlude
Gheorghe Zamfir - The Lonely Shepherd
Cho Young-Wuk - Cries And Whispers (OldBoy OST)
John Williams - Harry’s Wondrous World (Harry Potter and The Chamber Of Secrets OST)
Dr. Nelle Karajlic & Vojislav Aralica & Dejan Sparavalo - Railway Station
장영규 - 초랭이 테마
최 백호 - 낭만에 대하여
Various Artists - 얼굴들 (살인의 추억 OST)
The Knack - My Sharona
Puccini - Turandot: Nessun Dorma
Sammy Davis Jr. - These Foolish Things
Linkin Park - New Divide
Frances McDormand - Non Je Ne Regrette Rien
Various Artists - 청계천변 대결 (전우치 OST)
Gary Chang - The Takeover (Under Siege OST)
Ke$ha - C'mon
Hans Zimmer - The Good, The Bad And The Ugly (Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa OST)
Tituli - Pivio, Aldo De Scalzi & Claudio Pacini (A Christmas For Two OST)
조용필 - 친구여
고경천 - Comic Mistake (시체가 돌아왔다 OST)
Weezer - Island In The Sun
Andrea Bocelli - Mai Piu “Cosi” Lontano
Virgin Steele - Through The Ring of Fire
David Alfonso - Hillbilly Hal
씨스타 (SISTAR) - 나혼자 (Alone)
매드 소울 차일드 (Mad Soul Child) - Dear (아저씨 OST)
Peppertones (페퍼톤스) - Thank You
Peppertones (페퍼톤스) - For All Dancers
Hans Zimmer, James Newton Howard - Like A Dog Chasing Cars (다크나이트 OST)
어쿠스틱카페 (Acoustic Cafe) - Last Carnival
Episode 468 (2)
Boys Like Girls - The Great Escape
Hans Zimmer & James Newton Howard - Like A Dog Chasing Cars (The Dark Knight OST)
Aaron Tveit & Eddie Redmayne & Les Misérables Cast - Do You Hear The People Sing (Les Misérables OST)
Hans Zimmer - The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly (Polka version) (Madagaskar OST)
Ryo Yoshimata - 1997 Spring (냉정과 열정사이 OST)
The X-Files Theme Song
Ludwig van Beethoven - Symphony No. 5 in C minor Op.67-1 Allegro Con Brio
Various Artists - Passion (베토벤 바이러스 OST)
Brown Eyed Girls (브라운아이드걸스) - Abracadabra
Brian Tyler - Injection (Eagle Eye OST)
Queen - Don’t Stop Me Now
클래지콰이 (Clazziquai) - She Is
Nouvelle Vague - This Is Not A Love Song
Lee Levin & Dan Warner - Max Speed I
The Hollywood Studio Symphony - Flesh Mask (The Pink Panther OST)
김준석 - 내 나이 29살 (싱글즈 OST)
Various Artists - 꽃미남 요리사 [꽃미남 라면가게(Flower Boy Ramyun Shop) OST]
Hisaishi Joe, Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra - Waltz Of Sleigh (웰컴 투 동막골 OST)
Fanny Fink (파니핑크) - Heyday (드라마 식객 OST)
Robin Thicke - Blurred Lines (feat. Pharrell)
Tituli: Aldo De Scalzi, Claudio Pacini Pivio
Patrick Doyle - Frost Giant Battle (Thor OST)
Kuricorder Quartet - Grandpapa’s Eleven Month
Yolanda Be Cool & DCUP - We No Speak Americano
Studio Musicians - The Last Splash [You Are The Apple Of My Eye (그 시절, 우리가 좋아했던 소녀) OST]
모리 (Morrie) - This Is Me
러브홀릭 (Loveholic) - 인형의 꿈 (Dream of a Doll)
조영욱 - 기도하는 금자 (친절한 금자씨 OST)
미쓰에이 (Miss A) - Breathe
EXO (엑소) -으르렁 (Growl)
마시따밴드 - 돌멩이
방준석 - 시그널 (라디오 스타 OST)
김창범 - 장터 구경 [천군 (Heaven’s Soldiers) OST]
Geomungo Factory – Jirirariru (Yoo Mi Young)
김국환 - 타타타
데프콘 (Defconn) – 힙합유치원 (Hiphop Preschool)
Various Artists - 독수리 오형제 (선생 김봉두 OST)
Ludwig van Beethoven - Symphony No.9 In D Minor, Op. 125, “Choral”: IV. Finale: Protesto
10cm - 사랑은 은하수 다방에서
킹스턴 루디스카 (Kingston Rudieska) - Ska Heaven
Episode 469 (3)
Manhattan Transfer - A Nightingale Sang In Berkeley Square
Thomas Newman - Enjoying Death (Skyfall OST)
Owl City - Live It Up
Bach: Brandenburg Concerto No.5 In D 1. Allegro
Mozart: Serenade in D, 2. Minuetto
Oh Joon Sung - Impact Section (AD Genius Lee TaeBaek OST)
Oh Joon Sung - Working Night (AD Genius Lee TaeBaek OST)
Iosif Kobzon - Cranes (Sandglass OST)
Various Artists - 어이상실 (꽃미남라면가게 OST 스페셜)
아리야 (Ariya) - 탈출 (미쓰Go OST)
Right Said Fred - I’m Too Smurfy
장우혁 (Jang Woo Hyuk) - 시간이 멈춘 날 (Time is [L]over)
Various Artists - 햇살은 그렇게 (넝쿨째 굴러온 당신 OST)
심보라미 (Cho Young-Wuk) - Last Waltz (올드보이 Old Boy OST)
Hans Zimmer - Game On (Madagascar 3 OST)
The Grid - Throb
Various Artists - 소년천사 강펀치 (부메랑 파이터 OST)
Linkin Park - New Divide
Nate Dogg & Snoop Dogg - Santa Claus Goes Straight To The Ghetto
Isaac Hayes - Do Your Thing
장기하와 얼굴들 - 풍문으로 들었소
Connie Francis - Siboney
Virgin Steele - Through The Ring Of fire
김목경(Kim mok kyung) - 여의도 우먼(Yeouido Woman)
데프콘 (Defconn) - 래퍼들이 헤어지는 방법
현철 - 내마음 별과 같이
김흥국 - 호랑나비
Boston Pops Orchestra - Tara`s Theme (Gone With The Wind OST)
Lee Oskar - See You Later
데프콘 (Defconn) - 힙합유치원 (How Rappers Say Goodbye)
Boston Pops, John Williams - March (Indiana Jones OST)
Libera - Sanctus
Gary Chang - The Takeover (Under Siege OST)
윤종신 (Yoon, Jong Shin) - 환생
Ray Charles - Hit The Road Jack
Christophe Beck - Main Titles (Pink Panther / Epic Mickey OST)
Guns N’ Roses - November Rain
이찬희 - Get Up Now! (강적들 OST)
Schubert: Die Forelle
Flo Rida - Whistle
선미 - 24시간이 모자라
최승현 - 러시아 미녀 (7급 공무원 O.S.T)
도시의 아이들 - 달빛 창가에서 (1986)
김홍집, 김C - 버섯나라 김씨 (김씨 표류기 Castaway On The Moon O.S.T)
Thomas Newton - Tennyson (Skyfall OST)
Crystal Method - She’s My Pusher
Hans Zimmer & James Newton Howard - Aggressive Expansion (The Dark Knight OST)
Episode 470 (4)
Zigeunerweisen Op.20 P.Sarasate
David Newman - Tigers Going For Baby (Ice Age OST)
Thomas Newman - Friends Not Food (Finding Nemo OST)
David Newman - Fighting Over The Melons (Ice Age OST)
Ledward Kaapana & Bob Brozman - Ua Like
Jack Black, Cee-Lo Green - Kung Fu Fighting (Kung Fu Panda OST)
Hans Zimmer - The Good, The Bad And The Ugly (Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa OST)
Thomas Newman - Enquiry (007 Skyfall OST)
Sidney Bechet - Si Tu vois Ma Mere
Libera - Sanctus
Dietrich von Oppeln - Shimiliji (Uranus)
Tom Jones - Keep On Running
Various Artists - 진실은 멀어진다 (The Truth is Going Far) (추적자 OST)
오리엔탱고(Orientango) - Por Una Cabeza
매드 소울 차일드(Mad Soul Child) - Dear (아저씨 OST)
심현정 - Last Waltz [올드보이 (Oldboy) OST]
이찬희 - Get Up Now (강적들 OST)
John Powell - Moscow Wind Up (The Bourne Supremacy OST)
Hans Zimmer, James Newton Howard - Like A Dog Chasing Cars (The Dark Knight OST)
Mozart - Serenade in D, K.320 “Posthorn”- 2. minuetto
Astor Piazzolla - Woe, Tango (Libertango album)
Al Green - Rainin’ In My Heart
Various Artists - 하나되어 (Original Ver.) [Now n New (지금 다시 하나되어)]
James Horner - Small Victories (Instr.) (Perfect Storm OST)
El Mimi - Morphine
Gipsy Kings - Amor, Amor
Christopher Tin - Baba Yetu (feat. Soweto Gospel Choir)
자전거 탄 풍경 - 보물 (선생 김봉두 OST)
Foundations - Build Me Up Buttercup
Christopher Tin - Civilization IV Medley
Robertiano Filigrano - Gone Astray (Original)
Leonard Cohen - I’m Your Man
Richard Simmons Dale - Misirlou
John Williams - The Imperial March (Darth Vader’s Theme) [Star Wars Episode V - The Empire Strikes Back OST]
Patrick Doyle - Frost Giant Battle (Thor OST)
Bee Gees - Holiday
Bill Conti - Going The Distance (Rocky Balboa: The Best of Rocky OST)
김흥국 - 호랑나비
Miss A (미쓰에이) - Breathe (브리드)
이지수 - Dressed To Kill [올드보이 (Oldboy) OST]
이박사 - 달고나
심보라미 - Cries And Whispers [올드보이 (Oldboy) OST]
윤시내 - 나는 열아홉이어요
코요태(KYT) - 안아줘요
David Holmes - Kensington Chump (Ocean’s 13 OST)
Mastadon - Elephant Man
Episode 471 (5)
James Horner - Lizard At School (The Amazing Spider-Man OST)
James Horner – Metamorphosis (The Amazing Spider-Man OST)
James Horner - The Ganali Device (The Amazing Spider-Man OST)
Ashanti - We Wish You A Merry Christmas
김대홍 - 시놉시스 (미술관 옆 동물원Art Museum By The Zoo OST)
Jingle Bells
트러블메이커 (Trouble Maker) - 내일은 없어 (Now)
Hans Zimmer - The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly (Polka version) (Madagaskar OST)
코믹패러디벨 - (대박)추억의 테트리스 벨소리
Cho Young-Wuk - Cries And Whispers (OldBoy OST)
Studio Musicians - Jerk Off (DA SHOU QIANG) (그 시절 우리가 좋아했던 소녀 You Are The Apple Of My Eye OST)
Mask - Main Title Theme / Sex and The City
Colonel Bogey March - Boston Pops Orchestra & John Williams
Christophe Beck - Main Titles (Pink Panther / Epic Mickey OST)
서웅석 - 꽃날 (황진이 OST)
John Williams - Don’t Be That Way (1938)
어쿠스틱카페 (Acoustic Cafe) - Last Carnival
Lorne Balfe - Flight To River (The Frozen Ground OST)
양희은 - 아름다운 것들
Astor Piazzolla - Woe, Tango
James Horner - Small Victories (Perfect Storm OST)
GMB - So Nice
Kanno Yoko - Felt Tip Pen (카우보이 비밥 Cowboy Bebop OST)
Ludwig Van Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony
킹스턴 루디스카 (Kingston Rudieska) - Ska Heaven
이루마 Yiruma - Your Autumn Scene
Various Artists - 상욱이의 크리스마스 (하나옴니버스 겨울노래 Album)
국악비타민 - 온정
Los Fabulosos Cadillacs - El Sonido Joven De America
Frank Mills - Valse Classique
Various Artists - Love Is (꽃미남 라면가게 OST)
스페인민요 - Romance 로망스
Stephane Wrembel - Bistro Fada
David Newman - Angered Rhinos (Ice Age OST)
싸이(PSY) - 강남스타일 (Gangnam Style)
이필호 - 정면승부 (제빵왕 김탁구 OST)
Zigeunerweisen Op.20 P.Sarasate
카니발 (Carnival) - 거위의 꿈
이적, 토이 - 모두 어디로 간걸까? (With 이적)
Various Artists - 졸업 (하나옴니버스 겨울노래 Album)
Various Artists - Daily Life (달콤 살벌한 연인 OST)
최승현 - 펑키 스타일 (7급 공무원 OST)
윤준호 - 아파트 대소동 (시체가 돌아왔다 OST)
Apocalyptica - Resurrection
Various Artists - 걸어서 하늘까지 [주옥 (珠玉)]
정준영 - 친구를 찾아 (써니 OST)
DJ DOC - DOC Mega Mix
김수진 - B Rossette (하얀거탑 O.S.T)
류 - 처음부터 지금까지 (겨울연가 OST)
Nicola Piovani - La Vita E Bella (Life Is Beautiful OST)
Daniel May - I love Penny Sue
Episode 472 (6)
Thomas Newman - Enquiry (007 Skyfall OST)
Various Artists - 새로운 출발 (꽃미남 라면가게 OST)
Kingston Rudieska (킹스턴 루디스카) - Ska Heaven
Yma Sumac - Mambo! Gopher
Mozart - Flute Quartet in D, K.285 1.Allegro
John Ottman - The Greatest Trick (The Usual Suspects OST)
Hans Zimmer&John Powell - Gongmen Jail (Kung Fu Panda 2 OST)
Sir Edward Elgar - Pomp and Circumstance March No. 1
Various Artists - 과거로 (전우치 OST)
최승현 - 러시아 미녀 (7급 공무원 O.S.T)
Hotei Tomoyasu - Desperado (デスぺラ-ド) (Doberman album)
Tom Jones - Keep On Running
김수진 - B Rossette (하얀거탑 O.S.T)
임재범 - 낙인 (추노 OST)
Hans Zimmer - The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly (Polka version) (Madagaskar OST)
Yiruma - All Myself To You [강아지 똥 (Doggy Poo) OST]
조성우 - It’s English Time (영어 완전 정복 OST)
Koyote (코요태) - 안아줘요 (Hug Me)
Henry Mancini - The Pink Panther Theme
Various Artists - Main Titles (The Bourne Supremacy OST)
Brain Tyler - Assembling The Team (Fast And Furious 5 OST)
이소은 - 키친
Remedios - Childhood Days (Love Letter OST)
Randy Newman - Goodbyes (monsters University OST)
Astor Piazzolla - Woe, Tango
Various Artists - 다시 눈을 뜰 수 없게 되면 (하나옴니버스 겨울노래 album)
Various Artists - 졸업(하나옴니버스 겨울노래 album)
Episode 473 (7)
겨울노래 - 첫 발자욱
Various Artists - 첫 발자국 (하나옴니버스 겨울노래 album)
Various Artists - 세상 밖으로 (드라마 식객 OST Vol.2)
James Newton Howard - Avalanche (Vertical Limit OST)
양희은 - 한계령
Ludwig van Beethoven - Symphony No.9
조관우 (Jo Kwan Woo) - Maybe U (Feat. MC스나이퍼)
Hans Zimmer&John Powell - Gongmen Jail (Kung Fu Panda 2 OST)
Cho Young-Wuk - Cries And Whispers (OldBoy OST)
Ryo Yoshimata - 1997 Spring (냉정과 열정사이 OST)
장영규 - 초랭이 테마 Carl Douglas - Kung Fu fighting
Isaac Hayes - Do Your Thing
Hans Zimmer - The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly (Polka version) (Madagaskar OST) 이현섭 - My Love (발리에서 생긴 일 OST)
James Newton Howard - Base Camp (Vertical Limit OST)
Astor Piazzolla - Woe, Tango
어쿠스틱카페 (Acoustic Cafe) - Last Carnival
Los Fabulosos Cadillacs - El Sonido Joven De America Christophe Beck - Main Titles (Pink Panther / Epic Mickey OST)
Skid Row - Monkey Business
Rangga Electroscope - Remember Me (An Overture Into The Future Ep)
드렁큰타이거 (Drunken Tiger) - Monster
서웅석 - 꽃날 (황진이 OST)
소녀시대 (Girls` Generation) - Gee
Various Artists - 구세주 최강두 (맹부삼천지교 OST)
넬 (Nell) - 멀어지다
Theme from “Cliffhanger”
Hotei Tomoyasu - Desperado (デスぺラ-ド) (Doberman album)
Randy Newman - Goodbyes (Monsters University OST)
Royal Philharmonic Pops Orchestra / Henry Manchini - The Sons of Italy
Hisaishi Joe - Summer [기쿠지로의 여름 (菊次郞の夏,) OST]
Hisaishi Joe - Hana Bi (Les Films Du Siecle OST)
Randy Newman - Got My Mo Jo Working (Meet The Parents OST)
Walter Murphy - End Titles (Ted OST)
Glen Check - Pacific
Zamfir - The Lonely Shephard
Survivor - Eye Of The Tiger
Bill Conti - Gonna Fly Now (Rocky II OST)
Black Eyed Peas - Pump It
Richard Simmons Dale - Misirlou
서영은 - 내 안의 그대 (첫사랑 OST)
데프콘 (Defconn) - 힙합유치원 (HipHop Kindergarten)
Frank Sinatra - My Way
Ennio Morricone - Due Contro Cinque (The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly OST)
매드소울차일드 - Dear (아저씨 OST)
Cusco - Flying Condor
Various Artists - 새로운 출발 (꽃미남 라면가게 OST)
Ennio Morricone - Fuga A Cavallo (The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly OST)
젝스키스 (Sechs Kies) - 사나이 가는 길 (부제:폼생폼사)
걸스데이(Girl`s Day) - Something
Mychael Danna - Flying Fish (Life Of Pi OST)
대금산조 - 김영동
Libera - Sanctus
김광민 - 지금은 우리가 멀리 있을지라도
Alan Silvestri - The Adventure Continues (Night At The Museum OST)
P.Sarasate - Zigeunerweisen Op.20
김혜연 - 뱀이다 (참아주세요)
최승현 - 펑키 스타일 (7급 공무원 OST)
Piotr Moss - Les Animaux Du Cirque
Britney Spears - I’m A Slave 4 U
정준영 - 친구를 찾아 (써니Sunny OST)
Coolio - Gangsta’s Paradise
옥상달빛 - 수고했어 오늘도
Sawyer Brown - Playin’ A Love Song
El Finger - Gracias
Sir Edward Elgar - Pomp and Circumstance March No. 1
Various Artists - 울다가 웃다가 (바람의 화원 OST)
Various Artists - 추노 (추노 OST)
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Amor, una vez y siempre 2018 HD - Películas románticas en ... O Começo De um Grande Amor Filme Completo Dublado HD Reik - Un Amor de Verdad (Online) - YouTube Inga Lindström - Il vero amore (Film Completo) - YouTube Il Vero Amore Para ver con mi amor - YouTube Preta Gil - Só o Amor ft. Gloria Groove (Videoclipe) - YouTube O Amor Tem Seu Lugar - YouTube

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Anna e' una psicologa che conduce una trasmissione radiofonica molto seguita nella quale dispensa consigli d'amore. Sta per sposarsi con Markus, che appartie... Vídeo oficial de 'Só o Amor' da Preta Gil com participação especial da Glória Groove. Ouça a faixa nas plataformas digitais: Ficha Té... Fondatore del movimento spirituale Coscienze in Rete, dell’organo di informazione online di politica spirituale Coscienzeinrete Magazine e dell’Accademia di Studi Spirituali. ¡Escucha «Un Amor de Verdad» en tu plataforma favorita! Dale me gusta 👍 y suscríbete 🔔 al canal de Reik Ve lo mejor de Reik en YouTube › Me Niego: https://ww... Provided to YouTube by The Orchard Enterprises O Amor Tem Seu Lugar · Grupo Clareou Deixa Eu Ir À Luta, Pt. 1 ℗ 2020 TamoJunto Released on: 2020-07-03 Auto-g... Amor, una vez y siempre 2018 HD - Películas románticas en Español latín Full HD 2018 - Nuevas películas romance Español latín 2018 Aqui você irá encontrará Filmes de ótima qualidade de imagem, sem enganação com as capas, Diversos Filmes de Romance,Açao,Terror e Suspense, postados diariam... Stixi & Sonja - Das ist, weil ich dich liebe (Sarà perché ti amo) (OFFICIAL VIDEO) - Duration: 2:48. star productions gmbh kommunikation marketing digital events 10,462 views Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube.